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Is Ryan Seacrest gay?

Submitted by The Critic on Thu, 2007-03-15 23:32

Is Ryan Seacrest gay?

And the speculation begins once again.


Who cares if Ryan Secrest is

Who cares if Ryan Secrest is gay. That is a statement not a question. What difference does it make. (That is another statement not a ?). His profession isn't base around acquiring intimate relationships.

Some of us are simply

Some of us are simply curious if he likes to take deliveries through the back door.



Please use a better choice of

Please use a better choice of words. That's very offensive. GEEZ!!!!

Ryan is gay b/c I gave him

Ryan is gay b/c I gave him head in an elevator once.

Ryan is ridiculously awkward

Ryan is ridiculously awkward when it comes to commenting on chicks...reminds me of Stewie...i'd sex her so good. Maybe he should marry Lisa Marie Presley.

Wahaha. He's a metrosexual.

Wahaha. He's a metrosexual. That doesn't mean that he's gay! I love you,ryan! I always listen to your radio show,AT40 here in the Philippines.

Wahaha. He's a metrosexual.

Wahaha. He's a metrosexual. That doesn't mean that he's gay! I love you,ryan! I always listen to your radio show,AT40 here in the Philippines.

Ok look people!! Ryan is gay

Ok look people!! Ryan is gay HERE IS PROOF.. notice in the video after every comment made by simon how offended he gets.. the proof is in his face..

anytime simon makes a comment any other straight man would blow off as stupid.. ryan gets incredibly offended by his facial expressions.. obviously and trys to hide it.. its played off as a joke but to him means much more by his facial remarks... watch the tape and after ryan answers the question reply eash part back and forth ...youll see

what facial

what facial expressions????
he laughed it off like you claim that every other "straight" guy would do. i don't think he's gay. he's a clean cut, clean shaven, well dressed, and proper guy. i guess that's how he was raised. my brother was raised to be a proper, polite gentleman, and not wear trashy clothes that show your ass and your boxers and to be a clean cut guy. and he's not gay. does the way a person was raised automatically make them gay? my best friend was raised as an only child with the most formal parents alive. they never thought that she would be gay. guess what? she is. just because he dresses, or talks, or looks a certain way doesn't mean he's gay. he's not. and i think it's wrong that people are claiming he is just because of characteristics that don't define a person. their looks and the way the dress and their voice and such doesn't tell you who a person is, nor does it tell you their sexuality. and it's really no one's business now is it? that's why it's called a PERSONAL life. i find it insulting the way you people critisize him because of those stupid characteristics and traits that he's aquired. my brother is much like ryan, and he's not gay. he has a wife and two beautiful children. it's quite absurd and preposterous the way you do that to him. i'm ashamed that you people are even apart of the same species. it's wrong. leave him alone. you have no part in this, so just let it go. no one cares how he talks/dresses/looks or what have you. you people apparently have personal issues that cause you to sit around on your ass all day and critisize and degrade other people. get over yourselves, and do something productive with your life, and leave ryan alone.

Newsflash!! Your brother is


Your brother is definitely gay!!  You know his "friends?"  They sleep together after they get home from the club. 

I know he likes going to the gym and he is always reading about vampires...but that doesn't make him homecoming queen darling...though he probably was.

Maybe he'll get really manly and show you he's a real man by getting highlights in his hair or producing some techno music.

Are you f$#%^ing serious?

Are you f$#%^ing serious? Every comment in here is crazy. First off, who cares if he IS gay? ( although I question it minorly) BUT he does fully state in several interviews that he isn't, just metro. The guy does well on Fox AND Idol... He has money, MOST of us will never see. He is successful, and that makes BORED people like us read this crap! I admit I looked it up, but could care less. HOWEVER I lost a bet, you are all just stupid, bored, and mindless. Get a job, and a life. " No hope for humanity."

ryan seacrest is gay, i gave

ryan seacrest is gay, i gave him head in a public bathroom in the park, and he liked it. a lot in my mouth . . . . .. . . . . .

The fact that a male is

The fact that a male is clean cut, doesn't talk like a trash mouth and enjoys the finer things in life, such as being able to shop for clothes, does NOT make him gay. Tell me why SHOULD he go on TV and have to say, look people, I am NOT gay, would you believe him if he did? Those who "think" he is gay, would STILL think he is, so what's to gain?? I for one do not believe he is. I also think when he settles down with a lovely young woman, she will be a lucky girl!

There's a women on Plaboy

There's a women on Plaboy Radio who told Howard Stern that she was his roommate years ago and they cuddled and semi-fooled around but he never put moves on her. suspicious but not damning evidence.

Overall, if he's not gay then he may have a small penis and be insecure or had been sexually abused. Time will tell.

well do u know he has

well do u know he has a small somethin' somethin'???

Ryan Dude, You are so gay.

Ryan Dude,
You are so gay. There' s not shame in admitting it. It's just the way u talk, and smile(hehehe, blush blush) and your whole attitude - dude you act like a girl. Either you can man up and start acting like a guy or suck it up ad come out of the closet.

SO.....if he did come out

SO.....if he did come out what would have been accomplished??......

i'm gay. i think he's

i'm gay.
i think he's gay.
but i really could care less.
i think he's fucken retarded.
he gets on my nerves.
and he's like 3 foot 2.
he's lame.

Dude, you're not gay.....

Dude, you're not gay..... you're just pretending to be gay so you can make a stronger case. You're blinded by your hate for Seacrest.

I hate Seacrest too, but seriously, dude.

Seacrest is a laughing-stock

Seacrest is a laughing-stock because he refuses to admit what is so painfully obvious: He's a queer, a homo, a butt-pirate, a fudge-packer, DAMN IT, HE'S GAY. If he would just admit it and stop making a fool out of himself, he get a lot more respect.
Patty Hose

does anyone really care if

does anyone really care if Ryan is gay????????? i sure dont. i just watch the show for the people making fools of themselves.

NO HE isn't gay! dude, i

NO HE isn't gay! dude, i lived in LA for the past 6 years... and i listen to 102.7, they used to like call his girl alllll the time in the morning... anyway! he's just SHOOOOORT... he lives in LA... most guys are like he is!

An old friend of mine from

An old friend of mine from Woodland Hills smote Ryan in the backside last Fall after a chance meeting at a Sunday brunch in Topanga Canyon. Ryan threw the moves on him. He succumbed...then cummed.

Yeah, Ryan is a switch, top-oriented hole captain who told my buddy he prefered blonde twinks with a foot fetish.

Accusing his fellow

Accusing his fellow hosts/judges of being gay is Simon's favourite jibe.

He's forever making references to Louis Walsh's (from the UK's X-Factor) sexuality.

So I wouldn't read to much into his comments.

As an American Idol fan! I

As an American Idol fan!

I am an adult that is one of the many viewers of this show for years,I am so upset to find out that the listeners of Howard Stern are voting for the underdog to upset the show! If you don't like the show don't watch it ! Please stop ruining it for others. Maybe because an idiot as Howard has to do this maybe there needs to be a different voting system! It is about talent! Thank you for letting me voice my opinion!!!!

i dont belive if ryan is a

i dont belive if ryan is a gay......and i dont care because i love him so much he so nice and hansom

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