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Submitted by The Critic on Tue, 2006-02-21 19:02

Telephone calls to the American Idol voting lines are toll-free. If you use a wireless phone to call the American Idol voting lines, airtime and applicable roaming and long distance charges will apply.

Your vote counts towards keeping a contestant in the competition so make it count.

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It is so terrible that

It is so terrible that anyone calling the 3rd number to vote for David Cook will instead be voting for David Archuleta because of the terrible mistake of putting the wrong number here. Who know how many people have already called that number and voted for the contestant they didn't want to vote for. It's so wrong. Maybe the mistake was intentional and made by someone who wants David Archuleta to win. Not fare to David Cook and so wrong.

stop the bullshit. with the

stop the bullshit. with the wrong number. stop trying to get cook more votes. and excuses if he loses. this is not a presidential race, or trick,

Calm down everyone.. it's

Calm down everyone.. it's been fixed!

David Cooks last number is

David Cooks last number is wrong. Not fair! Can you say REVOTE?!?!?!!?

is this a cook fan excuse so

is this a cook fan excuse so if he loses. how sad. have hope the worst one always wins. to all you cook suckers.

Excuse me... but it seems

Excuse me... but it seems like you are the sucker. Obviously you are gay like your idol David A.





David A. needs to stop

David A. needs to stop acting like Dolittle when given praise.

he is only seventeen. how do

he is only seventeen. how do you want him to act. like a cocky bartender. who has been there and done that. sorry he is a teenager. stupid

You can tell David A. to

You can tell David A. to stop acting like a bashful gay. You sucker... you just don't like David Cook because it's a cook not a cock.

Please note that the last

Please note that the last number for David Cook above is incorrect. It should end in 05 instead of 06

David Cook is Hot!! He has

David Cook is Hot!! He has an amazing voice!! He has my vote!!

David Cook is 01, 03,

David Cook is 01, 03, 05...this website says he is 06. Pay attention when you vote.

i want david cooks

i want david cooks children!!!!!!!

I wish I were Billie Jean...

I wish I were Billie Jean... lol.

i want them too! and i want

i want them too!
and i want him so badly!
i think im inlove with him. lol

He may not be offering them

He may not be offering them up for adoption.

I agree. very sexy.

I agree. very sexy.

I am a fan of David Cook. I

I am a fan of David Cook. I think he has a good voice and can sing a variety of songs. He is also very original too. I will definitely buy his cds.

I used to be a huge fan of David A. but not so much now. It's like I'm listening to the same song over and over again. He can only sing ballads and I probably won't buy his cd either because his songs are slow and boring. Just think of this David A. fans. Will David A. have top songs that can keep you awake or will he end up being a Taylor Hicks. I haven't even heard of him since he won. What happened to him?

oh for sure Cook can sing a

oh for sure Cook can sing a variety of songs! and yes I too will definitely buy his cds.

and thank you so much for admitting that you used to be an Archie fan and now you are not.
every. single. song. is the same. it's so terrible.
How do the judges keep praising him? For sure the teens will not be buying those sleepy time cds!!

i used to like David A. too,

i used to like David A. too, i thought he was awesome considering that he is just 17, but he already can sing good and he is handsome. David Cook, (a great singer but not quite as good looking as David A) however, caught my attention during the time they asked them what people do not know about them, and he said he loves word games. THat blew me away. Not only is he a great singer/performer,, he is also an intelligent guy . That was when i started noticing him and i realized how angelic his face is, how talented and dynamic he is, and how he can capture your heart when you look directly look into his eyes and feel his astounding voice travel through you.
That was when i started to notice how bland and predictable David A. is. i just realized then i was only blinded by David A's good looks, that is why i did not notice how flat and predictable he is.
Now i know David Cook is the real American Idol, whether he wins the competition or not!

Everyone seems to be

Everyone seems to be forgetting that David A. is just a mere 17 year old!!! Either you love him or you don't, some of the most famous stars of today has at least one parent who has assisted in shaping and molding the career: Tiger Woods, Jessica Simpson, Christine Y., and countless others!!! I will forever applaud Jeff A. The ironic thing about it is, every star is guided. . . even if they don't let you see who is guiding them. . . I just wish that Syesha had someone to guide her better. With such a BEAUTIFUL voice, her song choice just doesn't match AT ALL!!!!

Brooke should leave the

Brooke should leave the show. I hate how she overtalks the judges, especially Simon. She's not even THAT good. She's boring and so predictable. She doesn't know how to reinvent herself through her songs. I thought in the beginning she was this "sun-shiny" girl, but she doesn't have manners. She's over confident and it's definitely working against her. She will never win the audience because she's not charming and doesn't have charisma. I hope she gets voted out.

David goes to my school were

David goes to my school were all cheering him on! hes great! Friday he prob coming to our school for a party american idol is hosting.

Go david MHS LOVES YOU!!!!

I have to admit, I am a

I have to admit, I am a David Cook fan… he has an incredible voice that just agrees with me. Tonight little David A. simply kicked his ass. "Stand by me" was superb, Elvis left me a little off but the first was stellar.

