American Idol Episode 11 - Top 12 Girls Perform Review

Submitted by The Critic on Tue, 2006-02-21 18:57

America, your turn to make the big decisions has arrived. Tonight, the final 12 remaining girls will perform in the hopes that they can win your vote.

Coming from a fantastic looking new set, Ryan introduces the show that has been an incredible success so far. No more crying cowboys and no more Brittenum twins. Ryan introduces the girls as they walk out and they all look great. They guys are sitting down in the dawg pound excited to be there. Ryan introduces the judges, Randy, Paula and Simon, and asks Simon how he reacts to criticism. He says he hasn't had any. Paula says the contestants have been great this year and Randy thinks it is the boys competition to lose.

We now get to see clips of how all the girls got to the final 12 girls with I've Got the Music In Me I've Got the Music In Me as the backing.

First up tonight is:

Mandisa Hundley
Song choice: Never Never
Ph Vote: 1 866 43657 01
TXT Vote to 5701
My Thoughts: This girl can sing but the song doesn't really fit the style I was expecting of her. I'm not sure whether she will win new fans or lose old ones from that performance.
Paula: Thought it was unbelieveable. Compares her to Carrie Underwood and says it was magnificent.
Randy: Loved the way she started the show and loves her personality but thought she over did some of it.
Simon: Wasn't a perfect vocal but she has set a challenge for the other girls and that she will be there all the way to the finals.

Kellie Pickler
Song choice: How Far How Far
Ph Vote: 1 866 43657 02
TXT Vote to 5702
My Thoughts: The song sounds a little too low for her and it's a bit pitchy. Certainly not the best vocal performance we've heard from her. She has the squats too.
Paula: Says she is really likeable.
Randy: Randy felt a few nerves and thinks she didn't hit all the notes.
Simon: Thought that she sounded sincere.

The sound is really bad tonight with feedback and echos everywhere.

Becky O'Donohue
Song choice: Because the Night Because the Night
Ph Vote: 1 866 43657 03
TXT Vote to 5703
My Thoughts: Becky is one hot chick but her voice is weak. This is a pretty awful performance.
Paula: Said there were notes that were bad and some nerves.
Randy: Loved the performance but there were some bad notes.
Simon: Said it was slightly better than he thought it would be. Visually a 10. Vocally a 6.5. She can't just be ok cause there are girls in this group who are great.

Ayla Brown
Song choice: Reflection Reflection
Ph Vote: 1 866 43657 04
TXT Vote to 5704
My Thoughts: I like Ayla. She's not the best vocally but she's better than Becky and she's cute to boot. Not a bad rendition.
Paula: Paula agrees with Randy.
Randy: Randy didn't think it would be as good as it was and was pleasantly surprised.
Simon: Was happy to see some emotion and not the robotic performance that he saw at her audition.

Paris Bennett
Song choice: Midnight Train to Georgia Midnight Train to Georgia
Ph Vote: 1 866 43657 05
TXT Vote to 5705
My Thoughts: Paris is so likeable and comes across as such a seasoned professional. What a fantastic performance.
Paula: Says she is her idol and a firecracker and the energizer bunny all at the same time without having a wardrobe malfunction.
Randy: Is blown away at how professional she was with all the moves.
Simon: Says she showed everyone how to play the game.

Stevie Scott
Song choice: To Where You Are To Where You Are
Ph Vote: 1 866 43657 06
TXT Vote to 5706
My Thoughts: This has to be the most boring performance so far tonight. Nice voice but completely forgettable.
Paula: Liked the etherealness of the song despite it not being the best choice.
Randy: Very different but it didn't capture my attention.
Simon: Simon thinks she completely messed it up. Compares it to being at a Sunday lunch where a child gets up and sings out of tune.

Brenna Gethers
Song choice: You Are the Sunshine of My Life You Are the Sunshine of My Life
Ph Vote: 1 866 43657 07
TXT Vote to 5707
My Thoughts: For someone who has been memorable for her personality so far in the competition this performance is fairly bland.
Paula: You need to eat humble pie at the moment
Randy: says it was a very safe song but there was no attitude that he's used to. Randy tells her to be who she is.
Simon: says it was horrible. It was like everything we liked about you just evaporated.

Heather Cox
Song choice: When You Tell Me That You Love Me When You Tell Me That You Love Me
Ph Vote: 1 866 43657 08
TXT Vote to 5708
My Thoughts: I'm not convinced this was the best song choice for Heather. She only fits in the middle of this group with an average performance.
Paula: It was not a great performance.
Randy: Was hoping she would come out and slay them and wanted to hear her go for it.
Simon: You sang that like an eloqution lesson. Don't play it safe because your personality evaporated. It was totally forgettable.

