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The X Factor S02E05The X Factor S02E05 auditions - Providence

Submitted by The Critic on Wed, 2012-09-26 18:13

The auditions roll into Providence, RI tonight and the judges are all acting like divas.  Britney's manager wants to mess with the judges assistant and sends him off to find a straw hat for Ms Spears while Simon arrives with a police escort while riding a motorized bicycle.

Adonis and John are employer and employee who are singing Lionel Richie's Hello.  It's terrible and the audience let them know with booing while Britney laughs.  LA tells them that at least they have day jobs.  They're out.

Pretty much like the next 10 minutes of no after no after no.  At the first ad break, the judges are wondering if they should have come here at all.

Talent finally arrives in the form of Dinah Jane who sings If I Were A Boy.  She's fantastic.  I can't wait to hear more from her.  LA Reid tells her that she took the song to places even Beyonce didn't take it.  Simon proclaims that she is the reason they came to Providence.  It's big yeses all around with predictions that she'll be one of the finalists.

Arin Ray was in InTENsity from season one and is returning for The X Factor as a soloist and wants to have another crack at it and prove that he can do it.  He's singing an orginal song called Count On Me.  He's a little flat even though the audience loves him.  They all deliver him a yes but I'm unconvinced.

Natalie Martin is inspired by Britney Spears and has Simon drooling.  She's through.

Nick Perrelli is a great crooner with Come Fly With Me and sounds like a classic old timer.

Beatrice Miller is only 13 and from the 2 lines we hear from her, she sounds pretty good unaccompanied.

One4Five are a great duo who have incredible stage presence who outperform themselves to secure yeses.

After the dismal start, it looks as though coming to Providence is paying off.

Changy Li is not going through.

16 year old Austin Corini sings wanted and he's got the potential to go a long way.  The judges think he's adorable but LA wonders if he's seen it all before.  Simon thinks he's only hitting about 80% and wants to see more.

20 year old Nick Youngerman has Britney Spears on her feet dancing while he sings Ice Ice Baby.

Jaime are a duo who are totally in love and have it all mapped out.  They're engaged and a bit over the top.  They're singing an original called Will You Be My Baby.  It's pretty unfortunate.  Hated it.  Simon thought it was corny and totally not what is happening right now.

David sings Just The Way You Are and is a good singer with a very likeable personality. He's very good and his phrasing is superb.  Were those tears in Britney's eyes?  LA thinks there is something charming about him.  I think he's right.  Another 4 yeses.

Sophie Tweed-Simmons (Gene Simmon's daughter - from Kiss) is auditioning.  She wants to do this for her without the help of her father.  I find it difficult to believe that will ever happen.  Apparently her parents are upset she's doing this.  She has an Adele song to sing so it may upset Simon too.  She's ok and can sing but I wouldn't say she's a star.  Perhaps it's just a bad song choice but she's incredibly boring to me.  Her parents are backstage looking more and more unimpressed. LA Reid gives her a no.  The two girls say yes which leaves it up to Simon.  He puts her through but I think her days are numbered on The X Factor.

Tara Simon is a singer/songwriter from Atlanta but is auditioning in San Francisco.  Despite her being a bit mouthy, it was a very good audition that showed what she is capable of doing.  Four definite yeses for the drama queen.

Daryl Black has 5 kids and is another in a long line of contestants who think it is their time.  He sings Stereo Hearts and he is very good.  Actually, he is very good.  I really enjoyed that and can't wait to hear more from him as well.  He reminds Simon of Nat King Cole.  Unanimously yes again.

Trevor Moran has wanted to be a star since he was born.  His parents are very supportive and love how he loves to make people happy.  An hour later though, he's very pale and the paramedics are called.  Will he make his audition?  Will he be ok? The answers to those and more, tomorrow night, on The X Factor.


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