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Shelby Dressel

Submitted by The Critic on Thu, 2010-01-21 18:31

Shelby Dressel

Audition City: Orlando, FL
Hometown: Avon Parks, FL
Age: 18

Audition: Norah Jones - Come Away With Me - Turn Me On Turn Me On


Shelny had a strong presence,

Shelny had a strong presence, a great voice, and a dynamite attitude.  The judges got this one wrong - she should have made the top 24, and then watch what would have happened when we got to vote!  Good luck, Shelby.  Keep reaching for your dream.

Shelby Dressel has already

Shelby Dressel has already won Season 9 of Idol! Thats right Shelby Dressel has won season 9 of American Idol as far as I am concerned. Shelby's story is one of strength and determination. Shelby has a beautiful distinctive singing voice. She was the reason for me to watch season 9. The night my wife and I saw her first audition on Idol I went to our frig noye board and wrote Shelby Dressel " the one to watch". Its a shame we were so looking forward to seeing more of Shelby. For us Season 9 is over and Shelby has clearly won ! We can,t wait to buy her first CD and some day see her in concert. Shelby showed just how classy she is after being sent home, she consoled those waiting outside for her.  Go Shelby !!!!!!!!!!

Simon is right! You guys made

Simon is right! You guys made the wrong decision! This girl rocked! I hope she doesn't come back in the future, she can make it faster on her own and doesn't need to put up with the crap from AI

They are not "superficial

They are not "superficial jerks."  She was very rough and hard to listen too.  Even if it were true about her high notes, you have to be able to hit everything. She had no chance of winning so there was no point in pushing her through.

Really pissed they let Shelby

Really pissed they let Shelby go. She was not only an incredible story but also an amazing singer. The high notes in her final performance, "More than A Feeling" were brilliant. Simon even said that was the wrong decision after they told her no. Really upset about this one.

Not happy at all with IDOL

Not happy at all with IDOL letting Shelby Dressel go..she was better most ALL the other blondies-I think the judges are being superficial jerks! YOU GO SHELBY!

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