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Submitted by The Critic on Tue, 2006-02-21 19:02

Telephone calls to the American Idol voting lines are toll-free. If you use a wireless phone to call the American Idol voting lines, airtime and applicable roaming and long distance charges will apply.

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I believe if they could sing

I believe if they could sing some music from today or even the last 15 years all these damn stupid votes would change!! They need to sing more music thats been heard so people could actually see how good they are.. Anyone could sing a 30 or 40 year old toon and do as well as sanjaya!! America is voting on the one they like as a crush on celebritys and not how good they are. THE FINAL 2 WILL BE BLAKE AND JORDAN

Vote for the worst, Sanjaya

Vote for the worst, Sanjaya will win this american idol

Most definately. I'm tired

Most definately. I'm tired of singers like Sanjaya sticking around every season while amazing talent goes home. It's so frustrating to see him still in the competition. If he stays while my favorites go home, I'll be tuning out. Nothing has been enjoyable since Season 4 anyway when the obvious pull of the producers sent my all-time favorite home-- and it's more of a joke every season. At least Daughtrey came from Season 5 but he didn't win.... did he. That's what I mean.

I believe Blake is the most worthy of the idol win this season. He's current, super-talented, all around performer and moreover -- he'll sell more CD's than any of them. I think Melinda is sweet and her talent is amazing -- I truly like her, but I seriously doubt I'd buy her CD. I"ll be in line to buy Blake's This show is about discovering star talent inTODAY's market. Jordan is awesome as well. Chris Richardson annoys me to no end and is so missing the vocals, why can't they see that? I sure wish he'd go home. The rest -- they are boring. And Haley's sex-kitten act is only going to take her so far. Probably only until tomorrow night

You are probably right with

You are probably right with Blake. Thats it. But Sanjaya is entertaining, he is different each week. Unlike the others. I am tired seeing Lakisha/Melinda and the rest.
Sanjaya rocks!!! cheers!!! I am going to vote for Sanjaya and Blake.

Tina, Your an idiot

Tina, Your an idiot

Seriously, this is already a

Seriously, this is already a joke. As soon as it was the top 24, and sanjaya was still in there, I was saying to myself "wtf is wrong with people" he shouldnt have even passed the auditions.

HE CANNOT , I repeat CANNOT sing! Anyone that hasnt had their ears fucked would realize the difference in singing of lets says Melinda and Sanjaya. If you cannot make the deep constrast from a pro like Melinda and a poor amature like sanjaya, then you should not be voting. If this is what its come down too and sanjaya wins, then it will be like the presidential elections all over again. Always voting for the worst possible choice. Nice job you yanks!

Sanjaya rocks. He is

Sanjaya rocks. He is entertaining, different and makes us wait to see him every week. There is something about him that makes him different and lovable. HE did a great job today. He was meoldious and he eyes said it all.
I am a 30 + and not a teenager. He is good. Ofcourse Blake is v good. But the rest, i am not seeing anything new...they are boring.. amy be they have voice, but who cares, if u are not entertaining.

Go Sanajaya!! Go!!!!!!!!!!!!!

thank youuuuuu!!!

thank youuuuuu!!!

GO SANJAYA GO !!!!!!!!!!!!

GO SANJAYA GO !!!!!!!!!!!!

Sanjaya has a better chance

Sanjaya has a better chance at being America's Next Top Model.

Is this a forum of fools ?

Is this a forum of fools ? Dont you guys get it ? Sanjaya has got India's 1 Billion behind him, including myself. It will only prove how ridiculous this show is.

If it really was a 'singing' competition, then it wouldn't need votes, just judges. The one who should GO is Paula Abdul.

Another idiot.. This an

Another idiot.. This an AMERICAN IDOL not an INDIAN IDOL. Does Sanjaya represent Indian Talent? Thas not saying very much... with a billion Indians in the world there should be at least one good singer in the group.

