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Submitted by The Critic on Wed, 2006-01-18 23:04

When premiered on Tuesday night, the critics were expecting it to crash and burn as they believed that surely after five seasons the American Public had finally gotten sick of the tired format. Wrong!

An estimated 35.5million people tuned it to see what Chicago had to offer the American Idol juggernaut, 6% up on last years season premiere.

Best Ratings ever for American Idol

Simon's whole schtick may be

Simon's whole schtick may be "meanness" but the fat jokes directed towards women, and the insensitive homophobic/transphobic/sexist jokes made towards feminine boys are also uncalled for.  No one else would get away with these kinds of jokes.

why do we not get any of the

why do we not get any of the good auditions?....I don't find these awful offerings given as entertainment.

ada scott


\\ hoplesy Devoted 2u

\\ hoplesy Devoted 2u

I am just shocked about the

I am just shocked about the conduct of the judges this season.  Even Paula is bad with her  facial expressions.  Granted some of the contestants are really bad, but the judges are being rude.  There is a way to give them constructive criticism but laughing and talking during their acts is not the way.


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