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Top 3 Performance show - Live Blog

Submitted by The Critic on Wed, 2012-05-16 18:15

Tonight we have another 2 hour show for 3 contestants.  Drawn out much?

Our contestants will have 3 songs and 3 voting numbers.

Here's how the show went down:

Joshua Ledet
Judges choice: I'd Rather Go Blind
I'd Rather Go Blind (Single) - Her Best - The Chess 50th Anniversary Collection

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My thoughts: More consistency from Joshua.

Judges comments:
Stephen Tyler: That was another Joshua moment. Out of 70,000, there's only 1 American Idol. That was it.
Jennifer Lopez: You always bring down the house with those numbers.
Randy Jackson: You're such a classic stylist. That song fit you like a glove.  You need to bring that into modern times RnB.

Jessica Sanchez
Judges choice: My All
 Greatest Hits

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My thoughts: A sweet rendition but an incredible singer.

Randy Jackson: That was a perfect song for you. I think that was one of the best times a Mariah song has been performed on TV.
Jennifer Lopez: That's a hard song. It's not about copying a song but about singing it your own way. You did it in a beautiful way.
Steven Tyler: I hope you get used to encores. I think you'll be the last one standing.

Phillip Phillips
Judges choice: Beggin You
Begging You - Second Coming

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My thoughts: That might have been my favorite performance of Phillips all season.

Judges comments: 
Randy Jackson: You have been in the zone since day one. That was another incredible performance by you. You are who you are and we love it.

Randy thought Joshua had the edge while Jennifer backed Phillip. Despite Steven clearly stating he thought Jessica would win, he was on the fence over who was the best from round one.

Round two is all about the contestant's choices and their hometown visits.

Joshua Ledet
Song choice: Imagine
Imagine - Imagine (Remastered)

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My thoughts: This is a very strange song for Joshua to be singing. I wouldn't be at all surprized if it offends some of his fan base.

Judges comments:
Steven: Every time you sing you take it over the top, you're that good.
Jennifer: It was a pulled back and controlled song to sing.  The way you're willing to deep into the meaning makes you very special and it takes vulnerability and courage.
Randy: Everything you sing should touch you.  Many people sing without an attachment to the song.  You always connect.  Brilliant.

Jessica Sanchez
Song choice: I Don't Want to Miss a Thing
I Don't Want to Miss a Thing - Armageddon - The Album

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My thoughts: This was actually a little boring for me.  I did like the arrangement at the end but it did seem as though she struggled with the big ending.

Judges comments:
Steven Tyler: You just took a great song and made it greater. Thank you.
Jennifer Lopez: You don't know how big of a deal that was. That note at the end sent everyone into the heavens.
Randy Jackson: You've chosen some big songs to sing tonight. It started a little slow for me. I was waiting for a big moment and I got it at the end.

Phillip Phillips
Song choice: Disease
Disease - Exile On Mainstream

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My thoughts:It was ok but again, a little bland for my liking.

Round three is all about the songs picked by Jimmy Iovine.

Joshua Ledet
Jimmy's choice: No More Drama
No More Drama - No More Drama (Bonus Tracks)

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My thoughts: Another powerhouse performance from Joshua.  I can't imagine a finale without him.

Judgest comments:
Randy Jackson: At this point, it doesn't matter what you do or what you sing. You have put everything on that stage. You try and deliver every single song. That's what being a great artist is all about. 
Jennifer Lopez: You have a perfect marriage of knowing completely what you're doing go and letting go at the same time. 
Steven Tyler: Over the top. It was over the top.

Jessica Sanchez
Jimmy's choice: I'll Be There
 The Ultimate Collection

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My Thoughts: A nice performance but it was more of really good karaoke than completely original.

Judges comments:
Steven Tyler: That song reminds me of "Don't bore us, get to the chorus"
Jennifer Lopez: You came back and killed it so hard at the end
Randy Jackson: I liked it but I didn't love it.  There was never a moment moment. I would have preferred the Mariah version. It wasn't OMG.

Phillip Phillips
Jimmy's choice: We've Got Tonight
 Rock and Roll Never Forgets

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My thoughts: That was fairly mellow.  I wouldn't call it sensational but I also wouldn't call it bad.

Judges comments:
Randy Jackson: The perfect song at the perfect time.  Your best performance on this show ever. You've got em. This boy right here is in it to win it and he's ready.
Jennifer Lopez: You sang it and it was really sweet. Just like a lullaby
Steven Tyler: You nailed it.

So that's it.  Who are going to be the finalists?  Who do you want it to be?


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