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The X Factor S02E03 auditions

Submitted by The Critic on Wed, 2012-09-19 18:15

Kansas City, MO is the destination of today's auditions.  Apparently Simon isn't feeling well so a stand in judge is attending today.  There is triumphant glee from those waiting to audition as with Simon out of the way, the pressure won't be as high.  Or will it.

Standing in for Simon is X Factor UK judge and manager of some of the UK and Ireland's biggest acts - Louie Walsh.

First up tonight is freestyle rapper Rizloe Jones.  He's full of confidence and impresses the judges but I fail to see how he can maintain a place in the competition with such a limited style. It's still four yeses from the judges though.

The editors are doing a great job at painting Cece Frey as a but loopy.  She's giving them plenty of ammunition though.    Is she any good though?  Demi Lovato asks what she does for a job.  She works in postal.  Demi asks if that's what she wants to be don't for her career.  Cece asks if that's a serious question.  She's singing Unchained Melody and it's hard to listen to.  The judges give the chance to sing something else and she blasts Aint No Other Man.  She's got the look and the charisma but I seriously question the quality of her singing abilities.  The judges think she has what it takes to grow and develop.  It's four yeses.

Before the next lot of auditions we see Britney Spears come out singing Happy Birthday to LA Reid while carry a cake with candles.  Lovely.

I am completely surprized by the next act. Vino Alan performs trouble and sounds nothing at all like you'd think he should.  The judges were unsure but there is something unique about his voice that they like so he's picking up another four yeses.

A bit of drama with the next audition which is appalling.  So much so, the judges just leave the auditorium.  Offended, D'Angelo decides to take off with the microphone worth about $3000.  The police are called and he is subsequently arrested.  Boo hoo.

Tate Stevens is a funny guy.  He's wearing a wonderfully white cowboy hat and when asked what type of music he likes, he tells them Rap.  Obviously that's not true.  He's on the way to a country career with this audition.  He sings Anything Goes and while it's not really my cup of tea, you can plainly see that Tate has talent.  He's likeable too so it's no surprize that there are four more yeses waiting for him along with the massive standing ovation.  He's Britney's favorite so far while LA tells him he's a little disappointed he's taken this long to chase a career.

The first group of the night are Citizen, a five piece boy band.  They sing Don't Let Go by En Vogue.  Simon seems unimpressed while Britney and Demi look smitten.  LA seems to be diggin' it but it's pretty average singing by five good looking guys.  Simon didn't get it and thought they were 10 years out of date.  He's the only one that gives them a no as he thinks they're in a time machine.

And with that it's a montage of mean Simon.

13 year old Diamond White is wanting to help out her mom and get them out of their shoe box apartment and even her own bed.  She sings A Man's World and she doesn't have all the chops that she should.  She's pretty good though for a 13 year old and has what it takes to go places with the right mentoring.  LA tells her mother got it right and that she is a diamond.  Another four yeses and she's through to bootcamp.

Ally Brooke is a cute 19 year old from Austin, Texas.  She sings On My Knees and she has a voice to match her looks.  After the song ends she continues on with an accapella rendition.  Simon says he thinks they're looking at a future star.  Another four easy yeses.

16 year old Bandon Hassan sings Trouble and the judges love him as well.

Normanii has Simon falling in love.  She's through to the next round.

Sister C are three sisters with names starting with C.  They're good.  Simon says he's been looking for a group like them for a while.

Jeremiah & Josh sing an original Now Life Starts and have the judges eating out of the palms of their hands.  Britney wants them to wake up in the morning.  She means like, on the radio.  That's not the way it sounds though.

42 year old Panda Ross is full of personality and is so excited to be auditioning for The X Factor.  She sings Bring It On Home and she's fabulous.  She's so much fun on stage.  LA can't deny how good that was.  Simon tells her that she sounds like a legend.  Unanimous decision again and she's through to bootcamp as well.  It's a bit of a dramatic end for her though as she leaves the audition centre in an ambulance.

Jessica Espinoza is a 22 year old with loads of emotion in her voice.  She sings Nobody Knows and she has a beautiful tone to her voice.  She is so going through to the next round.  The judges truly believe she has The X Factor.  It was Simon's favorite audition of the day.  Unanimous again.


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