Jennifer Lopez to debut new music video on Idol next week

Submitted by brad on Mon, 2012-03-26 09:13

Jennifer Lopez has confirmed that she will be premiering her new music video on American Idol next week.

The singer will debut the video for ‘Dance Again’, which features Pitbull, on the April 5 edition of Idol.


Erika Van Pelt believes age was a factor in her elimination

Submitted by brad on Mon, 2012-03-26 08:48

Recently axed Idol finalist Erika Van Pelt has suggested that her age may be a contributing reason why she was eliminated from the show.

The 26-year-old singer, who was voted out unanimously by the judges, believes that age was a factor.

"Absolutely. I would be a fool to say I didn't think that didn't have a part of it," she told USA Today.


Live Blog: American Idol Top 10 Elimination

Submitted by The Critic on Thu, 2012-03-22 18:05

Someone is going home tonight. The first of the American Idols who'll be on tour this summer.

First up the Top 10 perform The Longest Time.  I love this song and the group performance is really good.

The Longest Time - The Essential Billy Joel

Kelly Clarkson's You found Me was the music behind this weeks Ford Music Video.


Who will be cut from American Idol tonight?

Submitted by The Critic on Thu, 2012-03-22 17:55

Last week we said goodbye to Shannan Magrane while Elise Testone and Erika Van Pelt hung on for survival after being in the bottom 3.

This week, according to our polls, Elise has redeemed herself and will be safe.  Erika Van Pelt, however, is not looking in good shape.

The bottom 3 from your votes on our poll this week are Skylar Laine, Deandre Brackensick and Erika Van Pelt but Joshua Ledet was not too far away from third place that it wouldn't be surprizing to find him sitting on one of the three stools tonight.

Jessica Sanchez reigned supreme with 27% of the vote while Colton Dixon and Phillip Phillips were the only other two to break double digits with 19% of the vote each.

In regards to who you want to see go home the most, Heejun Han took 38% of the vote while Deandre Brackensick came in second with 26% of the vote.

Results are next!


Top 10 perform te hits of Billy Joel

Submitted by The Critic on Wed, 2012-03-21 19:06

There was no reprieve last week as we lost two American Idol contestants.  One to undisclosed charges and another to poor voter support.

Tonight the finalists are performing the hits of Billy Joel.  Let's get into it!

Deandre Brackensick
Song choice: Only the Good Die Young
Only the Good Die Young (Single Version) - The Essential Billy Joel


Live Blog: Top 11 Elimination

Submitted by The Critic on Thu, 2012-03-15 18:16

With Jermaine Jones being sent packing for his undeclared crimes and outstanding warrants, we were wondering if this might have provided a lifeilne for Jeremy Rosado to re-enter American Idol.  This wasn't to be.  However, now that we've already had an elimination this week, what will happen tonight?

There is always the possibility that there will not be an elimination this week and instead, the votes from this week's show will be added to the total from next week.  Whether this theory carries any weight will be revealed in the course of the next hour.

Here's how the elimination played out anyway.

Phillip Phillips, Skylar Laine, Elise Testone and Joshua Ledet face the music first. Joshua and Phillip are safe, Elise is in the bottom 3 and Skylar is safe.


Live Blog: Live performance show #2, less Jermaine Jones

Submitted by The Critic on Wed, 2012-03-14 18:10

Jermaine Jones time on American Idol is over.  He's been kicked off due to non-disclosure of a criminal past.  Bummer.  The question now is, are we top 11 or is Jeremy Rosado back to make it a Top 12?

Tonight it's songs from the year the contestants were born. is mentoring this week.

Phillip Phillips
Year of Birth: 1990
Song Choice: Hard to Handle
Hard to Handle - Pure Southern Soul

Voting Information


What's going to happen on American Idol tonight?

Submitted by The Critic on Wed, 2012-03-14 17:46

Now that Jermaine Jones is back in Philly already, what is going to happen on American Idol tonight?  Are we going to go from a Top 13 to a Top 11 or is Jeremy Rosado going to find himself with a ticket back to the game?

All is about to be revealed!


Jermaine Jones to be cut from Idol

Submitted by The Critic on Tue, 2012-03-13 20:46

TMZ has now named the contestant who will be kicked out of American Idol.


Jermaine Jones will be kicked off "American Idol" Wednesday night, after producers learned he concealed the fact that he was arrested twice last years and has outstanding warrants ... TMZ has learned.

As we first reported, producers discovered Tuesday that Jermaine had lied about his criminal history and that triggered the decision to confront him on camera Tuesday afternoon.

We're told one of the incidents involved violence, which was particularly troublesome to producers.  He also lied to cops by giving them fake names both times he was arrested.

"A.I." sources tell us ... Jermaine will appear on the show tomorrow night before he is sent packing.


Who is about to get kicked out of American Idol?

Submitted by The Critic on Tue, 2012-03-13 19:14

TMZ is reporting one of the remaining 12 contestants is about to be kicked out of American Idol for concealing mulitple crimes and having outstanding warrants for their arrest.


A contestant on "American Idol" will be kicked off the show Wednesday because the singer concealed multiple crimes from producers ... TMZ has learned.

Sources connected with the show tell us ... the contestant -- one of the final 12 -- was charged with 2 crimes in 2011, one involving violence.  We're told in both cases the contestant gave a fake name to cops when arrested.

In addition, we're told the contestant has outstanding warrants -- again, the singer concealed it from producers.