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The X Factor USA - S02E08 - Boot Camp part 2

Submitted by The Critic on Thu, 2012-10-04 18:17

It's one on one tonight in the battle for the chance to head to the judges homes.  They may both make it or they both may not.  It's game on.

First up tonight are Jennel Garcia vs Tara Simon who are singing Landslide but Simon Cowell didn't get why they chose that song.

Next up Beatrice Miller takes on Carly Rose Sonenclar with Pumped Up Kicks but it's not as fun as I'd hoped to have seen from the two younguns.

Vino Alan takes on David Correy with What's Going On.  Despite becoming good friends, David is prepared to do what it takes to knock him out of the competition.  Vino is disappointed with his performance but the judges don't seem disappointed at all.

Diamond White vs Dinah Jane Hansen are squaring off against each other which further entrenches the fear that Dinah has towards a much younger contestant who is incredibly talented.  They're singing a very mellow version of Stronger but Diamond is the brighter star on that stage.

Sister C take on a soloist in

Brandon Hassan vs Reed Deming and it's all a bit bland for me.

Julia Bullock and Ally Brooke take on Knocking on Heaven's Door.

The judges think that Jeffrey Gutt has had his time.

It's tragic watching Willie Jones completely mess up Nobody Knows It But Me. Tate Stephens did well but then again, he is Mr Country.

Arin Ray and sing another mellow version of You Don't Know You're Beautiful.  It's pretty ugly if I'm being completely honest.

There's a quitter in Latasha Robinson while Jillian Jansen picks it up and delivers.

Freddie Combs vs Jessie Bryant were both terrible with their words.  As is the case with Nick Youngerman vs One45.

Paige Thomas vs Cece Frey take on All My Secrets Away.  Paige is rather average.  Cece is better but I still find her obnoxious.

Next week, the 60 acts get cut to 24 and the judges learn who they'll be mentoring.  By the looks of things, LA is not happy.


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