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Kellie Pickler

Submitted by Anonymous on Thu, 2006-01-19 02:33
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Voting Information

Audition Number: 61615
Audition City: Greensboro
Home Town: Albemarle, NC
Age: 19
Birthdate: tba
Starsign: tba
Ethnicity: tba
Relationship Status: tba
Family Members: Dad- Relationship off and on; Mom-Deceased; Grandfather: Supportive

Favourite Artists: tba
History/Bio: tba

Song List:
Judges Audition: Since U Been Gone and A Broken Wing
Hollywood Audition: Hopelessly Devoted To You
Top 24: How Far
Top 20: Something to Talk About
Top 16: I'm The Only One
Top 12: Blame it on the Sun
Top 11: Walking After Midnight
Top 10: Suds in a Bucket
Top 9: Fancy
Top 8: Bohemian Rhapsody
Top 7: Barbra Streisand - The Third Album - Bewitched (Bothered and Bewildered) Bewitched (Bothered and Bewildered)
Top 6: Righteous Brothers - The Very Best of the Righteous Brothers - Unchained Melody - Unchained Melody Unchained Melody

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I saw kelly on Are You

I saw kelly on Are You Smarter than a Fifth Grader. This girl has to be a grammer school Drop Out. It's pitiful how dumb she is. She made a fool of herself. It's sad to think a moron can be an American IDOL? and the dictionary says a moron has the mentality of an 8-12 yr. old, she is DUMBER than a moron. WHAT on earth is everyone so proud of her for. Kelly, go back to school.

I love Kellie Pickler.  Her

I love Kellie Pickler.  Her story is inspiring.  I hope she gets it this time around.


go Kellie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!you  rock

I think Kelly Pickler is the

I think Kelly Pickler is the next American Idol. I love her to death. Her life story is insapriring! She has to win PLEASE.

Kellie reminds me alot of

Kellie reminds me alot of Carrie Underwood who I have been a big fan of since her audition.  I really like Kellie and hope she goes far in this competition.

I am from Albemarle NC and

I am from Albemarle NC and couldn't be any more proud of Kellie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1   You go girl!!!

Efird 28001

I am from Albemarle also and

I am from Albemarle also and me and kellie went to school together and were pretty good friends.  she is a sweetie and she will go far in the music businees regarless of weather or not it happens through american idol.

She is a great singer but

She is a great singer but doesn't need to lie about never singing in front of people!

pick pickler please!!!!!!she

pick pickler please!!!!!!

she are the winer of this season!!!!!!!!!!!!

she is the best!!!!!!!

How can you like somebody

How can you like somebody that lies everytime she's on tv? First she's all like "teehee, i've never sung in front of people before." n' then this past week she says "i've never sung with a band before" and "the only keys i know are the kind you put in your car" or some trash like that. I'm from albemarle, n' trust me, this girl enters every talent competition she can. She HAS sung in front of people on many occasions, HAS sung with a band, and is a complete phony. Wasn't she Miss Stanly County before too? (lol yes we have a miss stanly county you non-albemarle people) (n' a new super walmart, go us) But i guess people dont really care, all she does is turn on the waterworks n' people are all like "aawww, shes so sweet", yeah right. Please don't vote for this girl, its just sad how fake she is.

go kellie go, I hope you go

go kellie go, I hope you go all the way, pick pickler. 

kellie is so adorable and

kellie is so adorable and she has a beautiful voice! I just love her, I really hope she becomes the Next American Idol!!

PICK PICKLER! Kellie is so

PICK PICKLER! Kellie is so adorable I really hope she win's, you go girl!



Kelly- you make the girls

Kelly- you make the girls back home so proud. You had the strenghth and courage to go through with yet another obsticle in life. We are all so proud of you. Keep it up and we'll stay proud.

Good luck Kelly, you deserve

Good luck Kelly, you deserve to win, because you are it!

Original and made to be a star!

 I mean look at some of our so called stars that we have! I call them glorified Clowns..haha

god bless you


Kelly, your performance last

Kelly, your performance last night absolutely blew me right out of my chair.

You sang the lyrics so beautifully and completely. Everyone in my family loved your performance, and this morning I woke up singing your song.

I cannot stress how unconcerned you should be with the judges remarks. You sang beautifully and you looked fantastic. My friend said "I could listen to that song all day." You were that good. Congratulations.

