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Todrick Hall

Submitted by The Critic on Thu, 2010-01-28 17:01

Todrick Hall

Audition City: Dallas, TX
Hometown: Arlington, TX
Age: 24

Voting Information

Audition: Original
Top 24: Kelly Clarkson - Breakaway - Since U Been Gone Since U Been Gone
Top 20: Tina Turner - Private Dancer - What's Love Got to Do With It What's Love Got to Do With It
Top 16:  Greatest Hits I & II - Somebody to Love Somebody to Love


I can't believe Toddrick was

I can't believe Toddrick was voted off!  I thought this was a singing competition not a popularity contest.  Not only can he sing he is a great performer and I don't think his Broadway experience should be held against him.

To The American Idol

To The American Idol Producers:

I love the show and I love to see unknowns make their dreams come true.

But, the show has always had some serious flaws.

Simon is a music producer, not a musician.

I don’t know how he ever got on the show, but I’m glad to see him go.

But, replacing him with a Buffoon like Howard Stern would only kill the show.

The other judges aren’t much better.

That Beckham woman was especially sad,

More concerned with what the contestants were wearing than how they sang.

With Simon leaving, you have a great opportunity to make the show much more of a singing competition, as it should be.

Only a few times have I ever heard any of the judges mention pitch or range.

A true judge will always consider these aspects of a contestant’s ability along with…

Tone, vibrato control, enunciation, breath control, inflection, rhythm and posture.

We don’t have to take away to entertainment aspect of each contestant,

But let’s throw in a few technicals to make it a true singing competition.

Looking forward to your improvements.


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