Melissa McGhee
Song choice: When the Lights Go Down When the Lights Go Down
Ph Vote: 1 866 43657 09
TXT Vote to 5709
My Thoughts: She's actually giving the song a good run for it's money despite being a little pitchy. I can't see her in the final 12 but she has probably saved herself from going home this week.
Paula: Thought it was a defining moment for it. Loved her sultry voice.
Randy: Said it started a little rocky but it was good to see you take hold of the song.
Simon: Says he's somewhere in the middle and that she is overshadowed by others and that her eyes are lifeless but she sang it well.

Lisa Tucker
Song choice: I am Changing I Am Changing
Ph Vote: 1 866 43657 10
TXT Vote to 5710
My Thoughts: Lisa is just fantastic. I am loving the fact that there are so many young people who are so professional and come across as more experienced and better performers than some of the others in the competition who are almost twice their age. Absolutely sensational performance.
Paula: You are a precious little gift. From start to finish, you are a star.
Randy: One of the most ambitious songs of the night and was a little rough at the start but you worked it out.
Simon: You made girls who are five or six years older than you look ordinary and this may be the moment that we look back on in 5 or 10 years and say that was the moment that defined Lisa Tucker.

Kinnik Sky
Song choice: Get Here Get Here
Ph Vote: 1 866 43657 11
TXT Vote to 5711
My Thoughts: This is an ok performance but nothing memorable after watching the likes of Lisa Tucker and Paris Bennett. A little pitchy in places but a nice big note to finish it off.
Paula: I think you look stunning. Yes, a few sharp notes but your performance was great.
Randy: The middle was really rough and sharp for most of it. I'd give you a 6/10.
Simon: I don't think the problem lies with being sharp. We have seen a couple of stunning performances from very young girls and you were cabaret and overshadowed.

Katharine McPhee
Song choice: Since I Fell for You Since I Fell for You
Ph Vote: 1 866 43657 12
TXT Vote to 5712
My Thoughts: I've loved Katharine McPhee from the moment I heard her sing. She's got a great voice but has room to grow which will make her journey in the competition an interesting one when it comes to performing.
Paula: I love my job. This is the greatest show on earth. Everything about you was fantastic.
Randy: Natural talent. Loved it. It was great.
Simon: There were four very good vocalists tonight and you were the best.

What are your thoughts on tonight's performances? Who were your favourites. Tomorrow night it is the boys turn then Thursday it is the results.

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The American Idol Top 24 2006

Submitted by The Critic on Sun, 2006-02-19 02:02
The American Idol Top 24 2006

The finalists for the American Idol competition have been decided with the final twenty four contestants consisting of twelve guys and twelve girls. Over the next three weeks, the Girls will perform on Tuesdays and then the Guys will perform on Wednesdays with the results show on Thursday where the 2 guys and 2 girls with the least amount of votes will be sent home.

The top twelve guys are: Ace Young, Robert Bennett, David Radford, Jose "Sway" Penala, Elliott Yamin, Gedeon McKinney, Chris Daughtry, Patrick Hall, Kevin Covais, William Makar, William "Bucky" Covington and Taylor Hicks.

The top twelve girls are: Katharine McPhee, Mandisa Hundley, Melissa McGhee, Lisa Tucker, Brenna Gethers, Stephanie Scott, Ayla Brown, Rebecca O'Donohue, Heather Cox, Paris Bennett, Kellie Pickler and Kinnik Sky.


American Idol Episode 10 - Hollywood - Day 3 - Review

Submitted by The Critic on Sat, 2006-02-18 21:51

The 44 contestants who made it through Hollywood week sit nervously in a room at the the Pasadena Civic Centre but we only need 24 so 20 of them will be going home with their American Idol dream dashed. The judges have looked through their notes and viewed their preformances again to help them make their final decision but no matter how sure they are, it is going to be an extremely tough day.

When their name is called, they will step into an elevator and head up to meet the judges and hear their fate.

First up is Jessica Santos who gets a no straight away. Before we've even had a chance to blink, Bobby Bullard is sitting on the chair but Paula tells him that it's the end of the road for him as well.


American Idol Episode 9 - Hollywood - Day 2 - Review

Submitted by The Critic on Sat, 2006-02-18 15:58

It's been pretty gruelling so far for the 175 contestants who made it to Hollywood but there are only 99 left to take part in the group sessions for this season of American Idol. Tonight, only the strong will survive and make it through to the final day tomorrow when the judges choose who will perform for America's vote.

It is 11pm at the Orpheum Theatre and the remaining contestants are completely exhausted. The contestants pick a song, pick a key and then form into groups. Some groups gell quickly and look to have an early night. Others look as though they wont be getting much sleep at all.

2:00am ticks around and the contestants get bussed back to their hotel where some head straight to sleep while others continue to rehearse. Terrell is mad as Jose Sway Penala has gone to bed and they've drawn the #2 spot. At 3:00am Terrell calls Jose and tries to blackmail him into rehearsing.


I won two Grammys no thanks to Idol

Submitted by The Critic on Fri, 2006-02-10 15:22

Despite having some relatively big draw cards, the Grammys failed to douse the American Idol fire as 28.3million tuned in to watch the first day in Hollywood as opposed to the 17million who watched the Grammys.

