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Sanjaya Malakar

Submitted by The Critic on Thu, 2007-02-15 23:23

Is this the next American Idol?

Name: Sanjaya Malakar

Audition City: Seattle, WA
Home town: Federal Way, WA
Age: 17

Relationship Status:


Song List:
Judges Audition: Stevie Wonder - Stevie Wonder: The Definitive Collection - Signed, Sealed, Delivered I'm Yours Signed, Sealed, Delivered
Group Song:
Top 24: Stevie Wonder - Songs in the Key of Life - Knocks Me off My Feet Knocks Me Off My Feet
Top 20: Fred Astaire & Oscar Peterson - Fred Astaire's Finest Hour - Steppin' Out With My Baby Steppin' Out With My Baby
Top 16: John Mayer - Continuum - Waiting On the World to Change Waiting on the World to Change
Top 12: Diana Ross - Diana Ross (1970) - Ain't No Mountain High Enough Ain't No Mountain High Enough

I want to vote so what is Sanjaya Malakar's Voting Number?

Okay, um, I'm not racist

Okay, um, I'm not racist (I'm mixed), and I love the whole "American Dream thing", but honestly, this guy is just another pretty and (not so) exotic face that teenage girls in America have had their fad with. He's like Twilight: He's really not that deep, but girls go crazy over him. The only thing that got me mad was that plenty of other worthy people that could have been in his place were kicked off because hormonal teenage girls would rather see him and his semi-talented glory.

PS, this is coming from a 15 year old female.

I wasn't sure if I should

I wasn't sure if I should even respond to such a display of hate. But I guess my nature to speak out against things that hurt others caused me to do so. How dare you say such disrespectful, disgusting things about someone who you yourself know nothing about. You can dislike Mr.Malakar all you like but to go so low as say racal slurs, homophobic remarks is disgusting and uncalled for. And makes you yourself sound uneducated for saying those things and whats worse you say them about an 18 yr old boy who not one person who has met him or spent time with him has had nothing negativte to say about only postivte. So why don't you worry about yourself and look at your own life before you speak about someone else.

"Postivte?" "Racal" slurs?

"Postivte?" "Racal" slurs? Who's uneducated? Learn how to spell, you stupid fxxk. Or shoud I say stoopid? !

UMMMMM............ NO


Sangina is a talentless

Sangina is a talentless transvestite who looks like a gay terrorist. She belongs in a drag queen show or circus freak show with the bearded lady (her masculine sister with facial hair) and cyclops. Oh wait, the little queen has already been in a drag show:

ummmmm.... yeah sanjaya is

ummmmm.... yeah sanjaya is not gay sooo y dont u just SHUT UP...... yer the one that is probably gay........ yeah get a life and STOP TRASHING SANJAYA

he sucks the only reason he

he sucks the only reason he got 7th place because the girls think hes cute and felt pity for him!!!!

ok u all need to shut up and

ok u all need to shut up and stop being rude!!!!!!!!!!!! ok sanjaya is an awesome singer and he has a bunch of fans....... just cuz u probably sing like crap and know u would never make it on american idol does not give u the right to say crap about a 18 year old!!!! i am sick and tired of hearing people trash sanjaya....... ok u dont like him, u said it once, u got ur opinion out there and shut the heck up!!!!!!! no one cares about ur opinion!!! SO GET OVER IT!!!!!!!!!! people that trash him are just LOSERS!!!! and no one likes you!!!!!! all u are is a hater who trash sanjaya b/c u dont have a LIFE!!!!! so let me give u a little advice..... GET A LIFE AND LEAVE SANJAYA ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and yes i am a fanjaya that voted every week for him and i voted two hours stright too!!!! and if u got a problem with that GET OVER IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

learn how to spell and

learn how to spell and everyone is right sanjaya is a homo and so are you for thinking a show like idol brings in people with real talent! they are all just a bunch of cookie cutter bull every season is the same and more and more mindless drones flock to this shit they all sound the same the covers are always horrible. and you wasted two hours of your lame life voting and leaving mommy and daddy to flip the bill

lol faggot niggerz

lol faggot niggerz

i hope each and every one of

i hope each and every one of you who are saying rasict and homophobic things about him, or anyone for that matter, burn in hell. you are the type of people who make me sick to be an american. He is a 18 year old boy who was living out his dream, if you dont like him turn off your television dumbasses. your all pathetic retards with no life so you decide to make fun of someone who is going to make it big time. i sence some jelousy do i not? you should all be ashamed. he has never said one bad thing about people and yet he gets so much hate in return, its bullshit. every single one of you rasicts asses really need to face the fact that he is an american, he has lived in america all his life, the only difference is his skin color (which is a very nice skin tone by the way) hes half indian and half italian, BIG DEAL! all of you need to get the fuck over yourself and releize sanjayas better than you. and for all your fucking homophobes HE ISNT GAY! even if he was there is nothing wrong with being gay, stop being insecure about yourelf and taking it out on others. you all are pathetic and to have the time to post shit like this makes you look even more pathetic, stop making fun of a 18 year old boy who has a future unlike yourselfs you racsist homphobes...i hate you all

I LOVE Sanjaya!!! He's so

I LOVE Sanjaya!!! He's so cute and i just can't get over him. i love the way he sings and everything else!!! i just love him for being him and i think that's all that really matters.


