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Submitted by The Critic on Tue, 2006-02-21 19:02

Telephone calls to the American Idol voting lines are toll-free. If you use a wireless phone to call the American Idol voting lines, airtime and applicable roaming and long distance charges will apply.

Your vote counts towards keeping a contestant in the competition so make it count.

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Kris sung that last song so

Kris sung that last song so awesome and i hope he wins!

NO the last song was no good

NO the last song was no good why did they even have to sing it

What is the text number for

What is the text number for chris?

i dont think the judges

i dont think the judges judged well on Kris AT ALL! they cased on his "song choice" when that doesnt matter at all. His singing on the last song was BY FAR better than adams, and even thou he didnt hit the "high notes" the way he sung it was way better. I dont like adams screaming, and his voice gets a tiny bit annoying at times. But Kris's singing and song choices were very well, and the judges didnt think so. Simon let me down. :[
I hope Kris wins.

Thanks for the numbers!

Thanks for the numbers!

"American Idol" judge Simon

"American Idol" judge Simon Cowell says Adam Lambert will win this season of the popular Fox singing competition show. Cowell told Oprah Winfrey on Monday's episode of "The Oprah Winfrey Show" that his money is on Lambert because the contestant is fearless, unique and "he's got swagger."


Nevermind....Season 6....Your an idiot....

Who the hell is Sanjaya?

Who the hell is Sanjaya?

it would be absolutely

it would be absolutely ridiculous if Sanjaya doesn't make it all the one else compares in ability or has "the look" like he does. It is so great that a show like this can give the popularity to an individual that they so greatly deserve. Can you imagine a world where people like Sanjaya are recognized for their amazing abilites??? Platinum just around the corner!!
Hope he is fixed for life after that, and I'm not talking about money - he just needs to be fixed just like all the other contestants on this show - they should not be allowed to reproduce!

If kris does not make it to

If kris does not make it to the finals after that preformance I will not watch American Idol again....

He was the best preformer of the night by far.

Has anyone heard anything

Has anyone heard anything about meet and greet passes for the 09 tour?

I thought Kris nailed it

I thought Kris nailed it tonight. His first song was not one of his best performances but his second song was amazing. I hope he makes in the top two.
Danny was solid in both songs. His second song was his best.
Adam was good but very typical Adam. The same screaming. Its boring. I think he should go home. The final two should be Kris and Danny.

I really really really

I really really really REALLY hope Kris Allen makes it to the finals, and if possible win. He is just so talented.

Yes I agree Adam has a very

Yes I agree Adam has a very high range and he is very talented! But, range is not the only thing that makes a singer pleasent to hear. Some times he signs in his upper range and it is nice but most of the time when he hits those notes he is screaming like a scalded cat and it sounds nails on a chalk board.

I hope I nevre hear his version of "ring of fire again"

I disagree. Did you hear

I disagree. Did you hear Danny attempt the high note rocker scream? *shudder* Now THAT was like hearing a scalded cat. Adam actually *hits* those notes in tune and has amazing range. He reminds me of Aerosmith with those high notes...some people like that high yell and some don't but Adam has proved he can sing ballets without the "screams."

He's also the only one of all of them that I actually find myself truly sucked in and watching. The others I tend to loose focus or start talking with my roommate. Adam is a performer and can sing far beyond any of the others and even if he doesn't win (although unlikely) he's going to go far.

He also takes critiques well and doesn't do the "flashing number-vote-for-me-hand gestures." The others tend to get all defensive if the judges dare say something negative about their performances.

Adam also does what the other contestants don't...actually gives credit to the band and the composers for helping him out!!!!

Sorry to say... but i cant

Sorry to say... but i cant even watch Adam... i close my eyes to listen to him... but it still dont help... he is just to much... way to much... Danny or Kris should win all the way !!!!

Adam is a winner already

Adam is a winner already never heard anyone sing that high rang on idol before and if he dont win well you american need to lurn your music your all just hooked on danny lol just cause of his story yall feel sorry for him cause he realy aint that good of a singer hes got a cracky voice and nope never will be a big star sorry danny but its the real deal here

Okay that is so not

Okay that is so not true.....Danny obviously can sing....he's in the top 3!!!!! Come on, dude!!!

If you call the 05 number

If you call the 05 number for Adam, it says thanks for voting for contestant number 1!!!!!! That is Cris!!!

I called 05 FOR Kris and it

I called 05 FOR Kris and it DID say I voted for contestant 1 - Gokey. I DO not want Gokey.
I did not mis-dial because my cell phone displays the number I dialed. If Kris is voted off and Danny goes through I will be sure that there was an error with the phone system. But I know they won't fix this because there's no way to contact them about it and the FAQ for this says basically if that happens to you, you made a mistake, not them.

you moron 05 is for kris~!!

you moron 05 is for kris~!!

