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Submitted by The Critic on Wed, 2006-02-01 20:11
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Here is my Top 10 (subject

Here is my Top 10 (subject to change when I hear them all sing) 1. Kellie Pickler (the blonde) vs 2. Chris Daughtry (bald w/ sideburns) in the finals3. Lisa Tucker (black girl)4. Paris Bennett (little black girl w/ famous mommy)5. Mandisa (the big black girl with huge tushie)6. Will Makar (looks like Kevin Arnold of the Wonder Years)7. Ace Young (the good looking white guy that I know girls will love to keep around)8. Taylor Hicks (white guy w/ gray hair, sings like a black Ray Charlesish kind of guy)9. Katharine McPhee (looks like the girl Hugh Grant dated in Love Actually)10. Kevin Kovais (little geeky white guy from Levittown, NY...a potential Dark Horse to get sympathy votes and move up higher) Just missing the Top 10 for the CD but making the Top 12 are:11. Gedeon McKinney (black guy...looks a bit like some comedian that I can't put a name on)12. Becky O'Donohue (white w/ dark hair) OR Heather Cox (white w/ blonde hair) (Cause you know a pretty white girl with an "ok" voice gets the teenage vote) People I can't stand: 1. Brenna Gethers - she's the blackish puerto rican who Simon knows could be difficult.  Difficult?  This girl is a freggin nightmare.  I can't watch her on TV for an extended period of time.  This bitch needs to be OUT of the competition!  We can't stand her. 2. David Radford - he's just a boring crooner.  We've had the crooner in this competition before (aka John Stevens) and we don't need another.  Croonin is boring.  It's like slow singing with deep voice to put you to sleep.  Yeah, he's got a decent crooning voice but who the hell would be a crooner album?  NOT ME.  Get rid of him! 3.  Jose "Sway" Penala - he's the blackish spanishy guy who's bald with a light goatee.  I don't know how this guy got so far.  He doesn't have a great voice and I expect him to be eliminated next week. 4.  Ilisa and I are in agreement.  Yes, Paris Bennett can sing.  But, we BOTH do not want her to win this competition.  I'd love her to get the boot in the first 5 eliminations but you know she is smoothe sailing to the top 5.  She's definitely much better than Fantasia was but still not my cup of tea. Past Analysis: Season 1:  Kelly Clarkson, even though I think she is total white trash, she turned out to have a nice career.  How can you not stop humming "Since You Were Gone..."  Justin Guarini...is this guy still even alive?  What happened to the best singer of the year...Tamayra Gray?  She had an album out that flopped.  What a shame. Season 2:  Rueben Studdard disappeared and that makes sense.  He had no right winning that year against Clay Aiken.  Clay's new CD comes out soon and will once again dominate sales.  Any word from Kimberly Locke?  She had one hit song and then her 15 minutes came to an end.  Does anyone even give 2 craps about Corey Clark? Season 3: Fantasia Barrino.  Yuck.  This had to be the worst season of Idol.  Fantasia vs. Diana DeGarmo?  What a pathetic finals.  They wanted Fantasia to win from the beginning. I still cringe the rare moment her ugly mug shows up on TV.  DeGarmo.  We'll never see her again.  What happened to the best singer that year...LaToya London?  She has Tamayra Gray disease.  Looks like Jennifer Hudson could be the breakout star from this season with a starring role in December's "Dreamgirls" movie. Season 4: Idol got it right again with a good finals.  Carrie Underwood vs. Bo Bice.  Both were solid and it didn't matter who won.  Still, you don't hear much from either of them.  Great year of Idol.  Could have been the best.  My girl Vonzell, dark horse from the beginning (that's a pun), got to the Top 3 but couldn't overcome Carrie and Bo.  Still, great contestants from Constantine to Scott Savol.  Still, there were painful moments like listening to Anthony Federov sing and Mikelah Gordon talk. Season 5 gets underway.  Let the fun begin ! Kevin

Who ever wrote about the

Who ever wrote about the race issue, stop it.  This is why this won't stop.  This has nothing to do with the color of skin.  So stop it and stop thinking in your box!!!!  This is rather pathetic

Awwwwww, the poor african

Awwwwww, the poor african americans. What about the Orientals? Quit B**chin! Learn how to sing and maybe you too could be the next American idol!!! It has nothing to do with race. If you suck, get off the stage!

pick-me pickler tickles my

pick-me pickler tickles my toes

Can any explain why only 5

Can any explain why only 5 of 24 American idol candidates are African American? 

Actually, if you are into

Actually, if you are into country music you know that Carrie Underwood is doing phenomonally well.  Her album is excellent.  Only two songs from her album have been released (Inside Your Heaven and Jesus, Take the Wheel), but there are several songs on her album that I believe will make it to the top of the country charts when they are released.  M.Walton

I also meant to say that I

I also meant to say that I agree with your picks and mostly for the same reasons.  Brenna Gethers really gets on my nerves too.  She doesn't have the right personality for America to really "like" her.  She's too full of herself.

Jeez, I'm tired of all the

Jeez, I'm tired of all the race card comments.  Whenever I turn around, there's another person with a chip on their shoulder.

That's about the same ratio

That's about the same ratio as the general public.

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