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Jose Penala

Submitted by Anonymous on Thu, 2006-01-19 02:02

Audition Number: 32613

Audition City: San Francisco

Home Town: South San Francisco, CA

Age: 27

Birthdate: tba

Starsign: tba

Ethnicity: Filipino

Relationship Status: tba

Family Members: tba

Favourite Artists: tba

History/Bio: tba

Song List:

Judges Audition: Superstar

Hollywood Audition: tba

Top 24: I Want You Back

Top 20: Overjoyed


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I just finished mixing one of

I just finished mixing one of the final songs for Sway's new album, "My Story" which will be out in a few weeks. I've known Sway and many of the other producers on the album for a very long time. This is definitely a back to the roots kind of project. Check it out!


Actually  I am related to

Actually  I am related to Jose by marriage, he is my husband's second cousin. He is really good and has a singing group name 6th Day. Very talented guy. Hope he gets far in the competition.

Di-Bay Area.

What song did Jose sing for

What song did Jose sing for his audition?  I love it.

Hi, My name is Ian Aizman,


 My name is Ian Aizman, and I would like to contact Mr. Penala in regards to being a possible photography mentor. I noticed that on his American Idol contestant page, he stated that a second talent he would like to adopt is photography. I would be more than happy to get him started!

Please check out my website (currently in the rough - not too glamorous at this point...):

For more examples of my work, please email me and I would be happy to provide you with some sample images.

If you like what you see, please contact Mr. Penala and let him know I am availible to give him a jumpstart in this great field of creativity.

My email address is:

Thank You,

Ian Aizman

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