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American Idol Chicago auditions 2013

Submitted by The Critic on Thu, 2013-01-17 19:22

Here's to an episode tonight that is more about the 2013 American Idol contestants as opposed to the judges.

First up tonight we see country songbird Mackenzie Wasner. She sings Whenever You Come Around and really impresses the judges who think she has a huge road ahead of her.  And with that we have our first ticket to Hollywood.

Austin Earles has Mariah laughing at his rendition of Fantasy.

The Prayer is Kiara Lanier's song choice for her audition.  She recently sang for President Obama and has all the judges saying wow.  The love that she's beautiful, young and has so much control over her voice.  More unanimousness from the judges.

Stephanie Schimel is delightful with Dream a Little Dream of Me.  It's pretty all round.  The judges love her but Nicki doesn't think she's been as magnetic as the rest of the auditions they've seen so far.

And with that it's all on between Nicki and Mariah again with poor Keith Urban stuck in the middle.  Keith swears he feels like a scratching post.

Student and massage therapist Melissa Bush.  She sings (kinda) Downtown and it's pretty horrible.

Hayley Reinhart is back on the show to inspire the stadium full of hopefuls.

Another new addition to Season 12 is the Idol Bus which heads a bit deeper into America to find people to head to the bigger centers for an audition.

Gabe Brown is amazing with It's Just a Shot Away and shows off the rocker that he is.  He also sings We All Die Young as something a little quieter.  He's going to be great for the show and Minaj says she believes him.  He's through.

Someone who could have been a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle is Kevin Nabity.  It seriously feels as if we're at a bad auction as he attempts One Week.  That's a no.

Very excited to see Keith Urban is 15 year old Isabelle Parell sings Baby It's Cold Outside and is very pleasant to listen to.  There is a very sweet quality about her and it's good news other than Randy's no.  She's through to Hollywood.

Keith is off to Vegas to do a show so Randy is now seated between the two ladies.

Griffin Peterson sings Washed By The Water and Nicki is all over him but Randy isn't convinced.  The girls put him through so the female viewers can enjoy his face for another week.

Curtis Finch, Jr sings God is Able and is simply stunning. Crazy vocals.

Our first sob story of the night belongs to Mariah Pulice who is a recovering anorexic. She sings Let It Be and it's ok but nothing spectacular like some of the others we've heard so far tonight.  The judges all have an emotional connection so it's a bit of a sympathy vote from where I'm sitting.  I'm telling you now, she will not be the next American Idol.

Day 2 dawns in Chicago with another sob story. Brandy Neelly was adopted by her Aunt and now that support has bought her here to sing Your Cheating Heart.  She's all country and is nice enough to listen to but I'm not entirely sold on her. She's through to Hollywood though.

Josh Holiday sings Back at One and has the judges eating out of the palm of his hand. Through to Hollywood he goes.

Courtney Williams and Andrew Jones both win tickets to Hollywood.

Clifton Duffin has never let his parents hear him sing.  He sings Superstar which is his mother's favorite song and they love that he's finally bought his voice out of the closet. He is off to Hollywood to share his voice further.

Iesha Colton is terrible and has Randy giggling the whole way through her audition.  Mariah tells her that she wants to delicately tell her to stick to the dancing.

Johnny Keyser is back from last season with Try a Little Tenderness.  Once again Nicki is asking him if he has a girlfriend.  Is she desperate or what?  He'll be getting a second shot in Hollywood. Mariah thinks he's a star.

Kez Ban is a street performer who doesn't expect to win but wants to go to Hollywood.  She's quirky and a lot of fun.  She could actually do reasonably well in the competition.  She's getting her first wish answered with a golden ticket to Hollywood.

Ashly Curry is a musical theatre student and it's obvious.  It's painful.  Really.  Momma Knows Best is a bad song choice.  In fact, I think any song choice would be bad.  Randy tells her someone should have told her already that singing isn't her thing.

Finally tonight is an incredible Idol moment that we're told will bring us to tears.  It's about Lazaro Arbos and his terrible stutter. When he sings, it's completely different.  He sings Bridge Over Troubled Water and he is told he should sing all the time.  It's a unanimous yes and he's through to Hollywood.

And with that, we're out.  In all, 47 made it through to Hollywood from the windy city.  Next week we hit the south and Charlotte.  Till then...


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