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Submitted by The Critic on Tue, 2006-02-21 19:02

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I hate to burst your bubble,

I hate to burst your bubble, but Taylor is NOT the best.  He's good.  He's entertaining.  He's also lucky that the last 45 seconds of his songs have ended with such unique and interesting arrangements, or his performances would've been, in a word, forgettable.  Taylor's main talent lies in his ability to girate spastically across the stage.  As long as he sticks with that, he's a winner in the public's untrained eye.  However, compared to Elliott, who exudes real soul, Taylor, with his pseudo-soul performances, pales in comparison.  Elliott is the BEST male vocalist (in terms of raw talent, consistency, and versatility), and Paris is the best female vocalist (in terms of raw talent, consistency, and versatility).  It's a shame that the two most deserving talents won't make it to the finale.  Chris and Katherine are my next favorite pair (interms of vocal ability and asthetic-appeal).  Taylor is, in fact, the least gifted vocalist remaining. 

well i think that katherine

well i think that katherine or chris is goin to win end of story

i know i miss her too!

i know i miss her too!

Who let Hitler And The KKK

Who let Hitler And The KKK Loose

I'm definitely betting on

I'm definitely betting on katherine mcphee or chris daughtry!!!!!!!! They are the two best singers in the show and with great personalities and showmanship!!!!!!!
Go katherine!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Go chris!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Katherine can sing anything and i mean ANYTHING!!!! She puts her whole heart to whatever she sings every night. and chris can rock!!!! We all know that, but what others think is that is all he can do but he can also sing slow songs as great as he sings rock!!!!!!!!!!

go Katherine!!!!!!!!!

go Katherine!!!!!!!!!

This proves to me once and

This proves to me once and for all that there are more horses' asses than there are horses in this world.

Racist Pig

Racist Pig

Did you know that the woman

Did you know that the woman Chris married had children from a previous bad relationship and Chris adopted them as his own.  Maybe you didn't watch the auditions so you didn't hear all of the wonderful character traits his very own wife listed!  SEND CATHARINE HOME!!!!!!!!!

On this planet, Elliott is

On this planet, Elliott is the worst singer and he has an awful appearence.  He is very irritating to watch.  I'm sorry that you are a little slow, but Taylor is going to win!

Boy.  It must be hell to be

Boy.  It must be hell to be that jealous of one person.  Chris was number 1, but now that he is gone, Kat is the only other person that can actually sing.  Go Kat go and wear your yellow dress again for your biggest fan!!



You are right in all your

You are right in all your worlds


Chris is a whim.

Chris is a whim.

Katherine is my real

Katherine is my real Idol...She is perfect, incredible, and has the great vocals...I think, she can be the great singer like Kelly C even more than her...She is better than Taylor...I think she will be the next American Idol...I love Kat so much...Mmmuuuaaaach....Kat, would you kiss me???

Katherine is the same as

Katherine is the same as every other artist on the air.

Taylor has talent; Katherine copied what she heard on the radio.

You SUCK not Taylor

You SUCK not Taylor

Go Taylor you rock keep it

Go Taylor you rock keep it up...... You are a great singer...................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


taylor SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

kat did soooooooooooo good

kat did soooooooooooo good on Elvis night you just do not know good singing that is you'r probulm. she fucken rocked she always rocks!! oh yeah and one more quick thing Elliott and chris SUCK 4 EVER! take that you bastard.

Please, you guys think

Please, you guys think American Idol has to be someone funny? Kat has the best prepared and trained voice, she is a real Natural born singer, but Taylor, he has charm, and charm is not sing. This is a singing competition. All Taylor's epileptic movements are not enough to make him better singer than Kat.

She's the real American Idol

I'm sure you're deaf. Just

I'm sure you're deaf. Just lips reading is not enough. You should hear

i love kat so please vote

i love kat so please vote for her... i dont like taylor too he is little bit old, over acting, i dont like his jumping sometimes, n d way he appeal for me ... kat got a looks n voice almost perpect for me

I can't agree more. Music

I can't agree more. Music and musicians are fostered at a grass root level, garages, a friends living room or some other place conducive to real creativity.  this is the first season that  i watched and i swore i never participate in such garbage but there is is something that feels so human in the hole process.  it is cheesy! but it just feels good to watch.