WHAT THE HELL WAS AMERICA THINKING?!?!?!! Letting him get as far as he did. Its jst coz people think hes hot. He dosen't have a future in music!!!

check out this interview

check out this interview with Sanjaya. On a scale of bad to worse this takes the cake.

I am a female who thinks

I am a female who thinks Sanjaya is totally hot. All the abusive comments toward Sanjaya are from men who can't stand the attention this guy is getting. Why are you whining about Sanjaya not being a good singer? Were you complaining when Madonna and Britney Spears were popular? Are they the best singers? I think not.

If you're going to whine, you should complain about the shit we've been watching on MTV for the last couple of years. Keep your jealous racist ass opinions to yourself.

I can't wait to see Sanjaya in a music video with half of his clothes off. Your girlfriends will be saying his name in their sleep.


Had Sanjaya been white, folk

Had Sanjaya been white, folk now saying he can't sing would have been all too encouraging. Racist America is showing its true colours. No wonder America is so loved worldwide. Brave America, sending battle ships to murder innocent unarmed people in countries where people have no food yet can't help their own folk stranded in their own back yard when Katherina hit! Now from the safety of the internet they take pot shots at someone whose shoes they can never hope to fill. Picking on a 17 yr young lad whose bravery they can't respect and whose talent they can't appreciate only becos he is not white. But, we must pity the insecure and cowardly. Sanjaya will go on the bigger and better things while his cowardly adversaries stew in their own juices.

Are you a dumb mother fucker

Are you a dumb mother fucker or what! Ha haha! Your retardedness makes me laugh, and your lack of I.Q. puts a smile on my face keith! And please dont tell me I can never hope to fill his shoes, because I am not a little homo bitch that cant sing. Im not racist, but I do hate faggots, and fags come in every race and color, just like you!

The quality of your comeback

The quality of your comeback at Keith speaks for itself. You are representative of the majority of empty headed rasists, sexually insecure Americans whose only claim to fame is your massive pr machinery including hollywood that would have the world believe America is what the world should aspire to be.

If you could string a half decent sentance together, you might have contributed something worth reading instead of a string of mindless invective that would make a four year old blush.

I can understand how it must feel for a white American to be led by an idiot, challenged by a non-white and encouraged by fools, but take heart -- it takes all sorts to make this world and irrelevant deviants like you too have a place, albeit in for forgotten hovel of a hell hole we must for your sake call -- a shining city on a hill. There! Satisfied? No go take your medicine before the boogy man comes and takes you away.

Wow, Sandra, its people like

Wow, Sandra, its people like you, that make me not want to be an American. I have served in war, protecting YOUR freedom of speach to make stupid comments like that, and you come back at me like that? YOU are getting an easy ride off my paycheck my friend! I wish you could see the thing I have would only have nightmares for the rest of your life. You are a dumb bitch that doesnt care about anybody but you, and your pathetic life. Why dont you do someone thing better for Americans, besides sitting on your fat butt, in your comfy house and complain about how bad America is, and its people, when you're not doing anything about it your hypocritical bitch!

Are you a dumb mother fucker

Are you a dumb mother fucker or what! Ha haha! Your retardedness makes me laugh, and your lack of I.Q. puts a smile on my face keith! And please dont tell me I can never hope to fill his shoes, because I am not a little homo bitch that cant sing. Im not racist, but I do hate faggots, and fags come in every race and color, just like you!

Well ..Annoni-Mouse Glad

Well ..Annoni-Mouse

Glad you've shown us you could at least cut and past that reply which we have no doubt you will do in answer to this post too.

You are typical of the lower middle class American whose only claim to fame is their colour and the comforting (and very misleading) thought that you are masters of the universe.

You can only hope to be a shadow of Sanjaya as his future will show. While he goes on to bigger and better things, you will sink lower into oblivion where you belong among the low lifes that you repersent.

Now take your medicine boi or the boogy man will come for you. There....good boy!!

Feel better now? Ok..go cut and paste and show that you can still do that.