Having said that... Syesha Mercado? Damn girl! She just kinda went from 'meh' to Shwing! vocally and hotness scale. Bravo.

Jason… Yeah, said it once said it 1000 times. sooooooo outclassed atm it's laughable (and I did laugh). Pretty face, somewhat talented NEXT!

i love american idol im

i love american idol im starting to like david cook finally he sang my favorite song off of phantom of the opera (by the way thats my favorite movie).

Dee-Dee, go shove a pole up

Dee-Dee, go shove a pole up your ass and pogo stick it.

did you ever know that david

did you ever know that david a had a problem that is why he is always gasping for breath???!!! at least he has a good voice unlike david cook. i don't even understand a single word he is singing. he may have a talent on taking somebody's arrangement, but no voice pleaaaaase!!

I hope David Archuleta goes!

I hope David Archuleta goes! He's so fake. Do you see the expression on his face every time Simon says something good about him? It's so annoying. He seems shocked every time. Actually, he should be, he's really not that good and he probably knows it. And when he whispers under his breath, thank you, thank you whenever someone says something good about him or when the audience claps for him, another annoying trait. Lordy!!! He's really overrated. All of his songs are boring, boring, boring. I actually change the channel until he's finished he's so boring. Okaying I'm ranting, but really, it's nonsense. He should have been off the show a long time ago.

I completely agree with you

I completely agree with you [Dee-Dee]. David A might be able to sing. See I'm recognizing that, but he can ONLY sing ballads it seems. I might not think he's so bad if he stepped outside of his comfort zone for once. And I'd have to agree, he's like Melinda Doolitle last year. Yes, you know the judges love you. Quit acting like you haven't heard it the past 10 weeks or so.

And Wow, Jason I cannot believe how he is still on the show. A lot of girls say he's "pretty", but come on, the dude puts NO time into any of his work and it's extremely obvious.

Syesha actually surprised me tonight. Never been a big fan of her, but she does have an impressive voice. Though a little like every other week.

David Cook, just wow. I could not believe they thought David A beat everyone else. David Cook's rendition of The Who astounded me. His Duran Duran cover was a bit off, though a good cover non-the-less, being a fan of that song for a long time.

I guess the most we can ALL hope for is that Jason goes home before Syesha...haha

You are obviously tone deaf

You are obviously tone deaf and clueless about music and talent....stick to what you know..nothing!

You went against yourself,

You went against yourself, for one thing.

Also, half of that stuff is made up.

The expression is happiness. Would you be like, "Oh. Fine." if someone ever happened to compliment you? No? Ohh, burn. =|

Not very good? No comment. He's amazing. Can you sing that well, first of all? I don't think soo!

Never whispers under his breath, after anything happens. Kk.
And lordy... is lame. =/

Boring? Okaaay. Not many'll be with you on that.
Change the channel? Good for you.

You are nonsense. =]

Yupp... O_O
With that [wonderful] voice of his, he shouldn't have made it to Hollywood!

Dude, get a life. The kid's 17, and he's good. Jealousy is a diesese. Just saying.

Who are you to judge if he

Who are you to judge if he is fake or not? He belongs on the show because he has singing TALENT and that's what the whole show is about, right? Next time you judge who is fake or not, make you sure you really know them well enough to judge them.
Go David A!

I think someone is

I think someone is jealous!!! It seems that ALOT of people are jealous of David Archuleta! Maybe because he has something that they dont! & is poplular among most everyone! (except for the jelous ones of course) So shut the hell up! I bet you cant sing HALF as good as he can, & he is only 17!!!!!!!!!!!!

David Cook is AMAZING. His

David Cook is AMAZING. His arrangement of Billie Jean was incredible. I don't think I've ever heard a musical illiteration that was so completely brilliant. He has the vocals, the ability to play and instrument AND write music. He will be the next American Idol, and if America screws up again like they did with Chris Daughtry, then he will end up like Daughtry and have a better record deal and career than whomever else won that year that no one can remember... GO DAVID! Now, I just wish I could get through on the phone to VOTE for him!

David Cook's performance was

David Cook's performance was great but not individual. This exact arrangement was created by Chris Cornell and David replicated that. When you review Chris Cornell's version and the version David sang you will find that he is not as original as you thought, but rather a good researcher.

David Cook is an incredible

David Cook is an incredible performer. What is up with knocking him for doing the Chris Cornell version? Ryan Seacrest announced he was doing the Chris Cornell version from the beginning. Pay attention people. Are you also not aware that David Cook's Billie Jean is the #1 download for itunes? Probably not - just too tied up in the little insignifigant details that absolutely dont mean anything. Look at the big picture people! give me a break....

Okay..Brooke hit it again

Okay..Brooke hit it again and David Cook was amazing. I didn't know how it was going to turn out but he hit it out of the ball park. Jason needs to pick his songs a little better...somethign that the masses will know. Kristy...she is boring and the only way she will stay another week was because of her song selection. Smart move. Everyone else this week...average at best.

