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The X Factor USA - S02E18 - Top 10 Performance

Submitted by The Critic on Wed, 2012-11-21 19:38

It's Thanksgiving week on The X Factor and this week our acts are paying tribute to the people who have helped them out in their lives.

Tate Stevens kicks off the show with I'm already There.

I'm Already There - I'm Already There

Tate's a nice guy and despite sitting at the top of the voting results, he's just too boring for me.

Britney: Your performances are always so touching and LA is doing a great job
Demi: Not sure it was your best
Simon: Your voice was breaking in parts of the song
LA: I think you sang with a lot of confidence and America loves you.

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Diamond White sings Because You Loved Me and finally we get to see her sing and connect in a way that I have been waiting for.  Sensational performance by a true star.

Because You Loved Me - Falling Into You

LA: You've never had a moment like that.  You are the truth.
Demi: I totally related to it and I'm totally blown away.
Simon: You are both fearless and incredible. You sing better than 30 and 40 year olds. I believed every single lyric.
Britney: Your story about your mother broke my heart.

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Emblem 3 are thankful to their youth leaders and dedicate Secrets to them.  They're as pitchy as usual.

Secrets - Waking Up (Deluxe Version)

LA: For me, your performance lacked emotion
Britney: I thought it was a nice change of pace
Demi: I actually saw more emotion than previous performance
Simon: I want to thank you guys for being an absolute pleasure to work with

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Arin Ray is dedicating Hero to his older brother.  Arin has grown on me this season.  He's better than he was by a long mile. The arrangement with the backing choir was brilliantly simple.

Hero - Escape

LA Reid: It was a great song choice but I felt like it was too big and was a too tough performance for you.
Demi: If I owned a record label, I wouldn't sign you.
Simon: At the moment it feels like you're being trapped in a cage.
Britney: I thought it was really good.

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CeCe Frey is giving thanks to her big sister who died when she was seven and believes she is now her guardian angel.  She dedicates Wind Beneath My Wings to her but she's really pitchy at the start and it doesn't improve.  Loads of emotion but horrible to listen to.  I want the CeCe with the animal prints back.

Wind Beneath My Wings - Beaches (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

LA: Your emotion was so genuine and real. You're a champion and I'm really happy for you.
Britney: I thought you were amazing
Simon: I don't know how you manage to sing that. I hope the public keep you in the competition.
Demi: I'm so proud of you and that was awesome.

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Fifth Harmony are just not that great.  There are a couple of stars but there are a couple who just don't fit in the group at all.  They sing I stand by You and bore me to sleep.

I'll Stand By You - Last of the Independents

LA: That was great.
Britney: What a beautiful rendition of that number
Demi: I wasn't too crazy about the song choice but you made it really beautiful
Simon: I was crazy about the song choice and performance. It feels as though you've clicked as a group.

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Beatrice Miller dedicates her performance to her younger sisters who were adopted from asia.  She sings Chasing Cars and it's haunting.  I love Beatrice's husky tones.  Unfortunately she too has some pitch problems.

Chasing Cars - Eyes Open

LA: You are so cute and I think you are an inspiration to every girl in the country
Demi: I think you're so adorable. I feel like it's not progressing though. I would like to see you do something different and fun.
Simon: I could tell this song really meant something to you. I preferred this week to last week and you came across as younger and cooler.
Britney: I think it was your best vocal so far.

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Vino Alan is thankful to the US military and dedicates God Bless the USA to them.  A patriotic song for a great day.

 Best of Lee Greenwood

Britney: I personally think this is the first performance from you that is spot on.
Demi: I think there is something special in you and I see it tonight
Simon: You don't judge a book by it's cover. Who would have thought there was softness beneath all that hard exterior
LA: I'm really, really proud of you. You are the truth.

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Paige Thomas takes on Britney Spears Everytime and again, it's full of emotion as it's dedicated to someone who has been there for her over the years - her mum.  It's as pitchy as hell but that apparently doesn't matter tonight.

 My Prerogative

Britney: I think you performed that beautifully
LA: While I thought it was really good, I don't think it was enough to get out of the #10 spot
Simon: I thought there were moments but I think the emotions over took it too much. It could be a tought night for you tomorrow.
Demi: I think we did better in rehearsal and think the emotions took over as well.

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Carly Rose Sonenclar sings one of my all time favorite songs. Somewhere Over The Rainbow.  It's stunning.  She really is a star this girl.  Absoutley incredible performance.

Over the Rainbow - Over the Rainbow

LA: Wow girl. You are an absolute force of nature and I have no idea where that comes from.
Demi: I really need to see a school ID or something. You're going to be around in the music industry for the rest of your life
Simon: That was one of the best versions of that song that I've ever heard. I think you've just blown this competition
Britney: I will never get over the fact that you are 13. That was unreal.

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Tomorrow night is another double elimination.  I really hope it's Emblem3 and Paige Thomas.


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