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Submitted by Kimmeh on Fri, 2006-04-28 05:59

I get a blog on American IB?? *had no idea this version of IB was so cool*

Hmmm.. to be honest, my normal blog is much cooler, so I will unashamedly endorse it every time I post here. It's and it's hawt.

Much prettier than Idolblog and this blog.. but that's only to be expected, since the other is the personal journal of a teenage girl (which as Regan so often points out, is an awful thing to be..), and is nice, colourful, and extremely unprofessional.

Oh... I need to go finish / continue my piczo-ness :D It's not working very well, but it might someday eventuate into something slightly less hideous than it currently is. *hope springs eternal*

And tomorrow I'm watching Zoe's grading (also Renee's, to see what a white belt grading is like), then going to the senior debationg practise with our uni guy. Laurie wasn't able to do debating, so I apparently am the only one they can use (probably because even though I am a junior, I'm not too bad and one of the other two seniors is my elder sister which kind of helps). If they don't get an alternate very soon, I'll be debating for the senior team at regionals next weekend!!

That was longer than I thought. WHat else to say as a closing word or two of wisdom.. I saw Steve the other day in town. His hair is cute...

Ciao for now!

(Go Katharine / Taylor / Ace)


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