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Lauren Alaina Suddeth

Submitted by brad on Wed, 2011-01-19 20:09

Lauren Alaina Suddeth

* Age:
* Hometown: Chattanooga, TN
* Audition City: Nashville

Top 13: Any Man of Mine
Any Man of Mine - null

Top 12: I'm The Only One
I'm the Only One - Yes I Am

Top 11: You Keep Me Hanging On
You Keep Me Hanging On - The Motown Story, Vol. 1 - The 1960s

Top 11: Candle in the Wind
Candle In the Wind - The Greatest Hits 1970-2002

Top 9 (You make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman
(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman - Tapestry

Top 8 The Climb
 The Movie (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Top 7: Born to Fly
 Greatest Hits

Top 6: Where You Lead
Where You Lead - Tapestry

Up On the Roof
Up On the Roof - Writer

Top 5: Flat on the Floor
Flat On the Floor - Carnival Ride

Unchained Melody
Unchained Melody - The Very Best of the Righteous Brothers - Unchained Melody

Top 4: Anyway
Anyway - null


Lauren,   YOUR THE BEST =)



YOUR THE BEST =) i vote for u every wednesday everyone gets mad cause all they hear is thank you for voting for contestant..... its great i hope u win it u deserve it =) u and scotty as runner up =) if not youll still make it the farthest, u remind me of Carrie =)

I love you lauren!..everyone

I love you lauren!..everyone on idol " haley, lauren, james, jacob, and scootyy you are all soo good ..kepe it up guys and im 11

i wish laruen the best ever

i wish laruen the best ever she is the most talented her i have ever seen in my whole life go rock laruen keep doing your best girl we love u


we vote for her 5 hundred

we vote for her 5 hundred times each week i hope she wins

I hope and pray that Lauren

I hope and pray that Lauren will win this competition! i will be so happy to see her win this season!!! Lauren is my favorite and i believe that this girl will be in the charts forever!!!the way she sings and performs is just so amazing!!! her voice is so current and easy to listen at.. im a huge fan of her from the philippines!! please america vote for her as many times as you can every single week ..SHE IS THE MOST TALENTED AND FULL PACKAGE!!! !!! i believe that she will go far judging by her natural TALENT!!GOOO LAUREN DO YOUR BEST EVERY SINGLE WEEK UNTILL THE FINALE!!!! I HAVE NO DOUBT THAT YOU WILL WIN THIS SEASON YOU ARE THE BEST AND KEEP WORKING HARD!! WE LOVE YOU!!!

Lauren read these comments

Lauren read these comments and they want to send you home!!! For crying out loud, some chicks have to hide thier ugly selves and listen to the voice because that is what we are voting for right. Not looks, not body, but the voice. If you can sing, then stay, you wouldnt be here this long if ya couldnt. So take the negative, and look at what they are saying and ask for a pic of them and think I know its my looks. Dont hate me because im beautiful, and multi talented, and have made it this far. lol. The judges know what they are doing, and if they are not put off by your looks, because you do have talent then let the people say what they want but picture them as secluded ugly people with issues and have been turned down in life!!! Yes goodlooking goes along way but the voice is what is going to make you a hit!!! Dont tell me if you were  beautiful and couldnt sing you would still be on. !!! Take negative with a grain of salt and hey just throw it over your shoulder and say hey I win lol. Has nothing to do with luck it has everything to do with your talent. You are a star, and what you are looking for and what these judges can give you, for the talent you do have, look to them. They know the differece. Im judge number 4 lol and canadian u have my vote girl. Keep going and set the negative to the side and say what do they know. You have 3 judges that have kept you here and your moving on. Prayers for you and your family Love ya and chick you have been gifted by the big guy upstairs. Keep strong and our votes are with you!!!1

honestly guys just because

honestly guys just because some people want lauren eliminated whoo caresssssssss i want most of the girls eliminated GOO CASEY ADN JAMESS

Thank You America! I am

Thank You America! I am pleased that you have not let Lauren go home! She better not ever go home 'cause I am her #1 FAN!!!!!!!!!!!! GO LAUREN!






ya someone else voted for her

ya someone else voted for her to win yaaaaaa thank u keep that up

people please stop saying

people please stop saying that u want lauren eliminated!!!!!!!! she is awesome! why do u want her to go home?


ooooooooommmmmmmmmgggggggggg please vote for lauren please i beg u she is da best amazing aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh if she gets out i will be so angry please vote for her every time 2,000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 times please! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!

She had better win she's the

She had better win she's the best.

Omg.... Laurn is amazing I

Omg.... Laurn is amazing I hope she wins

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