Chris is #1, Taylor #2,

Chris is #1, Taylor #2, Elliot #3, And Katherine Was #4 your american idiots are tone DEAF

I couldn't agree with you

I couldn't agree with you more.  Most of the Musicians these day's would never make it past the first round.  Talent alone makes people musicians, looks come second if at all.  But what you don't seem to give consideration for is that American Idol is not just a singing competition.  It is normal people just like you and me who get a chance at something that a lot of everyday people deep down want, to be recognized, to stand out, to be famous, wanted, excepted.  It is fasinating because we all look at them and think that could possibly be me or someone I know.  We can relate, and they are one of us.

      Though American Idols make it BIG through different means than the talented folks in the music bussiness, after the show is over they will fall under the same scrutiny as everyone else.  They either will have what it takes or they won't.  But for now let people have their fun dreaming, and wondering if maybe they could be the Next American Idol. 

      Besides everyone needs something enjoyable to relax and do after a long day at work or dealing with the kids all day, not watching tv at all. :)  You can have a life and enjoy a show on tv.  People get a heck of a lot more absessed about sports.  And some athletes make more money than our president.  If you are going to vent about something why not that?

  As for me and a lot of "real singers", we are going to sit back and enjoy watching tomorrow's show. 

Hmmmm.....I'm thinking if

Hmmmm.....I'm thinking if you are not interested in American Idol then why come here to complain.  You know, you must be a democrate, you're a whinner, probably an Al Gore fan.  Here's a quarter, call someone who cares!!  If America has the worst taste and this bothers you, catch a bus !!!  Plenty of room in other countries.  And why worry about someone else's decision or looking back on something and possibly seeing they might have made a mistake!!??  What business is it of yours.  Yep, democrate or Liberal, you are one of the two.  All the world should be just like you.  You should be embarassed for coming on this site and exposing yourself, although I did see you log in as "ANONYMOUS".  Hee, hee, how typical.

.Katherine  should WIN

.Katherine  should WIN she's the most talented .....TAYLOR IS NOT GOOD IT ALL , WHAT CAN HE SING ? ....

I strongly disagree with

I strongly disagree with this. Taylor has not only a wonderful stage presence but a great voice too.

I agree with you. He

I agree with you. He shouldn't be watching Idol or any tv shows if he feels that way. All humans are a  mixed race anymore. He probably is too if he was to check out his genealogy. And I mean go as far back as he can. He will probably find out his family was some kind of slaves.

I think the three that are

I think the three that are left are all talented in their own individual ways. But if I have to choose one it would have to be Kathrine. Lets think about it. Elliot has a great voice but that's it no personality on stage. It takes more then good vocals to be a pop star. Taylor is a great performer but his performances can tend to be a little to cabaret. Kathrine has a excellent vocal range, stage presents, personality, and she is beautiful. She is what an American Idol's all about.

And you can't spell

And you can't spell "Katharine" correctly.

i am 100% agree on you ...

i am 100% agree on u ... kat is d best with a unique mix of char, she is d best singer for me, besides of her looks, thats so beautiful like her voice too .... taylor has no appeal at all, over acting, jumping n whatever ... kat is just simply amazing, awesome!!!1


i agree on u... for me kat

i dis agree on u... for me kat is d best she deserve to be AI,,,with looks n voice thats d important... she is the best no wonder she is still on top 2 now... taylor is old enough sounds silly to me,over acting,,elliot is fine but he is not really good for me, when it comes to his looks, esp his teeth n d way he talk it embarazing for me.. so we need not only voice but also looks too thats d important... so kat is d best for me still

SO TRUE! Are we voting for

SO TRUE! Are we voting for a talented singer- or just someone who can put on a show? This is a SINGING competition, and between the two- NO ONE can say that Taylor has the more talent there.

1) Learn grammar and

1) Learn grammar and vocabulary.

2) I'm purebred.

3) You like it in the ass.

I totally agree with your

I totally agree with your comments.  I think Katherine has it all!! I do love Elliott's voice and Taylor's enthusiam, but Katherine is the complete package.

Katharine can't spell

Katharine can't spell Katherine correctly.