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Patrick Hall

Submitted by Anonymous on Thu, 2006-01-19 02:10

Audition Number: 79857

Audition City: Las Vegas

Home Town: Gravette, AR

Age: 27

Birthdate: tba

Starsign: tba

Ethnicity: Caucasion

Relationship Status: Married Laura Spedding on July 4, 2005

Family Members: Sisters: Caroline Martinez, Donna, Brother: Gordon Hall and David.

Favourite Artists: He likes a lot of them, but he can sing Elton John and Billy Joel like no one else!

History/Bio: Grew up in Gravette, Arkansas. Patrick plays the piano with his ear, and he does it flawlessly. He has been pursuing a singing career for years, and he's good enough to become the next American Idol! . America is going to love this man!

Song List:

Judges Audition: tba

Hollywood Audition: If

Top 24: Come To My Window

Fansites: tba

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yea this is prolly old, but

yea this is prolly old, but u guys need to get a damn life. this is ridiculous. patrick hall is a rich f*uck who thinks he is better than anyone else, and this american idol crap, he is really dragging this out. There were how many "american idols" that got eliminated?? its time to move on. Iistened to his songs, and i would not buy his stuff at all. This offends u or pisses u off then so be it, i really could care less. Great!! people knows there is a GRAVETTE AR because thats where he is from and u guys are some suckers. you really think that "if" he did rise to fame you and him would be "buds"?? yea rite, get a reality check. But hey its great that he tries... .. there are alot of important people from gravette, that does great things. u would know these things if u got ur eyes off the television.. they deserve a clap.

I'm from Decatur, Arkansas,

I'm from Decatur, Arkansas, which is 5 minutes away from Gravette, Arkansas.  I was SOOOOOOO shocked to see Patrick Hall on tv singing at the Hollywood American Idol Auditions.  Patrick Hall isn't a doctor, but he is related to Billy Hall the doctor.  Billy Hall is responsible for saving lots of lives and bringing lots of lives into this world.  Ask Patrick about the doctor in his family...........oh and ask him how the Gravette Hospital got shut down b/c of misfinances.......I believe a Patrick had something to do with that.....who knows.......

I've known Patrick Hall for

I've known Patrick Hall for many years. I have worked with him professionally and I have spent much time with him and his family on many occasions. They are all incredible people. Dr. Hall has spent his life helping the poor and disenfranchised of the Gravette area. Perhaps anonymous could honor Dr Hall for that instead of making baseless and cowardly allergations against his family. Anonymous sounds more than a little bitter to me. Patrick is an unbelievable singer and he is also an incredibly compassionate human being. Best of luck to him! We love you Patrick. Knock 'em dead bro! Chip and Babs

WATCH PARTY!Come watch


Come watch ‘Idol’ hopeful Patrick Hall of Gravette compete for the title of American Idol!        

6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m., Wednesday - Feb 15th

Gravette Towne Centre - 109 Main Street SE

Contact Rodger at email: for additional watch party information.

 was fortunate enough to

 was fortunate enough to set sail with Patrick last summer on my first cruise (well, actually he was a performer and I was just a passenger). But my sister and I spent every night of the trip sitting at his piano just so enthralled by his amazing voice, thinking this guy doesn't belong in a carnival cruise piano bar! Im glad to see he's taken this leap, with that voice and God given natural musical talent, he's got what it takes to make it all the way. I only wish I'd made use of the email address he gave me before he went and got hitched- ah well, best of luck Patrick! We'll be rooting for you!

Jen Napoli- July 04 Cruise to Jamaica/Cayman (

hey patrick, your doing

hey patrick, your doing awesome. keep truckin along the way to fulfill your dreams. nobody can stop you, but you! your doing great keep your head up

Man, I've been listening to

Man, I've been listening to Patrick Hall sing for quite some time now, and was so excited when I heard that he finally made it to American Idol.  We've actually went to the same church for quite a while, and he definitely has the most beautiful and amazing voice I have ever heard.  I could just listen to him sing all day long!!!!  Seriously, everytime he sings, he brings a tear to my eye.  He's amazing.  He's also a very sweet, compassionate, and caring person, who deserves to go all the way.  Patrick, we love you, and just know that we're behind you all the way.  Don't every stop singing!!!!!  You're the greatest!

Okay first of all, lets not

Okay first of all, lets not be hateful towards Patrick because you didn't get a true story about the hospital.. You might want to check to FACTS.. Lets all be supportive and show that we as a town support Patrick and wish Patrick the best... And you know he is putting Gravette on the Map for us.. Just like his dad did 55 years ago...

Patrick Hall's Photo

Patrick Hall's Photo

To: Anonymous the idiot from

To: Anonymous the idiot from Rodger

First of all, support your facts with your name and don't hide. Second, shut up and enjoy a local native reach the top 24 of American Idol after competing with over 90,000 others. So let go of your hatred or jealousy and support this Arkansan and most of all, get your facts correct and then tell us your name!