There are many good Indian

There are many good Indian singers. Sanjaya's not one of them. But he will be picked up by Ballywood and be great decoration for some musicals that other guys sing in.

you are all BIGOTS. go read

you are all BIGOTS. go read a book and learn something other than who brittany is having sex with. i can't get over how stupid you all are.

I agree with you. and by the

I agree with you. and by the way, the reason Paula is so lenient with contestants has something to do with the psychology of the viewers and her representing the role of the mother with unconditional love and Simon represents like the father figure with really high standards and they do it like that to make people like the show. I don't quite understand it, but I got it from some psychology website.

check this sanjaya video its

check this sanjaya video its hilarious.
but yeah, sanjaya has gotten slightly better from when he started, but not nearly enough to be THE american idol. and im sure lots of girls are voting for him, and im sure people are just voting for him as a joke.

Melinda Doolittle is the

Melinda Doolittle is the mopst talented and deserves to win.. if she doesn't , it will be a travesty and prove this show is a total joke if the fact that SanGAYa is still there hasn't already done that. But something tells me that people will be voting on age,race and nationality and this will hurt the talented Sistahs. Eltom John was right. alot of the voting is based on racism.. that can be the only explanation as to why Sanjaya is still on the show.

RACISM?? Wow. What a big

RACISM?? Wow. What a big jerk you are. So, it's racism if a person is black, and others are either white, middle eastern, italian, chinese, latin american, indian, or AOC? (any other color) What a truly ignorant thing to say when Sanjaya is obviously not white. Yeah those middle easterners...sure did oppress the black people. GIVE ME A BREAK.

If you are going to play that card, learn to play it right. You're a disgrace.

I love Elton John but he couldn't have made a more ignorant comment if he tried.

Personally -- I don't think Melinda should win at all. Of course she is in a league of her own, and should not have to be on stage with the likes of Sanjaya, I think she should and will have a sparkling career because she is an amazing talent -- but she is not my favorite and I know I won't buy her CDs. BY THE WAY, I voted for Fantasia until my fingers wanted to fall off. Now call me a racist because I don't think Melinda should win. What an ass. Sistah this.

I agree with you somewhat.

I agree with you somewhat. Melinda is an excellent performer, but nothing really stands out about her vocals. Nothing distintive. Jordin, Lakisha or Blake should win. Phil actually has the best vocals of all the guys, but he's a bit stiff.

Melinda is obviously the

Melinda is obviously the most talented as a vocalist, but that doesn't necessarily mean that she has an over-all appeal. For me, she does. However, I prefer Gina's style.

This show has already been proven to be a joke and a half. Or should I say...the voters are a joke and a half. With people like Ruben and Taylor winning, are you people out there crazy?!? Both Clay and Chris should have won, respectively!

The voting isn't due to racism, you fool! Look at Fantasia! Explain that one. Her, Kelly, and Carrie ALL deserved to win - end of story.

And with you adding the "gay" part to Sanjaya's name only proves that you're an utter hypocrite. Sounds like YOU are the one spewing hatred, not the voters. ;) However, go check out Sanjaya is plastered all over it.

Ah, Sanjaya has the middle

Ah, Sanjaya has the middle school (6-8th grade) girls voting for him. They think he's IT! All the teenyboppers in the neighborhood are ga-ga over him. But I don't know if this is enough to get him much further.... he just seems out-sung in this contest-- but hey, the kids love him! That's his fan base-- that and VFTW...

i think its RACIST to assume

i think its RACIST to assume that its racism thats keeping sanjaya on the show! PEOPLE LOVE HIM!!!
SANJAYA HAS TO WIN!!!! I LOVE HIM!!! he's so cute and sweet like a little puppy that you want to squish! or chris or blake has to win cause they are SO CUTE too!!!!

this is getting old but for

this is getting old but for those ingnorant people that just don't get it, it is a SINGING COMPITITION NOT A POPULARITY COMPITITION............ take your cute and sweet like a little puppy to American Kennel Club.


you are just jealous cause no one likes you.