Kelly may be fake, but she

Kelly may be fake, but she might not be.  So no one should say anything about that until they know the TRUE FACTS!  One thing is for sure, she cannot sing!  The only thing I don't like about American Idol is the fact that talented people don't succeed.  Only the ones with personality and looks succeed.  I don't see a problem with wanting a good personality, but when a great personality and some talent overshadow huge talent with some personality, there is a problem.  I think this is pretty much what is happening with Kelly Pickler (she being the great personality).

I think your the best

I think your the best American Idol singer out of all five seasons!!! I hope you win because you deserve it. I vote at least 15 times for you everytime. Good Luck!

P.S. Don't listen to the judges about your song your just sang "I'm The Only One" I think you sang it great. (All my friends are voting for you too!)

Pick Pickler!!! My family

Pick Pickler!!! My family loves you and thinks your so cute. I'm country like you too! I grew u in the Texas. HAVE FUN WITH IT!!!!

Kelly is the sweetest girl.

Kelly is the sweetest girl. I think, most heterosexual males, are in love with her. There has never been a more wholsome person on the show. I want people like her to do well in life. It's the talent and the likeability combined with the beauty, that make her my pick. I would be happy if Chris or Mandesa won also. They are pretty likeable also. Kelly owns my heart though!

kellie you gorgeous and you

kellie you gorgeous and you can deffinelty sing your so cute.... You can count on my vote! Pick Pickler

J.F. are beautiful are beautiful and an amazing girl!  My family and I love your voice and your personality!  you are down to earth and that is great.  I loved you from the very first time i saw you perform, you sang my most favorite song...since you've been gone.  and you work at sonic...and i used to work there too.  keep up the great work!!  you are adorable!

ok ok maybe kellie really is

ok ok maybe kellie really is sincere and not faking, but the point is, more n more people r starting to feel that shes faking, in which case if she wants to win she should do sumthing about it. it will do kellie some good if she shows a feisty intelligent diva side that will surprise people. sames goes for paris. look at the the most successful females on billboard- mariah beyonce alicia- we all get to see their semi-b****y sides, and it works!!! long lasting pop superstardom shud and must hav drama, competitveness/catfights bring the drama

I'm Brazilian, but for me..

I'm Brazilian, but for me.. she's my Idol too... She doesn't have the best voice, like Paris... but she has a star... I love her from the very first minute.

I think all this negativity

I think all this negativity is rediculous.  I don't know Kelly or any of the other contestants for that matter.  I do know however that she makes me laugh.  I watch tv to be entertained not to pick people apart and make fun of them.  I am from Kentucky and I have to say I am several years older than Kelly.  I have never been on a plane.  I have never had calamari and when I was 19 I probably had never heard of it either.  I think Kelly is adorable and I personally enjoy watching her each week.  I recently went to High Point NC and I must say I heard plenty of people with thick country accents.  Keep up the good work Kelly and don't let negative comments keep you from your focus.  See you next week!

HI Kellie!!!!!!!!!!! Keep

HI Kellie!!!!!!!!!!! Keep doing your thing and dont worry about the ignorance of the ones that are jealous of you!!!! That is the only reason anyone would write bad things... so dont pay any attention to them...... just listen to the ones (like me) who enjoy watching you every week!!!! And votes for you every week!!!! If you get a chance leave your fans a message on here again..!!!!!

We talk about Kelly at work,

We talk about Kelly at work, and I think her biggest appeal is she is more like most of us than any of the other girls.  It seems that most of the girls are spoiled, and never had hardships in life.  They seem to have been watching too much OC or whatever show is popular at the time, while she was helping her grandfather and working at a resturaunt.


Kellie, I sure do wish I was

Kellie, I sure do wish I was beautiful and dumb like you and I bet all the others that think your dumb wishes the same thing.  Seriously folks anyone that thinks this young lady is dumb needs to be hospitalized. She's smart as a whip and will have millions to prove it.

i like kellie i hope she

i like kellie i hope she wins  american idol or is up with paris them to i feel should be  the two to  be last two up to  win american idol.

All I have to say is,  YOU


Kellie Pickler is so good i

Kellie Pickler is so good i hope she goes all the way!!

I love Kellie Pickler. She

I love Kellie Pickler. She has a really good singing voice and a grandfather who loves her. Her story is an inspiration to me because my mom wasn't around for most of my life. I really want her to win the 2006! title.

i sing better!

i sing better!