Numerous pictures of Adam

Numerous pictures of Adam stricking his tongue onto other men's tongues has me going ... yukkky.

why yucky? i think its cute

why yucky? i think its cute ^_^

Something went wrong with

Something went wrong with the AT&T numbers and voting last night. I voted for Adam... XX05 (don't remember, but it ended in 05 for Adam), and it replied with "Thank you for your vote for Allison". So I wonder if the numbers tonight are wrong from the 04/28/2009 Idol Vote. I was sure that it would be Matt an Allison in the bottom two. If AT&T messed up and gave a bunch of Adam's votes to Allison, it would make sense that Adam was in the bottom two tonight and Alison was in the top two. I think AT&T screwed up, and my phone records prove it.

I sincerely can't get myself

I sincerely can't get myself emotionally connected to Adam. Last year, I enjoyed Archuleta's innocent vulnerability and Cook's rock-edged combination of grace and sincerity.

Adam keeps too much of himself under wraps by dazzling you with something over-the-top. It's like getting stunned by the high beam headlights of an oncoming Mack truck. His theatrics are entertaining though to a point.

Danny you are freakin

Danny you are freakin awesome you deserve to take the number one spot and i truly believe you will!!! youre amazing everyweek you never fail,, AMAZING

How much do I get charged

How much do I get charged every time I vote for a contestant? Does the fee increase as we get closer to the winner?

Thank You,

Hi Im Madai and I live in

Hi Im Madai and I live in Colorado Im 14 years old. Oh my god Im like the biggest fan of Allison and Adam!!! They are like the best! I hope 1 of them wins because is not then thats messed up! Good luck for tonught and I hope they both do good!!!

i love anoop

i love anoop

well I guess we just need to

well I guess we just need to respect each other's opinion, we cannot please everyone. . You're vote counts a lot .. . so just support you're faves and don't pick on anyone because they said something bad about your idol. . It's a popularity contest of who's the best singer and performer. .

Brother Danny, keep your

Brother Danny, keep your focus on Jesus, let him lead you. God Bless You.

Your Sister In Christ Molly

♥♥♥kris luv u

♥♥♥kris luv u lots♥♥♥keep rockin dude!! will definitely b prayin 4 uuuu!!!

What happened to Adam? I

What happened to Adam? I recorded the show tonight (4/7) and it ended before Adam had a chance to perform.
I hope this doesn't affect the voting.
I think everyone should come back next week because of this scheduling error

Show went seven minutes over

Show went seven minutes over time (about seven minutes). I don’t care to much for this season’s American Idol (the contestants are boring). But tonight I got to watch American Idol and Adam done an excellent job (and I am not really a fan of his). He was truly excellent …..strong powerful and a consistent voice. I the song he sung was so good ….I would even purchase it and I have never made a statement about any American Idol constant. He certainly has a BBBBBIIIIIIGGGG (BIG) future ahead of him. All the other contestants ….should KEEP their day jobs (if they have one).

April 7 2009

adam was the VERY last to

adam was the VERY last to sing....there was only enough time for simon to comment him and the show ended.he was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING tho..LIKE ALWAYS!!


Lil Rounds Rocks she was

Lil Rounds Rocks she was amazing tonight

what happened to Adam

what happened to Adam Lambert? I recorded 1 hr 2 mins and he didnt perform.

I would like to see Allison

I would like to see Allison do the song by Melissa Etheridge I'm the only one and Matt do some Nickelback

I totally agree about

I totally agree about Allison, she has a Great Voice and I think she would sing Melissa E. perfect, great choice for her, vote she should be in final.


YAH DANNNNNYYYYY!!!! your awesome!!!!

adam ur awsome keep it

adam ur awsome keep it up!!!!!! ur voice is amazing !!!!! ur a winner in my book....

When did Adam perform? He

When did Adam perform? He was not on my recording.





Sorry to disagree but Adam

Sorry to disagree but Adam walked away with tonight.
Allison and Matt are close behind but Lil and Scott need to go home.

Arizona Lady



I do agree that Adam is

I do agree that Adam is above the charts.. I think he is using the show as a platform for exposure and he is getting it.. He is already there.. a star!

Adam ! We absolutely love

Adam ! We absolutely love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, if you had to pick one

Ok, if you had to pick one who would you pick? My choices are between Allison, Adam, Danny, Lil, and Anoop. Allison has a killer 16 year old voice, Adam is just a few steps away from being a rock star, Danny is just plain great and is ready for an album, Lil isn't far from being on the radio, and Anoop is just great. It sad for Jasmine to leave but I don't think she had the bravery to stay any longer. She definelty wanted it hard enough, tho. She was great at just 17.
And for all of you who don't like Scott b/c hes visually impaired, u should b ashamed.

I toltaly agree with you on

I toltaly agree with you on everything
I have based on tonight
1 Alison
2 Adam
3 Danny
4 Megan
5 Anoop
6 Kris
7 Scott

8 Lil
9 Matt
10 Michael