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The X Factor USA - S02E07 Boot Camp

Submitted by The Critic on Wed, 2012-10-03 18:09

We're here already.  All the contestants who have made it to the boot camp in Miami, Florida are nervous about the next stage of the competition.  They gather from all corners of the United States to prove they have what it takes to proceed to the next round and the shot at stardom and the $5m prize.

120 acts make up the numbers of those living it up but by the end of the week, only 24 will remain.  This is about to be the most intense week of their lives says Simon and Britney tells us that they're about to be put through some pretty difficult challenges.

This week, the contestants will see exactly who their competition is.  By the end of the day, half of them will be going home.

First up is 13 year old Diamond White.  She sings I Have Nothing and as one of the youngest contestants in The X Factor, she certainly shows the rest of the contestants how it's done.  21 year old Paige Thomas is very nervous.

All the contestants are sitting on the stage while they each have their turn to

Ausitn Corini sings Make You Feel My Love.  David Correy is entertaining with Mercy and has Simon taping his pen. Dinah Jane Hansen sings Hero.

Lyric Da Queen has LA dancing in his seat.

Jason Brock is amazing

Carly Rose Sonenclar is so cute but Simon is concerned she's too old for her age.

Jessica Espinoza has a nice husky tone but she's lacking something for me.

Jennel Garcia is realizing it's time to grow up while Jillian Jensen is another nervous hopeful.


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