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San Antonio and Longbeach American Idol Auditions

Submitted by The Critic on Wed, 2013-01-30 19:04

It's the final week of American Idol auditions and tonight we hit San Antonio, Texas and Longbeach, California.

Cue the music, roll the cameras, let the Mariah Cariah and Nicki Minaj show continue.

It has been six years since the auditions have rolled into San Antonio and first up we have Vincent Powell who is a huge Mariah Carey fan.  He sings Rock Me Baby and we're off to a great start tonight.  Last year he made it to the Hollywood round and this year he'll be back for another attempt.

Derek and David Bacerott murder You Should Let Me Love You.  They are completely delusional about their talent. Thankfully, Nicki tells them that their part of the audition is over and they are ejected so we can hear some real talent.

Savannah Votion totally delivers At Last.  She's very good.  Subtle and yet powerful.  I really want to hear more from this girl.  She is easily through to Hollywood.

Ricky Jo Garcia shows us how to kill And I Am Telling You.

Christabel Clack is a worship leader who auditions with If It Ain't You.  She has a really nice husky tone to her voice.  The runs at the end of her phrases were her own and the judges love her.  Another easy yes.

Ann Difani is the next contestant to be nominated to audition.  Randy Jackson gives her her audition number before a football game in Arkansas.  She sings Stronger and it's pretty but I'm not entirely sold.  She has no nerves and it's a nice story.  It's unanimous and she's through to Hollywood.

Victoria Acosta sings Big Girls Don't Cry and she's far less exciting than her day job performing on the river.  It was a little pitchy in places and Keith thought something was missing.  She sounds much better singing in Spanish.  The Spanish gig pays off and she's through to Hollywood.

Papa Peachez describes himself as a big black woman trapped in a little white boy.  He's very interesting.  Minaj thinks he's a superstar. It was a bit too theatrical for Keith while Randy thinks he needs some work.  It's a tie after Nicki says yes and gets a small yes from Mariah.  Randy has the tie-breaker in San Antonio and changes his vote to put him through.

Sanni M'Mairura wants to be a role model.  His audition was well rounded and the judges think he's fresh.   He's through to Hollywood as well.

The final audition of the day belongs to another Mariah Carey fan, Adam Sanders.  He sings some Etta and he's another incredible talent.  The judges are standing.  There is no comment.  Just a vote. It's a sensational yes.

It's a bit of a disappointing start for Shubha Vedula as Mariah is stuck in traffic while Nicki has other commitments.  She sings Something's Got A Hold On Me and the entire judging panel of Randy Jackson and Keith Urban give her a yes.

Mariah arrives, finally, and tells them that if they wanted a diva, there is a certain price they had to pay.

Next up in Longbeach is Brian Martinez who is terrible.  A producer apparently heard him singing and told him he should audition.  Cruel.

Matt Farmer has arrived with his daughter.  He was in the military who was injured in Iraq and was given meds that were supposed to make him sterile.  He sings Change Gonna Come and he's got a big voice to impress the judges with. He's easily through to Hollywood.

Stephanie Sanson screams Set Fire To the Rain.  If that didn't wake everyone up I don't know what will.

Nicki Minaj finally returns from her awards ceremony rehearsal just in time for Jesaiah Baer.  She sings Settle Down and as she begins, the alarms start sounding.  It sounds like a fire alarm so everyone abondons ship.  When everyone is allowed back on board she gets to sing again.  The judges like her and it's another resounding yes.

And with that we must cue the bad auditions mixed with the story of the Queen Mary being haunted.  Yawn.

The final contestant of the day is Micah Johnson who has a speech impediment after his doctors hit some nerves while taking out his tonsils. His singing voice is superb though.  The judges love him, as well they should.  Another golden ticket.

People Get Ready is the song of choice for Rachel Hale. She's nice too with her southern twang.  The judges love her and think she's the happiest contestant they've ever had with how she lights up the room.  She's through as well.

It's all nerves for 16 year old Brianna Oakley who has another sad bullying story which all seemed to come about after she was on a local TV talent show.  She sings Up to The Mountain and it's nice.  Nicki is frothing with excitement.  The judges are excited about how ready she is for this moment.

Finally tonight is a very unique person who has no idea why he is as short as he is but he can sing.  And that's all that matters on American Idol so Matheus Fernandes is through to Hollywood. (Apparently he also auditioned for The Glee Project)

Tomorrow, Idol rides west to Oklahoma to the home of the greatest American Idol ever, Carrie Underwood.



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