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Submitted by The Critic on Sun, 2006-04-30 23:50
Pop Tarts presents American Idols Live 2006 Tour

Your American Idols will be on tour again in 2006 from the 6th of July through to the 2nd of September. 39 dates across 24 states. Get your tickets now before they all sell out!!!

Here is where your Idols are touring this summer.

6-Jul Manchester, NH Verizon Wireless Arena American Idol Live Tour - Buy Tickets
8-Jul Worcester, MA DCU Center American Idol Live Tour - Buy Tickets
9-Jul Hartford, CT Hartford Civic Center American Idol Live Tour - Buy Tickets
11-Jul Albany, NY Pepsi Arena American Idol Live Tour - Buy Tickets
12-Jul Hershey, PA GIANT Center American Idol Live Tour - Buy Tickets
13-Jul East Rutherford, NJ Continental Airlines Arena American Idol Live Tour - Buy Tickets
15-Jul Long Island, NY Nassau Coliseum American Idol Live Tour - Buy Tickets
18-Jul Wilkes Barre, PA Wachovia Arena American Idol Live Tour - Buy Tickets
19-Jul Cleveland, OH Wolstein Center American Idol Live Tour - Buy Tickets
21-Jul Rochester, NY BlueCross Arena American Idol Live Tour - Buy Tickets
22-Jul Philadelphia, PA Wachovia Center American Idol Live Tour - Buy Tickets
23-Jul Atlantic City, NJ Boardwalk Hall American Idol Live Tour - Buy Tickets
25-Jul Bridgeport, CT Arena at Harbor Yard American Idol Live Tour - Buy Tickets
27-Jul Pittsburgh, PA Mellon Arena American Idol Live Tour - Buy Tickets
28-Jul Washington DC Verizon Center American Idol Live Tour - Buy Tickets
29-Jul Richmond, VA Richmond Coliseum American Idol Live Tour - Buy Tickets
30-Jul Greensboro, NC Greensboro Coliseum American Idol Live Tour - Buy Tickets
1-Aug Charlotte, NC Charlotte Bobcats Arena American Idol Live Tour - Buy Tickets
2-Aug Columbia, SC Colonial Center American Idol Live Tour - Buy Tickets
3-Aug Duluth, GA Arena at Gwinnett Center American Idol Live Tour - Buy Tickets
5-Aug Sunrise, FL BankAtlantic Center American Idol Live Tour - Buy Tickets
6-Aug Tampa, FL St. Pete Times Forum American Idol Live Tour - Buy Tickets
8-Aug Birmingham, AL BJCC Arena American Idol Live Tour - Buy Tickets
10-Aug Nashville, TN Gaylord Entertainment Center American Idol Live Tour - Buy Tickets
11-Aug Columbus, OH Schottenstein Center American Idol Live Tour - Buy Tickets
12-Aug Milwaukee, WI Bradley Center American Idol Live Tour - Buy Tickets
13-Aug St. Louis, MO Savvis Center American Idol Live Tour - Buy Tickets
15-Aug Grand Rapids, MI Van Andel Arena American Idol Live Tour - Buy Tickets
16-Aug Detroit, MI Joe Louis Arena American Idol Live Tour - Buy Tickets
18-Aug Louisville, KY Freedom Hall American Idol Live Tour - Buy Tickets
19-Aug Chicago, IL Allstate Arena American Idol Live Tour - Buy Tickets
20-Aug Peoria, IL Peoria Civic Center American Idol Live Tour - Buy Tickets
22-Aug St. Paul, MN Xcel Energy Center American Idol Live Tour - Buy Tickets
26-Aug Los Angeles, CA Staples Center American Idol Live Tour - Buy Tickets
27-Aug Anaheim, CA Arrowhead Pond of Anaheim American Idol Live Tour - Buy Tickets
29-Aug Sacramento, CA ARCO Arena American Idol Live Tour - Buy Tickets
30-Aug San Jose, CA HP Pavilion at San Jose American Idol Live Tour - Buy Tickets
1-Sep Portland, OR Rose Garden American Idol Live Tour - Buy Tickets
2-Sep Tacoma, WA Tacoma Dome American Idol Live Tour - Buy Tickets

Just back from the Houston

Just back from the Houston leg of the tour, which I'm sorry to report was not just disappointing but actually bordered on boring.

