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The X Factor USA - S02E10 - The Top 24 to Top 16

Submitted by The Critic on Thu, 2012-10-11 18:11

Tonight the Over 25's and teens get to strut their stuff and try and convince their mentors not to cut them.

Over 25's
Jason Brock
Daryl Black
David Correy
Tara Simon
Tate Stevens
Vino Alan

Beatrice Miller
James Tanner
Carly Sore Sonenclar
Diamond White
Reed Deming
Arin Ray

It's LA Reid's turn to have his acts audition.  He has absolutely no faith in his acts at all so it sucks to be them.

First up is Jason Brock who sings Unbreakable and he really is quite good.

David Correy sings Domino and it's a good mellow version.

Daryl Black sings She's Gone and it's ok but it's lacking the personality of Jason and David.

Tate Stevens finds himself in the position of being quite unique in his category.  I doubt he'll win but he could be a star anyway.  He sings Back at One and it's ok but nothing to write home about.

Vino Alan smashes Sober.  A brilliantly emotional performance that gave me chills.

Tara Simon.  What can I say? I just don't like her.

If it was me, I'd be cutting Daryl and Tara.

Britney Spears has her turn with her acts.

First up is Diamond White.  To be honest, I think she is the one to beat this season.  She sings I'm With You and it's as phenomenal as she always is.

Reed Demming is nervous.  He is so going to be compared to Justin Beiber.  He sings Hey There Delilah and he's such a star as well. It's quite amazing watching these teens perform with such talent.

James Tanner sings Party Like a Rockstar but he's nowhere near the level of Reed and Diamond.

Arin Ray surprises me with a nice rendition of Starships.  I'm still not completely convinced by him though.

I really like Beatrice Miller's husky tone for a 13 year old as she sings Titanium.  She's not as punchy as I'd hoped and she doesn't quite bust through the ceiling for me.

Finally is Carly Rae Sonenclar.  She sings Brokenhearted but as Brtiney points out, she may struggle to deal with the pressure of the competition.

I'd be cutting James and Arin.

I guess next week we find out who the judges have cut...


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