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Submitted by The Critic on Fri, 2006-04-21 17:05

Kelly Clarkson has been spending the Easter break holidaying in the Bahamas with friends.

Kelly starts her Addicted tour on the 30th of June in West Palm Beach, FL.

Kelly Clarkson in the Bahamas

you guys are fucking

you guys are fucking crazy..she looks great, why would she want to be like paris hilton...(a fucking crackhead)...just remember no hills no thrills! she looks good!

omg, that poor woman! did

omg, that poor woman! did poparatzi take these pics! i'm releasing an album soon, called Vacancy, and i hope i become famous. but i dont want this......hmmm
anywho, she's awesome, tho i think i like her breakaway album a tad bit more than her latest, but she's a rocker...ya i wanna meet her and do a song with her. :)

Kelly is a fabulous

Kelly is a fabulous singer.  And I feel if anyone wants to judge other people, they better look in the mirror first.  :) 

Hey, I'm glad to see she's

Hey, I'm glad to see she's remained a normal female despite soaring to the top of the charts. The music industry is already filled with girls so thin they look like junk addicts. Who needs another copycat?



KELLY ROCKS..i mean..her

KELLY ROCKS..i mean..her album is great..all abput her is so awesome..she is so great. I LOVE her..haha..

I'm from Uruguay but i would give anything to be there in the opening of the Addicted Tour..I Absolutely love her. Despite the fact that she doesn't look so great in those photos ;););)!!

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I love her, I wish to

I love her, I wish to her bless, uggs, remember than into you u carry a pretty and lovly girl, exploid everithing cand do yourself...I Wish You Luck!!!!

She looks great in the

She looks great in the photos on the beach. Man at least she has a figure, and not a stick body

All she needs is a pair of

All she needs is a pair of heels and that smile. . . yum

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