First of all, its ridiculous

First of all, its ridiculous that people here are pursecuting this girl for not being as fortunate as other people are in this country. I am from Northern Maine and yes, half of my family has never been on a plane and no, they do not have a clue what calamari is. Hell I don't know what it is and I have a Masters Degree in Speech Therapy! But even though they haven't been exposed to a whole lot in life, they are all college graduates and know the value of hard work and honesty. In all of Maine, people STILL have their accents whether it's a downeast accent or a heavy french accent from living close to the border. This is their heritage and something to be proud of. People should only hope that they can be as honest and proud about their roots and upbringing as Kelly is. I think she has the one thing that most reality TV stars have missing, a sense of honesty about who they really are. You go Kelly! You got Maine's Vote!

P.S.----I only flew on a plane last year....yesss we people still exist! (haha)

Not only is her story

Not only is her story inspiring-she seems like the sweetest young woman in the world. She is the definition of American Idol.

Kellie is one of the best

Kellie is one of the best I've heard all season! She rocks! My whole family is routing for her and if she doesn't win she will always be my American Idol!!!!

Kellie keep up the good work

Kellie keep up the good work and we are very proud of you. We know that you will go far and may GOD shine his LOVE on you! Deputy Everette(Former NSHS SRO) and Family

Kellie is absolutely

Kellie is absolutely adorable! Pick Pickler! :)

pick pickler B.C. Can.

pick pickler B.C. Can.

I am from Albemarle and I am

I am from Albemarle and I am currently working in Iraq. What Kellie is doing is great and I wish her nothing but the best in life and I hope she wins this years American Idol. contest. I know I am pulling for her and it was a blast to hear Albemarle mentioned on television here in Iraq.    

i was always taught if you

i was always taught if you can't say anything good about someone don't say anything at all sounds like there's a touch of jealousy there!!!! i wish her nothing but the best and i'm not from albemarle nc

kellie is so going to win. 

kellie is so going to win.  when i heard the story of her and her dad i really wanted her to be the next american idol because she is so sweet and has a great voice.   plus if she doesnt win she will be even more upset.   kellie if your reading this then i have to tell you that you WILL WIN!  you are awesome!!!!!

you're my american idol

you're my american idol -siegfred doloroso (philippines)

dont listen to what anybody

dont listen to what anybody says! ur always gonna have those few people who r gonna talk crap about u.and there only doin that because there jeolus and some of them r on the show and they just wanna get there last word in becuase they know that there gonna get cut!! girl ur gonna go on to be just like kelly clarkson shes done the best in her career unlike clay akin or the others who won but didnt go along with it and wasted the chance for the others who would of lived life! ur gonna win and be a millionair! EVERYBODY VOTE FOR KELLIE PICKLER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

She is so amazing and

She is so amazing and humble. I love her like all of you do! GO KELLIE!!!!

Kellie does remind you of

Kellie does remind you of Carrie! Never really thought about that. What another plus. As if she doesn't already have enough pluses going for her already! Hope her Grandpa you should already be so proud. Hope one day you can make that trip and see her performe!

What a humbling experience she is. Humbling, Happy, greatful, loveable, cute, sweet, nice, perkey, great, amazing, strong, inspiring and whatever  other nice words anyone else wants to put out their.

Kellie, FLORIDA Cares and is puling for you! GOOOOOOOOOOOOOO KELLIE! WIN! WIN! WIN!

I don't know how much truth

I don't know how much truth their relly is to your acusations. She seems real and honest. What you have against her I don't know. It seems you have something against her. Give it up. Don't watch the show if she gets to you this bad.

Give it up. So what if any of what you say is true. She isn't hiding or sayin anything bad. I choose to believe your full of it and others who post will think so to. Don't post nymore garbage about Kellie. PLEASE!!!!

I think she is hot as

I think she is hot as hell!!!!!

As a parent of girls, I look

As a parent of girls, I look at Kellie and see such a sweet little girl that has endured alot and overcome alot. And someone posted at the top of this page her mom is dead, do you know that for sure? Cause she said in her audition interview that her mom ran off and left her. But anyway, she deserves to go to the finals. And the person posting the ugliness about Kellie, first of all, you are showing your age and second of all she probably turned you down for the prom or a date or something.  By the way, were you the one arrested for stalking and peeping into her windows. LOL Get over it dude, you will never be a part of her life. GO KELLIE SING YOUR HEART OUT!!

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