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Name of Song at the End of American Idol

Submitted by kjgriffey on Fri, 2006-03-10 10:55

The song is called "You had a Bad Day" and it's by Daniel Powter.


What is the name of the song

What is the name of the song they play while the eliminated contestant is watching the video of his or her time on the show?

My comment is that I'm

My comment is that I'm heartbroken Bailey Brown bailed, cracked under the pressure like a little country egg. She was the one person I thought had a chance out of the lot. Now the only thing I can say is it has to be one of the Bee Gee impersonators.

I was soooooo devastated

I was soooooo devastated when Will got voted off. Kevin deserved it. Anybody who didn't vote for Will are just plain weird. AND I AM MAD ABOUT IT!!!!!!  Will was the best one. I cried for at least 3 hours. Not only his singing talent, he can dance! If he ever gets a record deal, he could be on Dancing with the Stars! That show stinks, but If he was on there, I'd watch it every night until he got voted off, then I would cry for about 3 hours again!

                                                                                                         -AI LOVER!!!


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