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Lakisha Jones

Submitted by The Critic on Thu, 2007-02-15 22:53

Is this the next American Idol?

Name: Lakisha Jones

Audition City: New York, NY
Home town: Fort Meade, MD
Age: 27

Relationship Status:


Song List:
Judges Audition: Aretha Franklin - 30 Greatest Hits - Think Think
Group Song:
Top 24: Jennifer Hudson - Dreamgirls (Music from the Motion Picture) - And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going And I am Telling You I'm Not Going
Top 20: Gladys Knight & The Pips - Platinum & Gold Collection: Gladys Knight & The Pips - Midnight Train to Georgia Midnight Train to Georgia
Top 16: Whitney Houston - The Bodyguard - I Have Nothing I Have Nothing
Top 12: Diana Ross - Lady Sings the Blues (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) - God Bless the Child God Bless The Child

I want to vote so what is Lakisha Jone's Voting Number?

I just stopped caring about

I just stopped caring about the show when Lakisha was voted out. Boo.

i believe that god has a

i believe that god has a plan for lakisha, we were mesmerized by the golden voice of lakisha ,even though she was voted out, we still love her, lakisha is a powerhouse, great belter, i think she will be a singing superstar and an icon!!!!! your gonna love her, shes telling you, shes not going!!!!!!!

My family wants to tell

My family wants to tell LaKisha that we will miss her the next couple of weeks, but know that God has a plan for her and she will fulfill it. My son is in the banking industry and says he would be proud to have someone as hard working as she is in his employ...but we both know she will never again have to work as a bank teller. Good luck to you "Kisha."

i dont think that lakesha

i dont think that lakesha should have left last night thats not right at all she can sing better then everybody black cant sing dolittle she ugly and jordan is just to young lakesha needs to be on there she gone be famous you still got it girl simon with his gay self paula o flirting self and randy fat self i wont never watch american idol again watch you should have won lakesha. i love you your biggest fan. love passion

I am touched by Lakisha's

I am touched by Lakisha's story and her humble attitude. I think that the most effective thing she can do to let her talent stand out and not resort to the Aretha or Chaka type shouting is to go strong and emotionally deep with every pix whether upbeat or slow. Don't pick a dramatic song, pick a deep song and she can bring up the drama or even the opposite take a dramatic song and make it soulful and jazzy. For instance, and this may be too old but.....Streisand did a song in "Star is Born" and Tina Turner did a cover of it - written by Kenny Loggins and called "I believe in love". it is very dramatic but if you change it to a tear jerking jazz smokey jazz beat she would BLOW OUT the night.

Even try a Stevie Nicks song and bring the Lakisha soul to it with strength not shouting.

I have to disagree with your

I have to disagree with your comment about Lakisha's humble attitude. She has not taken the critiques of the mentors or the judges to heart. She usually gets defensive and a look on her face. She has a beautiful voice, when she uses it, but I have not seen or heard her do anything well other than the loud shouting type singing. I'd like to hear her do something as you said, smokey jazz, but I am not so sure she's capable or could pull it off.

I would also like to see her dress more appropriately for her body size. I'm a big girl too and now how to dress without looking like a floosy. She looked great the other night in the outfit for charity, but other nights she looks like she's falling out!

You've got potential Lakisha, but you're not using it.

Lakisha is totally the best!

Lakisha is totally the best! She sings with her heart. I firmly believe she feels what she is singing and that is very important. Look at her appearance she looks so awesome. She's fits the description perfectly. America should be proud to have Lakisha Jones as it's next Idol. Lakisha is down to earth and will make America proud. You go girl.......I am watching you every week from Canada........and I love your peformances!! Lakisha you got this one bottled up, just give it your all and think positive. Heck I even think you got our twingy Twain beat....take it to the top!

this competition is all

this competition is all about singing, Lakisha has the voice and can sing better than anyone else in the competition, the only edge Melinda has over her is that she is 2yrs older and of course has more experience which she's using to carry herself but notwithstanding Lakisha Jones can sing better, viewers just have to put favouritism aside and listen to lovely voice!

Lakisha defiantely can sing.

Lakisha defiantely can sing. And this is a singing competition but I think people forget that sometimes. You also have to think about the future. I just dont see Lakisha being a big sucess with America. Think about Fantasia. Ummmm where the hell has she been?

I hate to say it, but I

I hate to say it, but I think Lakisha is gonna pack her stuff tonight.

I think Lakisha has a great

I think Lakisha has a great voice, but she needs to take a tip from Jordin and do a little bit of variety. It seems like all she can do is Motown.


She is the next American Idol

Melinda is good too, but will have great success without winning....let's give it to Lakisha, she deserves it!!!!!

Lakisha, Stay away from

Lakisha, Stay away from Jordin. She is FAKE. You are REAL.

Jordin is fake? I don't

Jordin is fake? I don't think so. Jordin listens to what the judges say and she learns from her mistakes. She has also proven she can compete in a variety of genres. Lakisha, she only impresses me if she does something that requires her to stomp her foot and raise her voice in a shouting like way. She plays the single mother card (I'm a single mother too - so I can tell when the card is being played for sympathy) and she doesn't seem genuine.

Jordin - she's 17 - as we are constantly reminded. She's genuine for a 17 year old.

Melinda- she's the real gem and has stayed true to her spirit while learning and growing. She's yet to stray from her light or being.

Think twice about that fake comment.

Melinda, do your thang

Melinda, do your thang girl!!! I hope america votes Lakisha the AI 2007. Melinda does not need American Idol to win big! She's going places because she was obviously born with the gift of singing. Had she been on when Fantasia won, she would've won over Fantasia!

Melinda was a back of

Melinda was a back of singer, now she will get her well deserve rewards which is the lead position and the next American Idol winner title, with a real singing voice like Jennifer Hudson. God Bless you Melinda and the patients you portrait along with a God gifted voice you will make it.

Lakisha is in a class by

Lakisha is in a class by herself. Her only competition is Jordin Sparks, who should be her runner-up. I've never heard *any* American Idol singer come close to performing a Whitney Houston song as well as Lakisha did this week. The other contestants may as well just book their plane tickets home.

OW OW OWWW!!! Lakisha you

Lakisha you rock my sox!!!
by far one of the best.

In the entertainment

In the entertainment industry, you always hear " you have to got IT!'' And yet no one know what IT is, well you know what IT is when you listen to Lakisha. SHE HAS IT. Her song last week would have given Academy Winner Jennifer Hudson a run. Don't get me wrong I LOVE Jennifer and truly believe she was given a raw deal in AI butlook where she is get now. I goes to show if one do not give up on what he/she wants out of life it is at the fingertips just waiting to be taken. To laKisha go get it. It is waiting for you. She is a winner whether she is crowned AI 2007 winner.

GOOD LUCK Lakisha Keep going on.

P.S. Melinda Doolittle is geat also. One powerful singer, only need the confident to know that she really is.

I like melinda and Lakisha

I like melinda and Lakisha they are great singers but so far Melinda is taking the top spot. If Lakisha wants to win she has to step up her game. The W.H song was well performed, but not good enough to take the lead.
I still want Lakisha to win, because mMelinda will get a record deal if she's not the American Idol.