And while the drama was unfolding on Fox, first American Idol winner, Kelly Clarkson, was winning Grammys for Best Pop Vocal Album for Breakaway Breakaway and Female Pop Vocal Performance for Since U Been Gone Since U Been Gone on CBS. While the win certainly validates American Idol, Kelly Clarkson made no mention to the show that bought her fame and fortune in any of her thank you speeches, once again suggesting she is distancing herself from the show. No doubt this will upset fans further who feel she has abandoned the establishment that got her to where she now is.


American Idol Episode 8 - Hollywood - Day 1 - Review

Submitted by The Critic on Fri, 2006-02-10 14:46

After the celebrations comes the drama. This is the journey known as Hollywood week and every day, the remaining contestants talent will be put to the test. The judges will be ruthless. The competition will be fierce. And the emotions will be raw. And when everyone is pushed to the break, everything will fall apart. But the goal is clear. At the end of the week, only twelve guys and twelve girls will remain. These twenty four will face the vote of a nation who will eventually decide on who will be the next American Idol.


American Idol Episode 7 - Boston Auditions - Review

Submitted by The Critic on Wed, 2006-02-08 17:22

The final stop on the American Idol audition tour finds us in Boston, MA tonight and the show kicks off with three of Boston's finest telling us why the next American Idol will be from their home town. Firstly, say the police officers, is because they have the world champion Boston Red Sox, the New England Patriots who are world champions so it's only natural that the next American Idol should come from Boston. And with that, the editors queue up a bad audition for our listening displeasure. #11161 attempts I Can't Help Myself (Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch) I Can't Help Myself (Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch) and Ryan sarcastically says "Maybe". Roll Credits. Here it comes!

The weather was miserable as the thousands of hopefuls braved the rain but they were adamant that the next American Idol would be from Boston. With the history of the city with the english, Simon had to make a smart remark to kick off the day so what better way to start the show than with an audition from a true patriot. #10315 James Yorkley Jr, 23 from Lynn, MA also known as Ghost as his belt buckled spells out, is going to audition with some hip hop in his red, white and blue outfit with an American flag sticking out of his pocket. He raps his way through a patriotic verse before the judges cut him off. Randy and Paula appreciate what he has to say but it is a singing competition. Simon asks him to give them 10 seconds of a song so he tries Lean On Me Lean on Me. Paula said that she didn't think it was as bad as she thought it would be. It was a no all round.

Ayla Brown Audition

It was a patriotic city all right. Next up was #14336 Ayla Brown, 17 from Wrentham, MA whose father is a senator, mother is a local TV personality and she sings and plays college basketball. She sings Ain't No Mountain High Enough Ain't No Mountain High Enough and Randy wasn't that impressed. He said it was ok but that it didn't blow him away. Paula says that you can tell she can sing but that it's all power voice with no dynamics. Simon says it's like she's come out of this perfect school and has been well groomed, is cute and can sing but it's a bit robotic and there's something a bit empty about it all. Randy says yes. Simon says it would be a definite no from him so it is down to Paula. She asks if she would take on their thoughts and suggestions and Ayla says that she is an athlete and that she has to take on positive and negative criticism all the time. They ask her about what she does and whether or not making it all the way to the top 12 would affect what she is planning on doing this year and she says that she wants to give it a go so Paula agress to put her through. So Ayla becomes the first contestant through to Hollywood from Boston.


American Idol Auditions - Boston

Submitted by The Critic on Tue, 2006-02-07 18:55

Tonight we're in Boston, MA in the search for the next American Idol.

What were your thoughts on tonight's show? Who were your favourites?

Recap to follow


American Idol Episode 6 - Austin Auditions - Review

Submitted by The Critic on Fri, 2006-02-03 17:19

Coming to you from the Live Music Capital of the World is tonight's episode of the auditions right here in Austin, Texas. Will this famous city be able to live up to its reputation? The stadium filled with roaring fans seems think so as they all yell "Don't Mess With Texas" in unison.

More than 5000 hopefuls lined up in the hopes of following in the foots of their fellow Texan, Kelly Clarkson, who became the first American Idol. It was hot outside and the judges were hoping that it was going to be just as hot inside once the talent started to audition and that Simon Cowell had cooled off.

First up in Austin was #53511 Julian Riano, 27 from Austin, TX who is a dancer who hasn't managed to be selected for a company. Paula gets him to do the splits and then Randy asks him if he is going to sing like that. He says no before auditioning with Lemon Tree Lemon Tree and it hurts about as much as me attempting the splits would. Simon says that there are so many reasons why he's not right for the competition. Outside, he's still chirpy as he tells us to always follow your dreams as he skips off down the escalator singing On The Road Again On the Road Again.


American Idol Auditions - Austin

Submitted by The Critic on Wed, 2006-02-01 20:36

Tonight we're in Austin, TX in the search for the next American Idol.

What were your thoughts on tonight's show? Who were your favourites?

Recap to follow