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Season 12 starts now!

Submitted by The Critic on Wed, 2013-01-16 19:07

It's the dawn of a whole new season of American Idol.  It's new.  It's fresh and it has new judges.  Welcome to Keith Urban, Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey who will sit alongside Randy Jackson for the 12th season of American Idol.

The auditions kick off this year in New York and it's the same script so far with the judges arriving and the hopefuls looking smitten by the stars.

The Lincoln Centre is full of pumped up contestants but right out of the gate, the drama that we've been hearing about between Minaj and Carey beings to unfold.

Nearly 20 minutes into the show and it's all about Mariah and Minaj which is already tiresome.  Can we hear some new talent please.

28 year old Tenna Torres sang for Mariah when she was 13 and now she is auditioning for her.  She sings You've Got A Friend and she's quite pleasant to listen to.  It's unanimous and she's our first golden ticket winner through to Hollywood for 2013.

It's a good morning in New York as the golden tickets begin to fly out the door.

James Bae is another Justin Beiber wannabe who is our first delusional contestant who has no talent for singing.  It's a unanimous no which upsets him but Minaj is actually really nice to him, almost to the point where she's changed my opinion of her.

Christina Isabelle sings Summertime and she's pretty good.  She has a story about weight loss and the judges just love her.  She is unanimously through to Hollywood as well.

Evan Ruggiero is a 21 years old cancer survivor who is here only because he had one of his legs amputated. He sings I'm Yours before he gets to play some Bon Jovi on his guitar.  It's an unsurprising no despite them saying he had inspired them.

In one new twist for season 12, the audience has been given the opportunity to nominate someone to audition in front of the judges.  First up is Jessica Kartalis who is ok but not ready for the big time.

New York is a melting pot of cultures.  From Israel comes a fomer hit maker, Shira Gavreilov who sings Valerie.  She is through to Hollywood.

Finally from day one is Frankie Ford who messes up the start of Sweet Dreams and starts again in a different key.  He's very good.  I really like his tone and phrasing.  The judges really like him.  He is so through.

Benjamin Caisey kicks off day two by singing I'll Make Love To You to Mariah and Nicki.  It's terrible.

Being scared of singing in public isn't the best way to start.  Rozanna Shindelman is incredibly nervous and it's just bad.

From here it just doesn't get any better.  In typical Idol fashion, there are tears and contestants not wanting to be filmed on camera.

Next up we have 17 year old Sarah Restuccio is our first country singer of the competition who sings Momma's Song.  The judges like her but Randy wants to hear something else.  And then she busts out Superbass and it's awesome.  Two completely different moments leave the judges confused.  Hello diversity?! She's awesome and through to Hollywood.

Phantom of the Opera is the weapon of choice for Albert Chang.  What is it with Asians destroying songs?

Nicki Minaj is

Angela Miller is an 18 year old singer with hearing loss.  She sings some Jessie J and she's quite good.  Easy ticket to Hollywood.

The biggest fan of American Idol is auditioning next.  Brett Holt has become part of the show but he won't be going to Hollywood.

Next up is the Turbinator, Gupreet Singh who sings Sunday Morning and then some Indian stuff that impresses the judges. It comes down to Nicki and she puts him through to Hollywood.

Finally tonight is 20 year old Ashlee Feliciano who sings Put Your Records On.  She's pretty good and her backstory is good for the show.  She's nice and the judges just love her.  They invite her family in with all their adopted children.  Ryan Seacrest comes in for the verdict as well and it is another unanimous yes.

In all, 41 New York contestants secured a spot in Hollyood.  Tomorrow night it's the mid-west and Chicago.


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