Like what I said to Sandra,

Like what I said to Sandra, YOU are a hypocritical bitch that does nothing but complain and bitch about how bad America, and it's citizens are, but meenwhile, you are sitting on your fat butt, in your comfy house and doing nothing to better America. I protect your Freedom of speach, that meens nothing to anybody. You are ungratefull, and are getting an easy ride off my paycheck. I wish you could go to war and see the things I've seen, then lets see who is a real man. And why dont you go back to middle school and learn how to spell. I meen honestly, who can't spell the word paste?

Dude Ananymous! Hold your

Dude Ananymous!
Hold your skirts and try to finish reading this!
You could'nt finish your high school and probably just saved your ass from becoming a highschool dropout by recruiting in army. If you intentionally joined the army your birdmind would be more rational. That proves that you are basically highschool dropout kind.
So you dont think but respond with no logic. your boss asks you to go kill and you go kill. you dont have mind that thinks for you. The only time it activates is when it feels secure that you are safe, like when you think that ok its safe to impound this 17 year kid with racist and gender specific comments. IF he is gay (which he is not!) why the fuck should you hate anyways. Are you sick? And just because you have crazy assumptions like pink is for gay (go to europe and see what they think faggot!), drikning pinacoloda is gay ant etcetra dont think that the rest of the world has the same rules. Try to learn other cultures. I dont even think you can understand your own county peoples accent if you go to other state. the east cant understand the west and they both cant understand the texas. When can you understand the other cultures. Try to be open and learn others points of view. What you hear as rough noice and SHOUTING is music for you. Soft decent soothing tone is melody for others. You dont need to call them tone deaf!
Go get a break kid!

beautiful rock on anti

beautiful rock on anti racist. fanjaya's unite

to all the haters





I seen his sister giving

I seen his sister giving blow jobs for a bag of rice and a goat.

you listen hear you cunt,

you listen hear you cunt, what the fuck did sanjaya or his family do you your fucked up ass? are you pissed that he can sing like an angel and you cant. if i ever see your ass make any rude or in your case dicusting comment about him or his family or his fans, i will go fanjaya on your canjaya bitch



you know that all the voting

you know that all the voting calls goes through india

he wasn't any good but this is how american idol gets it's publicity know matter what it goes on everywere in everything but he is gone know so we can get on with are lives no need for racist commments it just proves that racism will never go away

Another birdbrain! American

Another birdbrain!
American idol voting time in india is 3:30 in the morning. Fortunately india is not used to your sick late night culture yet. Indian's never wrote any article praising him. American Idol itself is literally not popular in india. They have their own franchise called Indian Idol which was a recent verison of other singin competetion they had for more than 30 years (its been only 60 years since it got its independence. The shows are called sa re ga ma, super singer etc. By the way The idol franchise was already established in Britan and Canada before they started in America, SO HOLD what ever your bird brain is about to say with minimal knowledge, no! we dont copy, infact music is originated thosands of years before your country is formed ;) And to dial a non job-oriented numeber from any call center or to tamper any number is not feasible (if only you knew little bit about how technology and call centers work! This freaking myth has already been debunked so that your birdbrains can relax google and read for yourself!). Forget calling other numbers , there are instances where people will be fired for using office numebers to do personnel calls which can never be tracked unles some one investigates. So your bird brain thinks that sanjaya stayed in because of the calls that came from indian call centers at 3:30 int he morning from the cal centers that are monitored 24/7 without nobody noticing tons of calls being directed to a single number?!!! LOL, highschool dropout , you rock!

HELL YES! That no talent

HELL YES! That no talent ass clown is gone! Holy shit! I cant beleive this time it's true! America should be celebrating! NO MORE NO TALENT GAYS ON A.I.!!!

How dare any of you haters

How dare any of you haters slam this sweet ,loving ,giving boy like this.What the hell is so lackinhg in your own lives that you can't leave someone who is making a difference be ?This boy has done nothing except be himself and show the world who he is and I am so greatful to him for having the courage to stand up to low-life,moronic pricks like you with his chin held high and be who he wants to be.This boy is the absolute epitome of kindness and joy and if you and others like you (unfortunately there are a few) had lives of your own ,you wouldn't have to waste time trying to tear down sweet,beautiful Sanjaya.Crawl back under the rock you came from and leave him the hell alone !!

YESSSS!!!!!!!!!! It's

YESSSS!!!!!!!!!! It's over!!!!!!!! My faith in America's ability to hear is restored.
Sanjiva, say bye bye-a.

I hope this is true... I've

I hope this is true... I've been living a nightmare since he is there ... pls, really send him home!

Matty1234,are you nuts?hes

Matty1234,are you nuts?hes horrible.a lot of people think so.maybe he was good enough to sing to his family but everyone on it right now is better than him.

sanaja sucks..i hate him.hes

sanaja sucks..i hate him.hes horrible.seriosly american idol is a joke.if he wins ill never watch it agian.come on look at him?hes scary looking,has a horrible voice,and trys to be different but its just weird.other people deserve to win,not him.

