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American Idol Episode 5 - Las Vegas Auditions - Review

Submitted by The Critic on Wed, 2006-02-01 13:32

The had to do it didn't they. They had to play "Guess where Ryan is" at the top of tonight's show as he stands outside one of many icons of the world in sin city, Las Vegas, Nevada. As the screaming audience soon lets him know. "You're in Vegas baby". Roll tape!

When you think Vegas, a few things spring to mind. Big Shows. Big Personalities. Big Talent. But does Vegas have the goods? Thousands have turned up at the Las Vegas convention centre for their chance at "hitting the jackpot" so lets get on with it already as tonight's show is only an hour long thanks to the State of the Union address.

Getting the show underway is the "I really do think I'm funny" #78162 Alexia "Dylon" Lincheta, 23 from Bakersfield, CA who is wearing all his rastafarian colors with "Jamaica Good Music" on his t-shirt which when Ryans reads it aloud, he says "Yes I do". Randy tells him he has the weirdest fake Jamaican accent which gets a "oh don't be like dat brudda". He raps about American Idol 5 and Simon tells him it was just stupid. It's a no and no one like it and was barely entertained. In the booth afterwards, he cries through telling us that he is disappointed that he came behind a mask and wasn't himself.

Walking in dressed like a Joker from a pack of cards is #75408 who gets told it is a no before he even gets to the center of the audition stage. While Ryan jokes that it wouldn't take a psychic to see that coming, we realise that the whole psychic thing is purely a lead in for our next contestant who we saw last year. You remember the one. The "I predict I'll make it into the top 10" psychic who sung worse than a drowned cat on heat. She was told that she destroyed two careers at once when she auditioned last year so this year she is back with a new career as a talent manager and she is here with her sister. However, for some reason she is numbered up as well. I don't put her sisters chances at going very far very high with a terrible singer as a vocal coach. Simon asks why on earth she would come back to Idol. She proudly tells him that she has come back to bring her little sister. Simon gets that she is her manager but just to be sure, asks curiously if that means she wont be singing. She offers but Simon quickly tells her that it wont be necessary. #78409, Erica Davis, 17 from Henderson, NV sings Nothin' 'Bout Love Makes Sense Nothin' 'Bout Love Makes Sense and gets Simon rolling his eyes before she makes it through the first line. She's not much better than her sister and the judges tell her that singing is not for the family. They threaten to come back again next year but Simon asks why they just can't watch it. Outside, she tells us that she does have some predictions but that she feels like keeping them to herself. Ahhh... she's a real psychic now!

Mecca Madison Audition

#78166 Mecca Madison, 18 from Las Vegas, NV is a belly dancer and performs Big Spender Big Spender and gets Paula's nod of approval as she tells her she is a breath of fresh air. Simon and Randy both think she has a better recording voice than a live voice but no matter, it's a unanimous yes so she is off to Hollywood.

Our next contestant says that he definitely has a unique voice but it will be up to the judges as to whether or not they want something a little different. This should be interesting... They ask #74130 Ryan Hart, 18 from Las Vegas, NV if he is the next American Idol to which he replies F*** yeah. Paula says "you just cursed. You can't do that. This is a family show" to which he replies, "well I'm not a family guy". Young people these days. He auditions with Silverstein's Smashed into Pieces and sounds like someone who cut out the voice box out of a seventy year old chain smoker going through a mincer. Simon sarcastically says "that was catchy" and asks why on earth he is here. "To stand out, to try something new, man" is Ryan's response. Simon says "It's a no. I'm bored. Go on, go and do that outside". It gets a little to and fro as Ryan says he's bored with Simon which gets a "Good" response. He tells him again to leave the room and on the way out says that he's too hardcore for them. "Absolutely" replies Simon, "You're really frightening". Outside he swears at Simon in his 'lovely' voice. Inside, the judges mock him.

Heather Ward Audition

Guidance counsellor at a correction facility is #78546 Heather Ward, 28 from Salisbury, MD is next up and as she walks in, Simon says that they've been told to be nice to her because she is very strict. She sings Redneck Woman Redneck Woman and Randy loves it. Simon says that it was an interesting audition. Paula passes on her cause she thinks that the melody was too simple. Randy says yes which leaves it up to Simon who puts her through.

#78201 Jason Andino, 23 from Las Vegas, NV is next up next singing Stand By Me Stand By Me (LP Version) which is a little different to his daily routine where he paddles couples up and down a canal at one of Las Vegas' many attractions. His voice is smooth but he rushes a little. Simon and Paula give him a no based on that he had a nice voice but it just wasn't strong enough. Randy says he would have said yes. Oh well, Jason. There is always next year, which he vows to return for.

Next up we get a montage of familiar faces that have come back to audition for American Idol yet again. Back from last year is #74435 JC Gray who is pissed that Simon has told him that he is one person that he just has to see and in his mind it's already a no. He storms off with some expletives. Ryan jokes that he guesses we'll see him next year..

For the first time though, we meet the supersized #75439 Anthony Andolino, 28 from Roselle Park, NJ who has 75 animals at his home with his girlfriend sings Lately Lately. He's about as big as Pavarotti but he aint got the chops. Randy tells him he needs to sing in tune and Paula agrees. Simon tells him it's a no. After he leaves, Simon says that it was a good thing because he doubts they would have been able to afford the food bill. Outside, Anthony tells Ryan that he thinks they are nuts and is adamant he was not out of tune. Perhaps he will change his mind when he hears the tape back and realise he just made a fool of himself on national television. As Anthony walks away, Ryan tells us that you never know what you're gonna get in an interview. Sometimes, he tells us, they are humble. Then pointing in Anthony's direction, sometimes they're not.

