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Submitted by The Critic on Tue, 2006-01-31 15:14

Tonight we're in Las Vegas, NV in the search for the next American Idol.

What were your thoughts on tonight's show? Who were your favourites?

Recap to follow

does anyone know where the

does anyone know where the next auditions are going to be?

Taylor is NOT a bi-sexual or

Taylor is NOT a bi-sexual or gay.  My husband and I both went to high school with him and my husband and him were very good friends.  He is NOT gay and he is also NOT an orphan.  People need to research their info before passing it on like it is fact. 

Is Taylor gay?

Is Taylor gay?

yes, he is!

yes, he is!

That is absolutely not

That is absolutely not true.  You have absolutely no idea what you are talking about.  I went to high school with Taylor Hicks.  He graduated in 1995 and I graduated in '98, but I know that he is as far away from liking guys as anyone. 

What a joke!

Taylor is a human being and

Taylor is a human being and his sexuality is not in question. However my question is........who's to say that all contestants can sing. The American Idol is for people of all races that can sing and have a chance at going to Hollywood. If you do your homework...you will know that Poverty is everywhere. NOT JUST FOR BLACKS!!!!!!! For your information it is not the government that pays the winner!!!! So mind your business and clean your trailor!!!  you trash. 

Whoooo for Ryan Heart. The

Whoooo for Ryan Heart. The Silverstein guy. I'm probably spamming but.. WHO CARES.

personally anytime someone

personally anytime someone gets in the spotlight those rumors fly.  Give the guy a break, I am from B'ham also, and have heard no such tales, back off and just be proud of the honest soulful voice he has.           Once again proud from Alabama

I am greatful to be in

I am greatful to be in Birmingham and to have gotten to Taylor's music this summer he is an amazing musician and America would be lucky to have him as our next American Idol. His music is real. He has soul and heart in his music. I hope he touches all of you when you listen to him sing as deeply as he has touched me.  

How can  the white guy that

How can  the white guy that sang with the group that had the twin brother that DID make it be kicked off and the other twin bro drop out of the competition on his own, only to find out that his bro made it, and they let him back in?  I would say that the only reason the first one "made" it was to cause the 2nd guy to eat his comments to the judges and make for good tv.  I can honestly say that I have turned the channel never to return to watching "STAGED FOR TV IDOL"!!!!!

taylor is bi-sexual but who

taylor is bi-sexual but who cares. thats his personal life. i think he was great. its better then these blacks on the american idol who think they can sing. well at least we know the blacks who hAVE WON WONT BE GETTING ANYMORE OF ARE GOVERMENTS MONEY. I HOPE THE WHITE GUY WINS,. HE SOUNDS DIFFRENT.



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