#35990: I won two Grammys no thanks to Idol

Submitted by The Critic on Fri, 2006-02-10 15:22

Despite having some relatively big draw cards, the Grammys failed to douse the American Idol fire as 28.3million tuned in to watch the first day in Hollywood as opposed to the 17million who watched the Grammys.

And while the drama was unfolding on Fox, first American Idol winner, Kelly Clarkson, was winning Grammys for Best Pop Vocal Album for Breakaway Breakaway and Female Pop Vocal Performance for Since U Been Gone Since U Been Gone on CBS. While the win certainly validates American Idol, Kelly Clarkson made no mention to the show that bought her fame and fortune in any of her thank you speeches, once again suggesting she is distancing herself from the show. No doubt this will upset fans further who feel she has abandoned the establishment that got her to where she now is.

BooHoo Fox!! Kelly Clarkson

BooHoo Fox!! Kelly Clarkson won her Grammy's not because of you!! Ya, she might have gotten her start from American Idol,,but 19 mangement did nothing to help in Promoting her..in fact,,they almost ruined her career with The Movie From Justin To Kelly! Kelly Clarkson won her Grammy's because she has a new management team called The Firm who promoted the heck out of songs,,who was there for her,, who made sure radio had promoted her... Kelly won her Grammy's because the world knows what talent she has! Too bad she didn't thank you..geez the girl even forgot to thank her dad..If I were the one up on that stage that night I wouldn't have been able to say a word either! Shut up Fox and be lucky that the public still watches Idol Maybe you should think about Thanking Kelly Clarkson because without her you wouldn't have a show right now!!!!!!!!

Jane Hanson, Minnesota

Unless you didn't notice...

Unless you didn't notice... she did thank "the fans" and it was, in essence, the fans who voted for her on American Idol. American Idol didn't make her who she is. The fans did. Without the fans, she would have never won. Besides, American Idol did not promote her after she won. Her own management did.

Let's be honest, idol

Let's be honest, idol doesn't help anyone does it? It exploits the contestants, and good on Kelly Clarkson for not acknowledging Idol.

You'll note she won the grammys for her second album which had little nothing to do with Idol. She didn't do so well with her after idol album.

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