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The X Factor S02E04 auditions

Submitted by The Critic on Thu, 2012-09-20 18:32

The fourth episode of X Factor auditions takes us to Greensboro tonight.

First up tonight is the African American version of Scotty McCreery.  Willie Jones is a 17 year old with a look that says he's all about hip hop when in fact, he sings country - "Your Man".  Another four very enthusiastic yeses from the judges send him through to bootcamp.

It's goodbye to her band and hello to a solo career for the unique sounding vocals of 18 year old Julia Bullock.  She sings Pumped Up Kicks and all the judges think she's a star.  We'll be seeing more of her.

Krysten Colon finally has the confidence to bring us what she hears in the shower.  She sings "Don't You Remember" but Simon hates Adele.  He asks her to go away and come back with a classic song as he thinks she is worth taking a risk on.

Singing for his four year old son for the first time is Jeffrey Gutt who belts out Hallelujah and has the crowd responding accordingly.  He has a couple of pitchy moments but the overall audition was superb and leaves the judges speechless.  Simon tells him it was one of the more brilliant auditions he's heard in all his years of judging talent shows.  Four yeses for this rock star.

There's a large lightning storm which is nicely edited into a montage of terrible auditions.

Krysten returns and sings I Am Nothing but it is just too big for her.  There is a massive boom of thunder and Britney interrupts her with a scream.  Simon tells her there is a reason that happened. It's another unanimous decision.  This time, all noes.


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