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More from the Nicki and Mariah show aka American Idol auditions 2013 part 3

Submitted by The Critic on Wed, 2013-01-23 19:09

Charlotte, North Carolina is the destination for the next round of fueding between Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey, I mean, American Idol Auditions.

Feedback from last weeks debut was pretty unanimous. You hated the Mariah vs Nicki stuff.  And the ratings seemed to reflect it as well.

Enough with the reminiscing though, first up this week is fashionista, Naomi Morris.  It's really not a good start though.  Perhaps we should just go back to talking about Nicki and Mariah some more.  The judges drag it out but it's an inevitable no.

It looks like we're starting the week with all the freak auditions.  Next up is Joel Nemoyer who is an advocate for singing while lying flat on the floor.  It's just plain weird.  After a bit of fun with him, he's given another no despite setting an Idol first. ZZzzzzz

And from one kind of painful to another, Brian Rittenberry tells his sad story about his cancer ridden wife who survived.  Outside the audition, Ryan asks his wife about a potential hall pass with Keith Urban.  She looks embarrassed.  Ryan then belatedly puts his hands over their boys' ears.  Brian sings Let It Be and it's really nice to listen to.  The judges unsurprisingly love him. Brian's wife gets to meet her crush who is pretty stoked.

Jimmy Smith has been inspired by Keith Urban and managed to get through thanks to doing an online audition.  He sings God Bless The Broken Road and he'll be going to Hollywood.  Nicki speaks all gangsta to him about how much she loved his country sound.  Unanimousness from the judges.

Sarina Joy Crowe brings some sass while Haley Davis is described as a cute little ladybug.  Na'Chelle Lovin has runs for Africa.  They're all through to Hollywood.

Goodness me there are some strange people in the South.  Matthew Muse assumes the position and then nasally destroys my ears.  He's a character, for sure, but he's no American Idol. Period.

Isabel Gonzales was nominated to audition for American Idol by her Aunt. Randy Jackson turns up at her school to give her a contestant number.  She sings Nothing Could Change This Love and she's very nice to listen to.  She's very sweet and you could easily listen to her all day.  She's a natural with so much confidence.  The judges agree that she is a star.  A very easy yes.  Outside, her family have canned string and the celebrations begin.

From the band Carson comes the lead singer Taisha Bethea.  Her Johnny Cash song is a bit bland for me.  She sings Alanis and she's ok but it's not really a strong audition.  It's not a bad audition but it's a little weird.  They do like her because she's a black chick doing rock.  The judging panel is hung with Randy and Mariah saying no.  Thanks to Keith having the final say in Charlotte, she's through to Hollywood.

Summer Cunningham is up next with Lean On Me and while she can sing, there isn't really anything special about her.  She describes herself as putting a bit more soul behind country.  It's yeses from everyone after a bit of a hissy between Minaj and Carey.

Cue all the news clips of the drama stories.

Meanwhile, Brandy Hamilton is charming.  Love her. Randy loves that she lit up the room.  The judges love her.  She is quite emotional and she's all through to Hollywood.  On the way out she asks the judges not to fight as it makes her sad.  Ouch.  Thankfully she said what we're all wanting to be said.

Ashley Smith must be high.  She thinks she might come across as normal some of the time but she loves people looking at her. She's rather annoying.  She puts on Cowboy Cassanova and when she sings she's far less annoying.  The judges enjoy the something about her that is not annoying.  Singing yes.  Personality, questionable.  Despite that, she's through to Hollywood.

Nicki Minaj has nick names for everyone.  The next segment is all about her #nickinames

Janelle Arthur delivers Black Top and the country songstresses are a dime a dozen in the South.  She has some nice sass and I like her.  Keith loved her while Nicki thinks she's special and a star.  It's hard to disagree.  Randy compares her to Leanne while Mariah is also full of praise.  Hollywood here she comes.

Rodney Barber has a big voice and the judges are inspired by his story.  They vote the voice of Charlotte through to Hollywood.

Keith bales again to be with his wife who is about to get an award in New York.

Back again in 2013 is Candice Glover who was eliminated during the theatre round. Randy gives her a standing ovation and says it's the best audition he's heard all season. Nicki wants to skin her and wear her.  Charming.  She's very excited to be back and through to Hollywood with such high praise from the judges.

Frog gigging isn't the only gigging that Ja'Bria Barber should be doing. After we hear about her love of hunting frogs and eating their legs we get to hear her perform Pride and Joy.  She's nice and interesting.  Randy think she has spunk and I agree.  She's believable and so much so, she's through to Hollywood.

And we're back to the freakshow side of American Idol.  Brad Harris doesn't look weird but boy, is he.  They talk about bacon and then he sings A Whole New World.  It's terrible.  Next please.  It's a no.  Surprised?

Finally tonight is a sad story from Seretha Guinn about her boyfriend who was in a bad accident that almost cost him his life where he broke both hands and lost a finger.  He doesn't know that she's auditioning as she wanted to give him some good news.  She sings the Fresh Prince of Bel Air.  I like her a lot.  She sings How Could I Live Without You as well and she is completely believable and emotional.  She blows the judges away and she is a real contender for the title.  She's definitely my favorite so far this season.  Through to Hollywood she goes.

Charlotte delivered 37 hopefuls through to Hollywood.  Tomorrow night, the Southern states get a second look in in Baton Rouge.  See you then!


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