Sanjaya from Federal Way.

Sanjaya from Federal Way. Stickin' it to the man. Go Sanjaya go!!!

okay..most of these comments

okay..most of these comments are really really rude..honestly guys Sanjaya isn't the best one out there and really shouldnt be on the show but he is a human and there is no reason people should be leaving comments that are so racist on here..Hayle and Chris Richardson are my favorite..and now Hayle is gone and yes it is a bit surprising that Sanjaya is still on the show but honestly these comments are cruel and he does have feelings also!

Most of you on this blog are

Most of you on this blog are racist rednecks and imperialists. I wouldn't be surprised if there is not going to be a country named America on the face of the earth in the next 10 years. Everyone hates America these days, and I can't believe some of you people are posting so much racism on asian people. You better respect us, or soon you won't be around.

I think these Indians need

I think these Indians need to be deported. Fucking hindus are taking over our country. They should be nuked. Sanjaya sucks balls and he can't sing if his life depended on it. He should go back to india, because he is probably an illegal immigrant anyway.

Hehehehehehe...Yeah. why

Hehehehehehe...Yeah. why dont you concentrate more on studies than fucking. Why dont you concentrate more on getting a decent job than a blowjob and why dont you try to learn about other cultures rather than sterotyping other cultural traits to you gay traits (introduced and confused by you folks by michael jackson like . Pink is a gay color ONLY IN THE US;) drinking pina coloda is gay only in AMERICA ;) Treating a woman withrespect is gay only in AMERICA :P
Yeah you dont need to deport us. Your goverment would have never even bought us here if you were not a highschool drop out with STD! go for you next medical checkp now. Save yourself first , then you can think about deproting us and saving your country kiddo! ;)

hey you racist bitch. you

hey you racist bitch. you know what deport indians and asians and all the immigrants. and then see where your fucking country is. it will be left with stupid hicks or retards like you, who arent even smart enough to spell their name. we should be nuked!?! FUCK YOU. words of advice: dont go messing with brown people or u'll regret it. get over the fact that Sanjaya gets votes because you know what it aint only brown people voting for him.

Why are you filled with such

Why are you filled with such hate? Are you a faggot like sanjaya? Because fags need to be nuked!

I personally believe that

I personally believe that Sanjaya is one of the best musicians around. He is a mixed singer. He knows real music, and the real hardcore stuff. He has a good voice. I think most of you people don't know real music, is ignorant, or else is so racist to admit that. If you listened to the original tracks of those songs, he sang just like the originals, or better. I loved his performance of "The Kinks - You really got me". I think it sounded awesome. I think American Idol needs more people like Sanjaya. We need some Hip hop, and some Rock n' Roll. These two genres are the most popular among "Americans" today.

maty1234 is just a faggot

maty1234 is just a faggot that wants to fuck sanjaya in the ass. How about you open you fuckin ears and quit being a little homo bitch. We all know sanjaya is a no-talent ass clown. I am a "true" musician, I sing, play many instruments, and have been in several bands, and trust me, little faggots like sanjaya wont make it in the music industry. And guess what, he's gone now, so your gay ass didnt vote for him enough.

i agree your so right and

i agree your so right and you really got me was my fav. to he really came out of his shell even though he was good before i think that was his best performance im gonna miss him now that hes gone anyways i agree with everything you said

yes unfortunately that is

yes unfortunately that is true. A lot of people have been voting for him as a joke.

That's simply not true. The

That's simply not true. The numbers of votes cast (35 MM) is too large to have any impact of 'noise'. VFTW and Stern have some impact, but the real voting block for Sanjaya are teenyboppers and middle-aged women who love him, adore him, and vote for him loyally and multiple times.

Did you watch the last AI? Did you see how so many people love him? Look, I don't understand this phenomena either; but I don't understand why everyone's getting so bitter and angry.

This degree of anger and hatred did not manifest iteself last eason when Chicken Little was surviving week after week or 2 seasons go when that red-headed guy were sticking around when some great singers were getting knocked out. But sanjaya is the target of all this hatred because - well we all know why. This makes me sad, I thought our great nation did not have such feelings in 2007.


WOW! Everybody, relax.

WOW! Everybody, relax. Really it's just a show that NONE OF US is getting paid for.

Our opinions may vary and that's ok. But the fact remain that there is a "force" moving to vote for the least talented, and in my opinion people are trying to thwart a 'reality show' and it has worked but it won't go on forever.

I heard that people have

I heard that people have jumped on a band wagon of voting for the worst singer, trying to throw the votes. Has anyone else heard that? Is it true?