David Cook is the #1

David Cook is the #1 download, followed closely by Brook White at #2 and Jason Castro and David A are tied around #3 and Michael Johns at #4. At $.99 per song, I think that illustrates quite conclusively that America likes their music.

Jason Castro fits well in his nitche, but is not versitile to be the next AI. We will have to see if he has any more hallelua's up his sleve. The world of music has a place somewhere for Jason Castro. If it can find a place for Cobie Callet, it definately has a place for Jason Castro

Michael Johns has a unique voice and stage presence out the kazoo - I predict he also wont be the next AI, but he will get a record deal and be at least in the top 4.

Brook White is beautiful, pure and unique in her own way. I predict she will also get a record deal and go far with this competition.

David A is a great kid with a very wonderful voice, but in my humble opinion is too young to be a sensation - he needed another couple of years unless he is to be picked up by the Miley Cirus show. He will be definately be a top 4 finalist.

David Cook is my pick for the next AI - he has it all and then some. and here is another word you can say for David C - consistant. No one hit wonder material here

This is the fourth time I

This is the fourth time I have tried to comment. It will be the last for this website. Every comment is different, but similiar. I think that David C. totaly rocks, that is out of the finals. I thnk there were some good idols let go way to early, but that is behind us. I also think David A., sand great and have not always thought this, but tonight he sang extremely well. I still think he needs to find himself, teens can only take him so far, and I think he has so much going for him. Just a little later on. But that still might get him thru. But as we all know, winning doesn't mean success. Daugtry was my favorite, look what he has done. It almost seemed like Simon was trying to pull the vote, saying David A won the first two rounds, that is suppose to be judged by the watchers, he should just judge the song, and go on, we alreay know with the Paula thing, that it seems like they are scripyted by rehearsals. Anyway, th one who coudl sell CD's would be David Cook. Best of luck to both of them

if David A. won his album

if David A. won his album would be just like Taylor Hicks's album. Nobody would buy it. What would it be?? I would have to say boring. I like David Cook.

I'd buy David A's CD.... not

I'd buy David A's CD.... not because he is a "cutie pie" but because he is amazingly talented.

David A is a cutie pie, no

David A is a cutie pie, no doubt, but he is too Disney to be a sensation, unless it is a teen sensation like Miley Sirus. I think David Cook definately has what it takes to go all the way.

David Cook is the best by

David Cook is the best by far.
In my opinion David A is overrated and soon a lot of people will grow tired over his innocence. He can still join next year anyway, he's only 17.

Jason Castro's singing is enjoyable, but his personality gets on my nerves.'

I detest Ramiele (I'm Asian so don't even think about replying with some racism crap). On Youtube it seems as over half of all asians or phillippinos are voting for her because she's the only Asian in there. But I don't want an idol who acts cute and all that. I'm not saying that I know her, but it's just a feeling that I get from her. Phony.

SO yeah...David Cook all the way!!

Hey, idiot! what gave you

Hey, idiot! what gave you the idea that Ramiele is just acting cute? That could be just her personality. And you think the other contestants are all real? You're the just jealous because you have nothing good to say about a person who may be really nice. Your words just shows what kind of a person you are!!!!

WTF is your problem? Now

WTF is your problem? Now that I go back to read my previous comment it doesn't even seem THAT bad. Now you're being racist-er by assuming that I'm white even though I'm not. As I said it was a feeling I got. And my comment about her fans is a fact. When I go read comments on Youtube most of her fans I find are Asians. In fact, I did a favour by doing her a drawing on Youtube. I also draw for my idols instead of being a completely useless twerp and whining at others who don't like David Cook/Jason Castro or whoever else it may be.

de1in...You ain't no

de1in...You ain't no quit joking already you lying KKK redneck you.

If Cook wins that will be

If Cook wins that will be the time his bubble bursts. He will be worse than Taylor Hicks because his kind of music are for drug addicts and low-lifes. Not much money there.... He looks confident becuase he " has been there, done that". Not an Idol material at all. No matter how he dresses up his COMB OVER that looks like a very bad wig will spoil the whole enchalada. No class, no class.

You De1in ain't no

You De1in ain't no Asian.....Even if you were you got it totally wrong..Ramile is no phony...she is acting her age of 20 of the youngest among contestants. Has the most potential.

I'm not Asian either but we, thousands of my fellow Irish, are rooting for Ramiele..

When you talk about AI you are talking about a contestant's potential to be a recording star and not becuase the person has experience but flopped.

And it's all about youth, like it or not. They have ample room to improve. Unlike the older ones.

So just CHILL out......

Okay, I take back what I

Okay, I take back what I said about Ramiele. She kind of grew on me and I don't dislike her anymore, I'm just neutral.

But what I'm pissed off right now is you ignorant twerps. How are YOU to decide what I am? I am Asian. So now if I was white, and I made that comment about Ramiele that would make me worse than I am? 你们这些混帐。 白痴一群。 不懂的事情就不要说。 There. Now what else do you want? Add me on facebook? See my photos to believe me?

I was just giving my
opinion which was rather harsh - true that, but you guys didn't have to start bitching at me and decide whether I was lying about being Asian or not.