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Oklahoma auditions 2013

Submitted by The Critic on Thu, 2013-01-31 19:09

It's the final audition round for American Idol. Oklahoma here we come.

Karl Skinner wants to prove gingers have soul.  He's very entertaining. He wants to be uncomparable which he definitely is.  It is one of the most entertaining auditions of the series so far. The judges tick the boxes and he's through to Hollywood.

It's all no, no and no for the next block of contestants who have little to no talent at all.

Next up is Nate Tao who is a sign language teacher.  He sings For Once In My Life and he's really good.  The judges like him and think his singing is effortless. Another ticket to Hollywood finds its way into his hands.

Ventriliquist Halie Hilburn has bought her puppet to audition with.  It's pretty crazy. Finally the puppet disappears and she auditions properly.  It's a pretty voice and Keith tells her that he thinks Oscar is holding her back. She's through to Hollywood but I'm not sure if Oscar received it as well.

Zoanette Johnson is one colorful character. She sings the Star Spangled Banner and it's likely nothing you've ever heard before.  Ever. The judges strangely enough give her a yes.

Auditioning for American Idol is an incredibly emotional experience for many.  Unbreak My Heart is pretty awful to listen to when it's being sung by Anastacia Freeman. The judges are laughing until she asks if they're laughing at her.  Apparently she heard from God that she was to audition for American Idol.  The "cheap dramatisation" is hilarious with a bit of a dig at The Voice and an even bigger dig at The X Factor.

Kayden Stephenson is living with cystic fibrosis and has a life expectancy of 35.  The judges are beyond inspired with him and it's a gigantic yes for him.  This season is shaping up to be very interesting.

45 people made it to Hollywood from Oklahoma but not Stephen Tyler who dresses up in drag.

Next week Hollywood will deliver 20 guys and 20 girls.


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