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Thaddeus Johnson

Submitted by The Critic on Thu, 2010-01-28 16:01

Thaddeus Johnson

Audition City: Dallas, TX
Hometown: Oklahoma City, OK
Age: 16

Audition: Michael Bolton - Greatest Hits 1985-1995 - How Am I Supposed to Live Without You How Am I Supposed to Live Without You


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I think that Thaddeus is

I think that Thaddeus is going to be a winner. Even if he does not go all the way on the show, he has a great future as an entertainer. He will have plenty of takers on his shows and will be setup for south beach penthouse life. I think this guy has what it takes.

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I was shocked and horrified

I was shocked and horrified that thaddeus didn't get through.His voice is amazing and his singing effortless.His stage presence is confident and entertaining.I don't know what the judges were thinking ???? they no doubt realise the error after watching the programme back but are too embarrassed to admit their mistake.Well..he will make it despite the show...

I am a huge Thaddeus fan. I

I am a huge Thaddeus fan. I think American Idol got it all wrong. They allowed that little boy who forgot his lyrics through and 1 or 2 who couldn't hold a note to save their life, but Thaddeus got sent home? It is a joke to me and I will not watch American Idol anymore.


Thaddeus, keep your head up. You have a wonderful voice and a great personality. You are destined for greatness, work hard for it.

Man, thats A Huge bummer for

Man, thats A Huge bummer for him. Hope he keeps going on! Glad to know about the Censorship, thats bull! But What was up with the Bathroom scene!!?? Why did mom and the cameras follow him in there? Give the guy a second to pull it together!! (Mainly to camera man)

you know what..? EVERYBODY

you know what..?

EVERYBODY knows it very well that Thaddeus was one of the greatest ever - if not THE greatest - that have auditioned at the American Idol.

He's a real artist.. feelings and talents. He's the full package. The real thing!

It's obvious enough of a proof that American Idol is such a stupid programme when they told him he was great and he didnt do anything wrong yet he didnt make it.

It's all business and BS..

American Idol is not everything... n im sure Teddy knows it (lol can I call him Teddy? :p) it should only be just one stone that Teddy steps on to go even higher and higher.

Everybody loved him.. no one can negatively criticize him by far! and so Thaddeus should never ever even think of stopping. He's got a great great future. and we are all waiting for him to bless and entertain us with his singing and talent.

All the way from Saudi Arabia... We're with you Thaddeus !! Keep going n dont stop till u get enough. (n for sure we haven't got enough of u at all yet!) :)

I am thankful for all the

I am thankful for all the comments on my son Thaddeus Johnson both good and bad.  Being behind the scenes at idol that is so much the public don't know. First this is a business is and part reality show, the show is not based on the best singing. I am sad how  They did Thaddeus but he will grow out of this. No one on here could ever know how a person feels to be rejection with out a reason.  They bleep Thaddeus out coming out the door like he sad a bad word and he didn't what he did say was God I don't understand. and they bleep out the word God. I hope we all have some type of dream to pursue.  How would you feel if you was at work and your boss told you that you was a great employee and your work was awesome but you did not deserve a promotion, the news would hurt you also in the beginning, but you would move on.  This has made Thaddeus stronger and mature even more.  It is easy to judge on the outside looking in but that what makes our country what it is, having the freedom to speak how you feel.  Thaddeus has very strong family support and will make it. I thank of of you once again for all of your comments both good and bad.

Proud Father.

I have no idea why this

I have no idea why this money-making machine of Amaerican Idol didnt cHoose Thaddeus... he would have made millions for them.. omg.... he had probably the best voice out there.. at least among the boys... this totally prooved wrong.. i have no idea where should we put this in order so be seen by that simon fuller.... or other executives... i bet.. i know that tejudges toally disagreed with this decision... and they put the one who can easyer pretend-simon cowell... its exactly what he said.... you did nothing wrong... it was a subtle way-simon is always subtle... IT IS JUST WRONG TO THROW AWAY THE CHANCES OF THE BEST ONES... IN ANY DOMAIN.. and mostly to young ones... BECAUSE IT WILL DESTROY THE BELIEF THAT GOOD THINGS HAPPEND TO GOOD PEOPLE... this only happens in third world, comunist and oligarchic countries or systems... and to be honest I HAVE NO IDEEA WHAT THE GUYS IN AMERICAN IDOL THOUGHT AFTER TAKING THIS DECISSION..

I don't know if Thaddeus

I don't know if Thaddeus actually reads this, but he really got screwed over.  In my honest opinion Aaron Kelly or even that Lee Dewyze guy should not have made it to the top 24 over Thaddeus.  Thaddeus easily was better than both of them.  In addition, Aaron Kelly forgot his words a few times during Hollywood week  This decision about Thaddeus is actually making me not want to watch American Idol this year.

With Thaddeus Johnson you

With Thaddeus Johnson you really screwed that up. We will see him later like Jennifer Hudson.

I love Thaddeus Johnson. I

I love Thaddeus Johnson. I think they got that one wrong...

Fortunately he is young. Hopefully, this hasn't destroyed him and only strenghtens his resolve. He's only 16... He can only get better. Go Thaddeus!!!!! Thaddeus, keep coming back! We love you!


NancyD, your biggest fan. (Well, OK I guess your Mom can be the biggest fan) I'm runner up!

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