American Idol Episode 1 - Chicago Auditions - Review

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American Idol 2 hour premiere

Ryan Seacrest stands in the centre of the stage at the Kodak Theatre in LA where eight months ago, Carrie Underwood was crowned the but he tells us that now, that position is once again available. Ryan talks about all those working in restaurants and the like around the country who have a dream to be the next American Idol and now we're about to find out who that person is going to be.

Chicago erupts with a stadium full of wishfuls chanting and clapping to "We will, we will, rock you" as Ryan tells us the number one show in the country is back looking for the next hot talent. Quick facts - Ryan tells us that there is still a lot of talent out there despite being on air for four years, of which more than a billion votes have been cast. For some it's the money. For others it's the chance to touch others' hearts. In any case, it's an integral part of American culture.

Ryan launches into telling us about some of the people we're going to see along the way and there are some fantastic voices in the first few minutes ranging from soul, to rock to crooning. From what we've heard in the first few seconds of this series, things are looking very promising.


Best Ratings for American Idol Season Premiere

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When premiered on Tuesday night, the critics were expecting it to crash and burn as they believed that surely after five seasons the American Public had finally gotten sick of the tired format. Wrong!

An estimated 35.5million people tuned it to see what Chicago had to offer the American Idol juggernaut, 6% up on last years season premiere.

Best Ratings ever for American Idol


American Idol Auditions - Denver

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Tonight the American Idol bandwagon rolls in to Denver.

What were your thoughts on tonight's show? Who were your favourites?

Recap to follow


American Idol Auditions - Chicago

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American Idol 2006

Season 5 of kicks off tonight with the Chicago Auditions. No doubt we're in for some talent, and some not so talented performances.

Who were your favourites? What were the highlights of tonight's episode? Have your say.

Recap coming soon.


10 things 'Idol' can do with more of

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Craig Berman of MSNBC has written 10 things ‘Idol’ can do without and reading through his listc I've figured that perhaps the things he suggests we can do without, we should actually have more of.

1) Attention-Seeking Auditioners
Part of the fun of tuning in to watch during the audition weeks is watching who is stupid enough to become the laughing stock of America. Anyone who dresses up in a cow costume to make a fool of themselves on National television deserves all the attention they get. Especially when they are laughed at and ridiculed for being so stupid.

2) Broadway Night

Let's face it. Broadway night is a challenge as it's usually a style that most of the contestants aren't familiar with. If anything, we get to see how they handle being thrown in the deep end, which is pretty much what is going to happen if they win American Idol anyway.


American Idol 5 Spoilers

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It didn't take too long for the spoilers to start popping up this year. Just look at what I read on the Breaking News Blog:

Ace Young: Ace has opened for Brian McKnight and New Edition, he is a white rnb male and I think the judges will pimp him because he is sort of like a Michael Jackson type singer, he has long hair and has done some modelling, he also guest starred on an episode of UPN’s ‘Half and Half’ as himself ‘Ace’ : : Registered by NETNAMES, UK company 9th December

Ayla Brown: Registered by NETNAMES, UK company 9th December

Becky O’Donahue: Registered by NETNAMES, UK company 9th December

Bobby Bullard: This guy could go far, great soulful voice, experienced, like a young Luther. : : Registered by NETNAMES, UK company 9th December

Brianna Taylor: Registered by NETNAMES, UK company 9th December

Jose Penala: This guy is my tip to win, great voice and range and good image and tone, I can see him doing very well) : Paris Bennett (big voice, very funny and alot of fun, great personality, reminds me of Aloha Mischeaux) : : Registered by NETNAMES, UK company 9th December


Season 5 to be the most talented yet

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Season 5 to be the most talented yet

We've heard it all before that this series of American Idol has better talent than that of last year and many times scoffed but this year Idol Judge Randy Jackson is echoing comments made by colleague and judge Paula Abdul.

"We say it every single season, but this year I think its really, 100,000 percent true -- the talent is far better than any other season" Jackson said and added that there were some great boys and some great girls and believes it is going to come down to the wire.

American Idol will premiere on Fox on the 17th of January.


Idol Results Show locked in for Thursday

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After announcing late last month that it would keep the blockbuster reality series in its original Tuesday and Thursday slots--ending weeks of speculation about a possible move of the results show to Thursday--Fox said Monday that during the three-week semifinal round, the live results show will air Thursdays.

The audition stages will air 8-9pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays beginning on January 17 with the semifinals kicking off on Feb 15 when 12 males and 12 females who made it through the premliminary rounds will be revealed.

The next three weeks will have the men performing on Tuesday, the women on Wednesday, and a one hour results show on the Thursday night.


American Idol Renewed for further 6 years

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The producers of American Idol have signed a new deal with FOX to renew the show for a guaranteed 4 more seasons with the option to throw in an extra two in an additional renewal period.

Series 5 is currently under production and is expected on air early 2006.

» picks for American Idol Top 12 2006

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