High school years: graduated

High school years: graduated when he was a junior (1996), then attended John Brown University in Siloam Springs, Arkansas, for a year.  Some of his high school accomplishments:  At the 1994 Arkansas Thespian state talent competition Patrick won 1st place for his performance of "Try to Remember" from The Fantasticks.  Also, that same year, he portrayed "Daddy" in Edward Albee's The American Dream, which received "highest honors" at the state one-act play competition.

I don't know where you

I don't know where you people get alot of this inf. from. Patrick does not smoke. He is a  very good moral person that loves the Lord. And loves his family, and would do any thing for them.  Make sure that what you say is true before saying it. If it cames from Patricks mouth then it is true, if not then don't belive it.

To: Anonymous the idiot from

To: Anonymous the idiot from Rodger

I am not from Gravette but I strongly support Rodger. Patrick, you sing very good and I beleive that you are the winner!  either way :)

Good luck

Way to go Patrick!!! I was

Way to go Patrick!!! I was thrilled when I saw you- thought you were great then heard you were from Gravette which made it even better!  I am from Decatur and love the show - wish my husband would go and try out - he sings great too!

Wishing you all the best - keep the faith - and don't pay attention to the trash talk here!! Good luck and keep on truckin'

Stephany Hall

The hospital was going under

The hospital was going under anyway and it's shameful for YOU to blame it all on Patrick's shoulder's alone you insensitive jerk! And you live in Decatur...what do you care about what goes on in Gravette? My mom worked for Patrick and she loves him to death! So in fact DON'T have your facts straight!

Hey Patrick! I'm very proud

Hey Patrick! I'm very proud of you. I went to school with you. You were two years ahead of me. But after I heard it was you I looked in one of my old yearbooks and told my mom that he looked very familiar. At the time I didn't hear your last name. I'll be voting for you. Good luck.

Without exception, we have

Without exception, we have all said or done things in our own lives that we are not proud of.  I have had the pleasure of knowing Patrick his entire life and have NEVER heard him say or do anything that I would have been ashamed of.  I am very proud of Pat and of the life he has lived.  I've never known him to act better than others and have always felt that he would gladly sacrifice his own comfort to help others, the same as his father.  Patrick, we are very proud of you and wish you the best....Billy, Lisa, Tiffani and Kristen.

Can't wait to see you blow

Can't wait to see you blow them away tonight Patrick! Go for it, we'll be watching!!!

Okay .. Lets just say this

Okay .. Lets just say this and leave it at this.. IF YOU DON'T HAVE ANYTHING NICE TO SAY DON'T SAY ANYTHING AT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Patrick, I am writing you

Patrick, I am writing you from Germany. I have been watching the American idol everytime it comes on and we saw you tonite again.. You looked great. You are the winner.. Op


hey patrick your doing an

hey patrick your doing an incredable job at your singing keep up with it

Why would anyone want to put

Why would anyone want to put such a vicious two-faced town as Gravette on map? 

Does anyone know where I can

Does anyone know where I can find an mp3 of Patrick singing If ?

I lived in Gravette from

I lived in Gravette from 1992 to 1997 and had the pleasure of making the acquaintance of Patrick, his sister Caroline and both of his parents. His father, Dr. Hall, actually helped bring my younger brother into this world in 1976. The last time I saw and heard Patrick perform was at a Gravette talent show contest where he played the piano while he was in High School. Even then he was incredibly talented. 

I was amazed to find out Patrick was to appear on American Idol, but frankly I shouldn't be surprised. He comes from a great family, is an honorable, loyal  and intelligent person and has incredible talent. Have any of you heard this guy play the piano????? I surely hope he gets to at some point on the show.

Shame on those of you who are trying to put a negative spin on Patrick. I hope he wins, but even if he doesn't, I am proud to have known him and of what he has already accomplished.

I don't believe that God

I don't believe that God will give a wonderful talent to a bad human being...Patrick is gifted because his family are good samaritans...and I believe God gave Patrick a talent cause he is good.

I am here in the UK and I beleive Patrick without a doubt will win it.

Patrick was the clinic

Patrick was the clinic administrator not the hospitals.  Two seperate entities.  So clearly you don't know $#@!.  And lets not forget why the hospital shut down, it was because of fine citizens like anonymous didn't pay their bills

He seems to sing well, but

He seems to sing well, but he has to be careful or his homosexuality will come out, since he is in the public eye.  I couldn't believe he is married!

I am originally from the

I am originally from the Gravette area and I think Patrick sings great and is such a clean cut looking man. Gravette , Be Proud :) He`s doing something positive that could be good for your town .

I am originally from the

I am originally from the Gravette area and I think Patrick sings great and is such a clean cut looking man. Gravette , Be Proud :) He`s doing something positive that could be good for your town .

I thought this was about

I thought this was about singing talent. Which no one will deny he absolutely has! No one knows each of these contestants personally. Put the focus back on the true question...Can he sing or not?

The man looks very straight

The man looks very straight to me and humble are a good model to america if you win it...and honestly you have the best voice of all the male contestant...and even if you will not make it to top 12 ...I am sure many recording company's will be after you because you have a very beautiful voice...

