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Submitted by The Critic on Wed, 1969-12-31 18:00

The American Idol hunting season is about to open to the American public so it is time for us to put our spin on who we think will be there in the final twelve.

Ace Young should find himself comfortably into the Top 12 with the undeniable young female vote that is bound to embrace him.

Bobby Bennett is one of the unfortunate contestants to have not had much screen time and therefore is going to have to perform well to build rapport.

David Radford should croon his way into the Top 12 and will most likely be this year's John Stevens, but with a better voice.

Jose "Sway" Penala should also make the final cut as long as the producers don't turf him out for breaching the contract.

Elliott Yamin is another unfortunate soul who hasn't had the screen time of some of the other contestants. He's got the voice but I'm not sure he's got the chops to beat out some of these other guys.

Gedeon McKinney is confident that he's going to be around for a while but I'm not so sure.

Chris Daughtry will be there for a lot of this competition. His story has captured people which can only result in a Top 12 placing.

Patrick Hall is likely to be competing for votes from Ace's fans. Having both of these guys in the Top 12 may be as detrimental as it was with LaToya London and Jennifer Hudson. I wouldn't be surprised to see him luck out on the final week of this next round.

Kevin Covais is a very likeable young chap who is quite likely to make it into the Top 12 thanks to what Simon referred to as the "Over 80's" group. I can't wait to see what the stylists do with him.

William Makar is another likeable guy but again I think it will come down to a split vote between him, Kevin and possibly David Radford.

Bucky Covington may have the whole Constantine/Bo thing going on but I don't think that's going to help him much this year thanks to Chris Daughtry.

Taylor Hicks is leading our poll with a staggering 40% of the vote which should see him easily into the Top 12.

My final six guys therefore are Ace Young, David Radford, Jose "Sway" Penala, Chris Daughtry, Kevin Covais and Taylor Hicks. According to the Idolblog poll: Taylor Hicks (40%), Ace Young (22%), Chris Daughtry (9%), Jose "Sway" Penala (7%), William Makar (5%) and Patrick Hall (5%).

From the ladies:

Katharine McPhee has impressed everyone right from the start and it would be criminal if she didn't make it into the final 12.

Mandisa Hundley has made a 'big' impression so far but I think that her time on the show is drawing to a close.

Melissa McGhee has too much competition and has had too little time on screen

Lisa Tucker should make it into the Top 12 with ease. She is fantastic to watch and I imagine people will want to keep her around.

Brenna Gethers has added a bit of spice to the competition with her loud mouth but I can't see her quite making it into the Top 12.

Stevie Scott again has had too little screen time and doesn't have the personality to compete with the already stars of this season.

Ayla Brown will follow in her father's footsteps and win the vote of the American people. You'll see her in the Top 12.

Rebecca O'Donohue has flashed herself around enough through the pages of Maxim that the guys will definitely be voting to keep her around.

Heather Cox has a lot of spunk but I'm not convinced she's going to be able to pull in enough votes to land her a berth in the Top 12.

Paris Bennett is a shoe-in. Just make sure you vote!

Kellie Pickler has tugged on everyone's heart strings so far and unless the tears start to irk everyone, she will be in the Top 12 as well.

Kinnik Sky

was the last to find out she was in the Top 24 but I think she may be one of the first to depart it.

Therefore, my final six girls are: Katharine McPhee, Lisa Tucker, Ayla Brown,
Rebecca O'Donohue, Paris Bennett and Kellie Pickler. According to the Idolblog poll: Kellie Pickler (33%), Paris Bennett (24%), Katharine McPhee (14%), Mandisa Hundley (8%), Rebecca O'Donohue (5%) and Lisa Tucker (4%).

I will never watch American

I will never watch American Idol again.  When Gedeon Mckinney is taken off and Kevin Covais stays, something is wrong.  And it is called DISCRIMINAION.



sorry you , gideon was NOT

sorry you fuck, gideon was NOT LIKEABLE he was fucking arrogant and irritating. covais is adorable, people like him. get over it.

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