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Lilly Scott

Submitted by The Critic on Tue, 2010-02-23 18:56

Lilly Scott

Audition City: Denver, CO
Hometown: Littleton, CO
Age: 20

Voting Information

Top 24: The Paul Hemmings Trio - Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (Live!) - Fixing a Hole Fixing a Hole
Top 20: Sam Cooke - 30 Greatest Hits - Sam Cooke Portrait of a Legend 1951-1964 - A Change Is Gonna Come Change is Gonna Come
Top 16: Patsy Cline - Patsy Cline's Greatest Hits - I Fall to Pieces I Fall to Pieces


Sorry to katie but lilly

Sorry to katie but lilly should of stayed and you should of went home.  she is older and knows herself more than you do.  you are still so young and yes you are talented but your not ready yet.

I just seems surreal to me

I just seems surreal to me that Lily is out of this competition...Just shows you the type of people that vote don't know true, extreme talent...Lily is a serious artist, and for her not to make top 12, makes me not want to watch the show...I love crystal though too, so I will watch, lol...what a betrayal from the public though, Lily ROCKS!!!

Crystal does NOTHING to

Crystal does NOTHING to connect with the audience!

I feel that Lilly Scott is

I feel that Lilly Scott is the most incredible, original, talented artist to EVER grace American Idol's stage. She can do whatever song she wants to do and she will bring originality to it and hit every single note with ease.  She has a uniqueness that makes me want to see more of her and I look forward to seeing her every week.  If she goes, America will miss out on a true artist; she really knows who she is.  I just love her; do whatever song you want Lilly I want to hear it!

Lilly and Crystal are in the

Lilly and Crystal are in the lead for the female vocalists ...

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