LOL yeah, you sound like

LOL yeah, you sound like someone with good're asian, and you're rooting for the asian on the show, even though you say patrick has the better talent.  So, who are you to preach to anyone about what they say or how they lead their lives?

I love you Patrick!!!! All

I love you Patrick!!!! All my friends are voting for you!!!!!

Love Yah!


It is nothing to me that

It is nothing to me that Patrick single handedly closed the hospital, haha, but at my hometown clinic if you have a balance you will not be seen. Now, back to idol, I will be supporting Patrick because he is from Arkansas. Go Patrick!!!! A fan in Murfreesboro

Anybody that can't see how

Anybody that can't see how gay he is, is BLIND!

I worked at the hospital

I worked at the hospital when it closed and it was not because of Patrick. Besides that has nothing to do with American Idol anyway. Good Luck Patrick! Meredith

I worked at the hospital

I worked at the hospital when it closed and it wasn't because of Patrick. Besides that doesn't have anything to do with American Idol anyway. Good Luck Patrick! Meredith

Patrick is awesome!  I just

Patrick is awesome!  I just love him!! 

BTW:  Does anyone know if that lady with the botox lips in the audience was Patricks mom?  Just wondering....

Good Luck Patrick!-Kelley

Good Luck Patrick!

-Kelley and AJ

I figured he'd be cut, but

I figured he'd be cut, but didn't figure it would be so quick!  Now he can go back to his closeted gay life.

I was very shocked & sad to

I was very shocked & sad to see Patrick go.  I think he has an incredible voice & hope he will continue his singing career.  I would definitely be one of the 1st in line to buy his CD.  Good luck Patrick & God bless.



With all due respect to

With all due respect to Patrick, by no means, I am not making fun of him at all.  It is just that, when he was singing the song, the chorus part goes like, "come to my window, I'll be home soon."  When I heard that, I felt that this was a wrong song for him to sing solely because of the lyrics.  I mean, he should be looking forward to staying in the show and yet he was singing, "I'll be home soon."  And sure enough, ironically, that "prediction" came true.  He is home now.  I think he should have sung a more positive song.

I was so sad and shocked

I was so sad and shocked that Patrick was eliminated. I don't remember the song he sung to get on the final 12 men, but I recalled it was sooo much better than the original. When I heard it, you can say I melted. It just made me feel like I just fell in love or something. In love with his voice.

But I am sooo disappointed that he picked "Come to my window". Even I knew that was the wrong song for him. Boo-hoo-hoo, now he I won't hear him sing any more. I wanted to hear more, more of his beautiful voice.

I guess the many people who watched the show missed his final audition. I would have at least thought he would be on a little longer, not one of the first two to go.

Anyone can tell me what beautiful song he sung? Wished I had recorded it. I was telling everyone how good he was; then I'm a little embarassed when he sang that last song. It did not do his talent justice. Ballads would be the best for his smooth voice.


Patrick Hall is the hottest

Patrick Hall is the hottest man alive! I hope he auditions next season of American Idol! I would had definetly bought Patrick's cd if he had won American Idol. I don't get why people hates him! He's so f***en sexy! Every1 add me to msn to chat about Patrick.

I beleive you should check

I beleive you should check your facts about the hospital!!!!!

First of all, I have nothing

First of all, I have nothing against Patrick personally.  I do know that he single handedly ruined the clinics business by coming in and taking over a medical facility and having no idea what he was doing.  Just because your father is a Dr. doesn't mean you know how to run a medical clinic.  I understand his wanting to upgrade and make it more up to date, but a person can't just jump off the cliff without a full understanding of the depth of the water below.  The loss of patients at the clinic was also a loss of patients for the hospital.  The hospital did not close due to mismanagement. So get your FACTS straight. If there is no money coming in it would be very difficult to "mismanage" it. I was standing in line at the clinic waiting to check in and I heard Patrick tell an elderly person she could not be seen due to her balance, and then had the nerve to call her "honey" when he was denying her medical care in a way that was less than tactful. That has stuck in my mind since that day, how disrespectful to an elderly person to refer to her as "honey" while belittling her in front of several other patients.  There are so many people who unfortunately dislike Patrick, and with good reason. You cannot walk around a small town with an attitude of arrogance and treat people the way he did at the clinic, patients and employees alike, and expect people to be happy that he has made it to this show.  You say support him as a town together....Why?  We have to ask ourselves if this is the type of person we want to represent our town?  I don't know at this point if I would call in and vote for him or not.  I am keeping an open mind and will watch the show and vote for the person I think has the most talent.  I think you have to be a people person to be an entertainer, and I'm sorry, but other than his small group of "friends" Patrick Hall doesn't appear to be a people person.  And yes, I will remain annonymous, as I see you did too....

Are you saying that people

Are you saying that people who smoke have bad morals and don't love the LORD?  How do you know that he isn't a closet smoker or maybe hasn't come out of the closet on a few other issues?

Oh please!! What planet do

Oh please!! What planet do you live on?  The Hall family did not put Gravette on the map!!!!!!!!!!!

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