This was not the fault of the performers but of a stage set that was as unimaginative as it was insultingly cheap -- a split level affair of plywood, painted flat black. The performers accessed the stage from behind and below stage level, climbing up a set of stairs and then corralled through a set of aluminum chutes of the variety that are used to control long lines of people in line buying tickets.

Jim Lacey
In fact, that's exactly how it appeared: that the same chutes used for crowd control earlier later doubled as the the principle part of the set.

Jason Castro stole the show. The guy is not a great singer, but he is mesmerizing in an unusual kind of way. He doesn't do well in the higher registers, yet he insists on doing that high register thing he does at the end of songs, seriously damaging the otherwise enjoyable performance he puts in. He wants to be a better singer than he is, and gets credit for trying to be, but he doesn't understand we don't care about his voice as much as we do about the voices of others.. It's him we like. He could've won this thing if he'd just understood that.

Carly was a close second and easily has the best understanding of communicating with an audience. She showed a mastery of covering the whole stage, exhibiting ownership of it under absolute poise. She loved it, we sensed it, and we loved her back. Contestants, take heed! Everyone has something to learn from Carly's control of a stage -- and therefore control of an audience.

I didn't believe it was possible for Archuleta to be anything but spectacular, and on one number he did sing the b***S off some tune (a new one I didn't recognize, perhaps "Crush," his first single?), but he seemed frankly exhausted and somewhere else than aware of the 12,000 screaming adoring fans who gave him arguably the single largest ovation of the night, which registered 12 decibels above the absolute maximum threshold of pain.

In a moment of the poorest stage direction I've ever witnessed at any concert in my life, Archuleta rose from below stage on a hydrolic life, behind a grand piano. Here was this magical and magnificent kid, a one-of-a-kind human of the variety we get once every 20 years, who placed no less than #2 in the competition, and he spends his first 6 minutes absolutely hidden from the crowd.

All show long, 12,000 screaming fans, mostly waiting to see him and Cooke, get to see Archie at last, but only his head -- and that, just barely.

This very anti-climatic oversight, if it was one, was unforgivable. It seemed frankly intentional to me, designed to diminish his presence in preparation for Cooke's appearance that followed, and whose entrance by comparison was prefaced by a fanfare that all but seemed to herald the second coming.

Cooke, meanwhile, who can suffer from attacks of arrogance, suffered his worst ever.

Unlike Archuleta, he did know where he was -- exactly -- in front of 12,000 screaming Idol fans. Incredibly, he threw a monkey wrench into not only his performance but the whole rhythm of the whole show, stopping it to ask that the house lights to be turned on so he could video the screaming "for posterity" (and his ego), then pausing no fewer than 3 additional times to drink cola (long night, ya know, 4 long songs to sing, whew, did we actually expect him to get through 4 grueling tunes and no cola?).

He was also his usual unkempt self, appearing in a t-shirt that looked like he'd had it on since the tour began several weeks ago. I left during his outrageous video stunt, the onus for which I also put on the stage director who allowed it. I was totally disgusted that what should have been the top 2 performances had been dashed first by poor stage direction that played down Archuleta's initial appearance, a cheap set, and then a quick downward spiral as the champ proceeded to dethrone himself.

Others were leaving too -- and Cooke noticed. He was foolish to call it to the attention of the rest of the audience. Let's hope it serves as a wake up call to Cooke, who'd have been wiser to say nothing and reflect instead on why it happened.

An agent -- if Cooke is able to condescend to hiring one -- will correct his stage attitude and put his future focus where it belongs -> on the audience instead of on himself.

I loved Sayesha. She and Brooke and Chekezie were delights and were the glue of the show, Brook and Chekezie especially. Sayesha's got it all...great beauty, great pipes, and that knock-out figure, but she needs a voice instructor who will teach her to soften up. When you mostly belt it exhausts the listener, hard to explain. Hope she'll get a coach that corrects this because when she's on her game, she's up there close to Archuleta and Cooke.

Finally, to you, American Idol, you disappointed big time. You let your cast down. The set was abominable. The sparkles and other background stuff you ran on the rear projection screens was garbage, plain and simple. Your cast deserved more -- a great deal more.

You should be ashamed to be collecting the monies you're raking in and then sending out your ambassadors to extol you on such a pittance. Sound crew did a great job and, as always, the musicians were tops.