Next up we have another set of twins, The Pearsons. #73002 Marnelli Pearson and #73003 Maureen Pearson, 24 from Las Vegas, NV sing Dreams Dreams together but it's not the nicest harmony. Simon says it was pleasant by dull. They both get no's from all three judges. Outside they're both in tears and are upset because it seems as though they were there to make their dad happy as getting through would have meant a lot to him.

Next up is another dull sounding contestant trying to tell us that he's all enthusiasm. #73245 David Mandzak, 18 from Las Vegas, NV auditions with As Long As You Love Me As Long As You Love Me and is all over the place. It sounds awful and when he gets to the chorus, Simon says "All together now" which may have been an attempt to stop Paula and Randy from giggling at him. They both tell him they enjoyed his audition though. Because it was good or because he made them laugh?

Not much joy so far in Las Vegas with very few golden tickets. Sounds like a typical Vegas day to me. Thousands turning up hoping to strike it rich but end up going home with nothing. The poor result prompts a CSI: Criminal Singers Investigated scene. I wonder if they will feature the Brittenum twins. #2550 is featured for passing a counterfeit C-Note while singing Never Can Say Goodbye Never Can Say Goodbye. For mimes against humanity, #32367 singing Toxic Toxic. For Bouncing Czechs, #889 with Lady Marmalade Lady Marmalade. Contestant #62092 for Hummicide with what I think was Fame Fame. #72722, Performing with a concealed weapon during Marc Anthony's I Need to Know I Need to Know. #34603 Writhing without a license. #37113 Assault and Buttery during Baby Got Back Baby Got Back. Ryan finishes it off in true typical TV pun fashion with "That's a bum wrap".

If that wasn't painful enough, next up we have a eastern european immigrant who is desperately trying to fit it. #72892 Haggai Yedidya, 28 from Las Vegas, NV is wearing a long sleeve buttoned shirt with American flags all over it and sings a patriotic song, God Bless the USA Baby Got Back. His voice is crap. Paula says he's just not right for the competition. Simon and Randy says it was terrible. Randy says he had to have "it" and he didn't have "it". Outside he blames it on the fact that he wasn't able to make eye contact.

#78285 Princess Brewer, 22 from Miami, FL is really confident and says she's sassy and a perfecionist to boot. Randy compares her to Simon which maybe a little unfair. She's singing That's What Friends Are For That's What Friends Are For and doesn't sound as perfect as she probably thinks it should. Actually it's really painful. Simon is rubbing his temples and saying stop it, stop it, stop it. Paula says there were some nice moments in there which inflicts the usual "please point them out" comments from Simon. Simon says it was the worst today and then just when you thought it couldn't get any worse, it did.

Perhaps as a bit of an insult to all the contestants who auditioned with I Will Survive That's What Friends Are For, they play a montage of bad clips which is just embarrassing. Why do people do this to themselves? That's right. Purely for the rest of us to have something to laugh at.

Taylor Hicks Audition

If one montage wasn't enough, we're now presented with a segment dedicated to Hair Hair which is the perfect lead in to our next contestant. Perhaps the silver haired #74094 Taylor Hicks, 29 from Birmingham, AL can close out the day with a golden ticket. Simon asks him why he is here to which Taylor says "Cause I want my voice heard". Simon asks why and Taylor replys that he feels that he has one. He sings some Sam Cooke, A Change is Gonna Come A Change Is Gonna Come and Paula is a little surprised as she wasn't expecting that. They ask him to perform a second song so he sings Swanee River Rock Swanee River Rock. Randy says wow and that he likes him. Simon says it's not just about the voice. Paula says "yeah" and that she loves his personality. Simon looks shocked. That is obviously not what he was thinking. He totally disagrees. Randy asks if why he can't be commercial. Simon says he should be singing backgrounds and not be in the spotlight. Simon adds that the public wont put him through to the finals which Paula and Randy disagree with and Taylor begs for a chance. They both out vote Simon and he is through to Hollywood.

Only 11 have made it through from Las Vegas making it a little dismal which could be one reason why they didn't make tonight's episode two hours long.

After watching an episode of

After watching an episode of this show, I was stunned at the diversity of talent in Las Vegas. It seems like people came from all around - I used to think the Sin City was a sole place for Las Vegas vacations.

I'm never gotten into AI

I'm never gotten into AI before channel surfing onto Taylor Hicks' audition. I was impressed with his voice and free style - I love the blues and he seems to really feel his music. I like that! I've since done a Google search and found some of his original songs from his CD. What a great voice and talent! I'll watch AI this year because I'd like to see him do well, as I think (or hope) he should from what I've seen.

Taylor Hicks is the best

Taylor Hicks is the best contestant ever......................Talent.......................................

Go Taylor!

Go Taylor!

Taylor Hicks , has a very

Taylor Hicks , has a very unique voice. I enjoy listening to him.and watching him he really feels the song. I think he has the talent to be the next American Idol. I,m cheering him on.

Taylor Hicks is the sole

Taylor Hicks is the sole reason I watch American Idol.  My wife generally watches it and brought his original audition to my attention.  Needless to say I've been glued to the T.V. since then to catch any blurps about Taylor on the show.  Disapointed though I'm not getting to see his entire perfermance just pieces.  He is a special person, when he grabs the mic and starts moving like he does and gets into the song, you can help but have a smile on your face.  If ever there was an intangible IT quality, he's got IT. Go Taylor!!!

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