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The Nicki and Mariah show - part 4

Submitted by The Critic on Thu, 2013-01-24 19:21

It's Southern stardom again tonight as we hit Baton Rouge.  Will Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj manage to keep it together or will they be bickering more than two pre-school children?  Yeah.  Of course they will.

First up tonight is Megan Miller who is needing surgery.  She sings Good Feeling and wins over the judges and starts tonight's episode off with a golden ticket to Hollywood.

17 year old Charlie Askew reluctantly thinks he's the next American Idol.  He's singing Breakthrough and he's actually very good and a very interesting character.  He's quite musical theatre but pleasantly surprising.  Randy calls him seemingly dark. It's all yeses and he's through to Hollywood as well.

Next up is another surprize visit by Randy Jackson to New Orleans where Maddie Assels grandmother has nominated her to audition for American Idol.  She sings Oh Darling and she's got plenty of potential.  She lists Beyonce, Adele and Hayley Reinhart as influencers on her voice and Keith likes that she doesn't sound anything like them. She's off to Hollywood.

With all that goodness, it was only a matter of time before the American Idol producers decide to make our ears bleed.  Contestants who suck and have terrible attitudes.

"It's my calling in life". Those are the words of Paul Jolley who sings I Won't Let Go.  He's a good looking boy who can sing well.  This guy could win.  He's a bit middle of the road but he's very likeable.  It's a yes to Hollywood for him with all four judges tipping their hats to him.

Chris "Mushroom" Barthel is terrible.  Entertaining but terrible.  Keith tells him that he liked all the keys his song was in.  Joking aside, he's not going to Hollywood.

Baton Rouge needs a lifeline so cue the doctor.  Dr. Calvin Peters is a physician and is coming back to singing.  He sings and it's reasonably good.  Mariah thinks he's really good looking and likes the fact that he's a singing doctor.  Pretty easy to see where this is heading and it's multiple yeses through to Hollywood.

Michelle Montezeri, Breanna Steer and Brandy Hotard each earn a ticket to Hollywood, redeeming the day in Baton Rouge somewhat.

Perhaps not as the next act is ear-bleedingly horrendous.

Next up we move from doctors to fireman as Baton Rouge fire fighter Dustin Watts plays to the women on the panel with She's Every Woman.  Another four yeses and hes though to Hollywood.

Finally tonight is Burnell Taylor who is a survivor from Katrina.  He's very convincing. Keith thinks he could turn an atheist while Mariah said she made him cry.  Nicki says he's what they came for.  Somewhere there is a spotlight waiting for him to walk into it.  There is a ticket to Hollywood with his name on it.  That is what it is about.

Baton Rouge delivered 35 contestants to the next round.

Next week, we're deep in the heart of Texas in San Antonio and then The Queen Mary in Southern California.


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