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Prediction: Who will be the 2012 American Idol Grand Finalists

Submitted by The Critic on Thu, 2012-05-17 17:09

Taking a look at our weekly run down of our poll results we can see that the public don't really seem to mind who wins as it really is a close, three horse race.

Your favorite last night appears to have been Phillip Phillips who received 43% of the vote while Jessica Sanchez had 34% and Joshua Ledet came in last with 23% of the vote.

When it came to who you wanted to see eliminated tonight it was the closest we've ever had this poll with Jessica Sanchez marginally ahead on 34% while both Joshua and Phillip scored a dead even 33% each.

Our poll asking which two finalists you'd like to see was again interesting. Phillip Phillips and Joshua Ledet were your most preferred with 37% while Phillip Phillips and Jessica Sanchez came in close behind with 35%.  Joshua and Jessica were third on 28% of the vote.

Your favorite song from last night was Phillip Phillip's Begging You with 28% of the vote while Joshua Ledet's I'd Rather Go Blind was the least favorite with 5%.

Who will the American Idol Grand Finalists be? Results, live, soon.


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