Jim Lacey

The Blackman from the very

The Blackman from the very first time the first white man ever landed on African soil has never been treated fairly and equally in education,employment and even in this idol kinda thing.We b lacks know what the white man is capable of doing,putting a few blacks in the show and eliminating them one by one till there in non left.I am not trying to be racist but it is a fact that the black success is always a pin in the eyes of the white American.People who sort equality were driven away or killed. W.E Dubois sort the black course and he was driven from the American land,sort to be killed.He confessed in Ghana how equally he was been treated among his own people.O ma GOD,let the white people take the show if they want,its always been the order of the day.After all our kids excell even without the idol

This whole post is

This whole post is embarrassingly stupid. It is this ignorant, racist, find-me-an-enabler-quick mentality that is holding black people back nowadays, if you ask Bill Cosby, for one. Black success does nothing to affect me, for one, and just about every white person I know. W. E. B. Dubois was perhaps one-sixteenth the man Booker T. Washington was.
Oh, and I'm sure that Ruben Stoddard would be fascinated to know that he either A) Apparently LOST the AI season that he won, or B) He is not, in fact, black. Learn to spell, read a book by a real man, not a whining hypocrite, then get back to us, please.

Why does the tour not hit

Why does the tour not hit more states? Ca. and Pa. have 4 concerts each, yet Tx. has none. How are these locations decided? We want them to visit Oklahoma.

Melinda was the best singer. I knew when Melinda revealed she was a Christian, she was out of there, but I appreciated the Winans being asked to sing a Christian song!

Simon was most honest, Paula most motherly, and Randy was majorly middle of the road. I liked all the judges and hope they all return.

I think Simon should just

I think Simon should just pick the winner and save us the time we spend to watch the shows. He is very good at telling America who to vote for by making disparaging remarks about them. For as long as this program remains on telvision I will refuse to watch. They tried to keep Paris around as the token black, yet make nasty remarks to discredit her singing, when it is obvious that other such as Katherine and Elliot have made similar mistakes. They tried to make Chris the winner from day 1, and honestly he is not versatile. He is rock oriented and I personally will not buy any music of his or the other white singers that they give the 1st position. Idols is so racist and now that Paris is off, you can rest assured that the black community will watch something else on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. We now know that it is fixed, and that is the reason we implore Simon to just produce his own white favourites instead of wasting our time. American Idol is now Simon's Idol, because it is what he wants and that sampling does not showcase American with its diversity.

Wouldn't it  be funny if we

Wouldn't it  be funny if we found out that Taylor was really about 40 years old? (ooo scandal)   That hair thing really threw me and still does. LOL The whole season I thought to myself ... would I truly buy a cd by this guy? NO!!!! He was a hoot to watch on tv, falling down and trying without success to kick over his mike stand but that's about it. Kat on the other hand, we will see her as a model or actress and if she put out a cd, I would most likely  buy it. And Chris? He will rock on somewhere. He was set up. There is NO way he was supposed to be kicked so soon.

But it's over and ... it's over.

Laura.....out. :)

Youre an idiot.  They have

Youre an idiot.  They have had plenty of black people in this show.  Paris wasnt that good.

Blacks (who make up about 12

Blacks (who make up about 12 percent of the American population) are over-represented almost everywhere.  If you want to get into a racial conspiracy theory, try to figure out why Elliott, the Jew and the best 'singer' of the competition, was left out.  Mandisa's too fat.  Paris has to find a lower range (sounds like shite trying to sing low).  Get over it.  And, by the way, the wanna-be Whitney/Mariah thing is sad and old--which is why Taylor won.

can you say "Fantasia"???

can you say "Fantasia"??? Where do get your facts from dummy??

I am so sick of hearing

I am so sick of hearing about being black, I believe previous two winners of American Idol were black. Give it a break, you sound more racist than white people. Stop using color as an excuse. Its time to move on. I said it before no one is making you stay, You must not watch the news, in Africa there is racial, religion killing still going on and other parts of the world as well, especially if your a women. They slaughter each other with out a blink of an eye. Genocide is still happening in this world. Get grip on your life and take advantage of the country you live in.

well, I think that a lot of

well, I think that a lot of black people have chips on their shoulder. This goes way back to my elementary school days. I cannot help what my ancestors did. How many times can we say that. Sorry about that, and it's not a black thing. If a person can't sing, it ain't about ha cola. Ok?

^5, lol

^5, lol

i agree...the show should

i agree...the show should basically be called Simon's Idol.....and it really doesn't represent America...because they always pick a couple black people every season just to get ratings....you mean to tell me out of allllllll of those people that auditioned Gideon was the only black dude that could sing??.....highly unlikely.

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