It is a singing competition

It is a singing competition not a beauty pageant. Give it up and face the facts SanJaya CAN NOT sing. Who cares that is looks more stupid every week. Listen to the singing and close your eyes. Then tell us who should win this competition. NOT SANJAYA!!!!

ARE U CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ARE U CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sanjaya NEEDS to lose, big time! he's awful and not cute at all, he will not win this.

Too bad he can't sing.

Too bad he can't sing.

yah i want to squish him

yah i want to squish him under my shoe!

I'm new to all of this Idol

I'm new to all of this Idol stuff but got hooked on it tonight. Why in the world doesn't the idol web site provide the call in numbers? That's unbelievable!
For what it's worth...I liked Gina the best....

I really think they have

I really think they have talent this year....WOW. I was wondering if anyone knows if you can vote online, and if so where at. Thank alot.

You can't vote specifically

You can't vote specifically on-line, but there is a free download called Dial Idol that will use your phone line to vote for you. However, you must have a phone modem, not cable, to be able to vote this way. To find it, just do a search for Dial Idol and it will come right up.

Lakisha Jones has that voice

Lakisha Jones has that voice to sing what she wants too her voice is very powerful

yea she is really good!

yea she is really good!

I really like Jordan! She

I really like Jordan! She is really cute and really great!!

he need to go

he need to go


SANJAYA IS THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yeah, the best of the worst

Yeah, the best of the worst singers in the history of American Idol.

the best!!?? another crazy

the best!!?? another crazy person who "thinks" this sanjaya guy is good, he's the worst!

Sanjaya has No talent. He

Sanjaya has No talent. He should have been booted the 1st time around!!!!!! I totally agree with Simon, why is he still here?????? I think Lakisha, Jordan, and Melinda are the most talented. YOU GO GIRLSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!

I agree 100% with you!!!

I agree 100% with you!!!

After tonight I think

After tonight I think Sanjaya will change a lot of peoples minds. He was great. Who knew that he could rock like that. It really suited his voice.

Unfortunately because so

Unfortunately because so many people have become pop stars who don't have a good singing voice, there are, I guess young people, who have never heard real good singing before. Sandjaya is so junior high and worse. Anyone who thinks that he rocks has been in a cave since birth or is deaf. Listen to some Rolling Stones why don't you and see what real rockin is all about.

Sanjay and

Sanjay and talent....oxymorons. It ws horrifc, a diaster, when he made it past the 24. But now, the silly girl thinks he has talent. OMG, I am looking nightly for the Four Horsemen and other signs that we have reached the End of Times. The Fool may actually win this and take the show with it

On the other hand, Vote for Sanjaya, free up the hour weekly for a decent drama.

didnt change my mind, he

didnt change my mind, he yelled and sounded tired, just plain awful!

Are you kidding? For people

Are you kidding? For people who love that song, he ruined it. And why was that wacky little girl crying all the time? We don't need to watch her!

Sanjaya sucks!!!!!!!!

Sanjaya sucks!!!!!!!!

I hate Sanjaya and can't

I hate Sanjaya and can't think how he even made it to the top 24.

Sanjaya is a loser. He have

Sanjaya is a loser. He have to go.

Help Me --- Why is Sanjaya

Help Me --- Why is Sanjaya getting any votes at all? I mean he is a sweet soul, for sure, but would anyone lay out more than 5 cents to buy his CD? In fact, would ANYONE really listen if HE paid you to do so?

You cannot be serious.!

You cannot be serious.! Looks aside... the poor guy can't
sing and should have been gone two weeks ago. None of the
guys this year are what we've become used to, but he is
ridiculous. He knows it, too. Anyone could see the shock on
his face when Sundance was voted off and he stayed. The
only reason he is still on the show is because every person of
his nationality in America is voting for him. Not because they
think he can sing, but because he's one of their own. That's a
shame, when you stay on a show because of your nationality and not your talent. It's a waste of air time.