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Submitted by Anonymous on Sun, 2006-01-15 22:37

The definitive guide to American Idol 2006! Anyone can easily and quickly edit this guide with information about the show and the contestants.

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O.K.  this week, well, what's

O.K.  this week, well, what's up with Ellen and Kara!  Can we all just get along! They don't even talk, or even look at each other...... is Kara jealous?  Ellen should not be commenting since she is not in the music field, But I love her as a talk show host.  Kara is soooo into Simon (and into herself), she should be the one marrying him.  They fit each other perfectly.   I'm really not happy with this years idol.  Simon knows this is his last year, so it seems he does'nt care.  They claimed this was going to be the best talent....I don't see it yet.

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Hey yall...The things I kno

Hey yall...The things I kno about Ace are:
His full name is:Brett Ace Young, He used to be in a band called Candid, with 3 other guys and 1 other woman...thx!!<333always

katherine was the best

katherine was the best

Hi, I recently caught wind

Hi, I recently caught wind of the 'news' regarding former Idol Daniel James "DJ" Boyd.  I don't remember this idol participant.  Anyone know where I can see a picture of him?  Many thanks.  E

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