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Submitted by ashmon on Sat, 2006-04-29 02:11

oh my gosh i totally love katherine, ace and chris i really wish they were my brothers and sisters

i have dreams of being there bros and sis so if you read this guys can i be ur brother and sister plz

and plz come to NZ for a concert i would definetly come defintely

has any one agreeded to be a brother or sister to one or more of the contestants


We think that Kathryn is so

We think that Kathryn is so cool. She has one of the greatest vocies ever. She should Win the whole show. When she makes a Cd We are going to buy it and put all of the songs on our Ipods. 

Vote Vote Vote Vote Vote for Karthryn. Shes the bomb and the girl that we want to win.

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