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Megan Corkery

Submitted by The Critic on Thu, 2009-03-05 20:10

Is Megan Corkery the next American Idol?

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I want to vote so what is Megan Corkery's voting number?


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This girl sounded like

This girl sounded like goat-boy crossed with an 80 yer old bag lady. Sheesh, thank goodness she is gone, she didn't deserve to be in the top 12, looks? yuck, ok ok maybe if closed both eyes.

I knew Megan would not be

I knew Megan would not be the next American Idol because they'll choose the same kind of singer as they always do........boring and predictable. Megan has something really special and I love her voice. I know she may not be everyone's cup of tea but she definitely has a talent I find most interesting. Not just because she is adorable but her uniqueness has captivated me and I am hoping to hear that she signed a recording contract so that I may be able to buy her albums. There is something about her and I love that she is different. She's artsy and I feel, given the chance, she will come out with some really great material. I hope the professionals see this potential in her and realise she definitely does have a following because we as her fans will help keep her going. GO MEGAN!

Now that Ms. Megan is off, I

Now that Ms. Megan is off, I can no longer refrain from putting her in the same category as Elaine Bettis from Seinfeld. When she dances or moves, I want to call a doctor and put a wood stick in her mouth to help with her seizure.
I appreciate the guts it takes to get up there and the talent this girl clearly has but for her to be able to go anywhere she needs to either stand still or take some rhythm lessons.
Her future is bright and there is no way we won't see her down the road but in all honesty I personally think once she gets past her "quirkiness", she'll rocket.
I agree with everything you wrote and I actually appreciate nearly everything she brings to the table.
Good luck Ms. Megan, you are gifted, beautiful, and have a fantastic personality - Best wishes.

why is her nme now megan joy

why is her nme now megan joy ? they called her megan corkery for the fist several weeks then changed to joy why?

Megan truly is the worst

Megan truly is the worst voice to make any top 12 in idol's history. This is a singing competition. She has zero range, she sings every song in like three monotone notes and off key. She is very pretty yes, but that is what America's top model is for. Her "dancing trademark" can be duplicated by any 99 year old man. It may not sound like it, but I like Megan, she seems nice and I am sure she is, but she has to go! She has no talent for this show what so ever with the exception of eye candy.

Megan, Please honey, do make

Please honey, do make an album of 1940's Andrew Sisters style swing. It will sell. My hubby and I want that album with your voice and your personality. Think about it..

Oh and don't fret about those who don't understand have to have them to love them!

Uh...her dancing is "unique"

Uh...her dancing is "unique" so that makes her better than the rest? It's unique cause it sucks. During her week in the top 36, she didn't sound too bad but all that "dancing" if that's what you want to call it, totally distracted me the whole time and kind of annoyed me. Watch her, she even does it sitting down. I think it's like a "tick" or something. Now she doesn't even sing well either. She just puts a different emphasis on the last word in every sentance. "Just go ahead let your hair dowwwn" can you say annoying? "I go a walkeeng, ayaafTar meedniyeet" wow...enough already

I don't watch Idol a lot so

I don't watch Idol a lot so I'm not the typical fan--but I like Ms Corkery---not at first but she grew on me. She has a beautiful spirit and her voice is unique,---jazzy-bluesy but I don't know anyone who sounds exactly like her. She is quite entertaining to watch and listen to. ---I think her performances just radiate a lot of optimism. I hope a recording studio signs her up and she goes on tour. Her blond hair, tatooed arm, and funny dance---well, how many other successful entertainers have those?

Meagan is so good. She is

Meagan is so good. She is the best singer. Last night I voted for like so many time maybe a thousand times. Thats how much i like her. LiL' rounds is good to Meagan and Lil our so good. I voted the same amount of time as Meagan for Lil.
: )

If I was a record executive,

If I was a record executive, out of all the contestants, I would want to sign Megan. The most sellable of all the finalists. That's how I judge this contest. It's a mix of singing ability, vibe, looks - and it's been that way ever since Elvis. Watch the show and think like a record company owner and you'll see it for what it is. She's the one! Will she win? Who knows, with American voting BUT she IS the one!

And I'm in the business.

I think you are an

I think you are an incompetent freak! Learn how to spell. Maybe you should spend more free time studying and less time bashing people. Megan was my next door neighbor. People tend to judge her outer appearence way too much. Yes she is beautiful on the outside but she is just as beautiful on the inside! As far as her dancing? This is not a dance competition. Besides, it is her trademark and I think it is cute!

This girl is GREAT! She has

This girl is GREAT! She has the look, but moreover, she stands out. Dancing is perfectly unique and adds to her style. She will carry on to the end...

although it is correct to

although it is correct to say that american idol is foremost a singing contest, i find it unfair to see that some people discriminate megan because she's too pretty for them to handle and they don't have enough musical knowledge to understand her music. i mean if it's all about beauty, don't you guys think bikinni girl would have made it through? the dance is corky but "IT IS" unique.. HER TRADEMARK. that exactly is the reason why she was picked out! you don't get to see that everyday. a lot of people can sing, but only a few can stand out enough to sell. if it's all about the voice, perhaps a few of the others will get through... but i doubt they will be interesting enough to sell albums. think about that.

It was "so" obvious tonight

It was "so" obvious tonight that Simeon wanted to keep
Megan. She is not that great a singer, but she has the look. Is that what the Idol is all about ~ looks? It should be about singing and only singing. If you watch the tapes, you can see Simeon leaning over after she sings and tells the other judges something. It is obvious that he said "I want her in even though she can't sing." Probably why they decided to have 13 people because they new the other three were worthy.

Come on Simeon, get real!!

I have to agree with the

I have to agree with the first comment. This chick's talent doesn't compare with the other contestants, even though she is very pretty. As Simon has mentioned before, however, this is not kareoke, midnight at Disney, nor should it be a beauty contest. The other thing I can't stand about this chick is the way she dances - looks like a wounded chicken. Hope the public is as turned off as we are so we don't have to watch her very long.

Megan is a pretty girl and

Megan is a pretty girl and sings very well. However I don't think that her looks and singing ability is going to overcome all those ugly distracting tatoos on her arm.
I believe that is going to cost her lots of votes.

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