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Jordin Sparks

Submitted by The Critic on Thu, 2007-02-15 22:50

Is this the next American Idol?

Name: Jordin Sparks

Audition City: Seattle, WA
Home town: Glendale, AZ
Age: 17

Relationship Status:


Song List:
Judges Audition: Celine Dion - Falling Into You - Because You Loved Me Because you loved me
Group Song:
Top 24: Eric Clapton - A Very Special Christmas - Live from Washington D.C. - Give Me One Reason Give Me One Reason
Top 20: Christina Aguilera - Mulan (An Original Walt Disney Records Soundtrack) - Reflection Reflection
Top 16: Pat Benatar - Greatest Hits - Heartbreaker Heartbreaker
Top 12: Diana Ross - Diana Ross: The Motown Anthology - If We Hold On Together If We Hold On Together

I want to vote so what is Jordin Spark's Voting Number?

^ The above is a clip of

^ The above is a clip of Jordin promoting her Broadway debut in In The Heights!

do you love david archuleta?

do you love david archuleta?



Since Jordin won, I have

Since Jordin won, I have decided to stop watching American Idol. This unfair voting is happening over and over again and I cannot sit and continue to watch it because of the unfair outcome. Jordin was good, I liked her performances too but Melinda was the best, she was consistent
and should have won. People are not honest with selecting the best singer & performer. Melinda was ripped off big time... I am sad about how the winners are selected.

Jordin was not the best

Jordin was not the best singer. She was average. I don't understand how she won. I guess teenagers voted for her-because she couldn't hold a candle to Malinda or Lakisha. People keep talking about her shape.. She looks fat and she does not look 17. She looks every bit of 27. I believe she lied about her age. She seems like a nice girl but and IDOL --NOT!!

ShUt UP biCth..UR jUSt hAtiN

ShUt UP biCth..UR jUSt hAtiN kUZZ U kANNOt SiNG!!

SO GO EAt Shit ANd diE!!


What?! Dude...or

What?! Dude...or gotta understand a few things.
1. Jordin does not look fat. She looks like someone who doesn't eat too many sweets, but has a larger body mass because her dad played football. She has curves, ok? You sound like Me!Me! Roth
2.She looks older than 17, so what? you gotta be at least 16 to get in anyway, and she was 16 when she auditioned. If she were 27, then she would have been born in 1979 and not 1989 like Wikipedia says. You haven't seen her birth certificate!
3.They say the first will be last and vice versa.
4.She won because she's a good singer.

Finally the American Public

Finally the American Public got it right!
BLAKE sorry did'nt cut the mustard.
Go back home to your spit.toon. YUCK.

i was really rooting for

i was really rooting for melinda. melinda is THE ONE. the talent, the charisma although the innocent humble act is gettin too old for her age, but when she performs, wow its just amazing, her style, her voice. i like the whole tina turner thing she did, it really works for her, made her look like a fabulous rockin diva, and i absolutely LOVE the way she ends her songs, she did this power vocal thing all the time, kinda made u go "whoa", very dramatic, very extravagant, very classy. jordin, a great singer, great voice, but too damn lazy on stage, even with upbeat songs, she just stood there and let her voice do all the work, while its good, its not entertaining, its boring and she's pretty pageant too and she needs to rough it up. blake is a great entertainer, but it is american idol and the vocals are not enuf for him. but i think he wud do great in the industry, he's got his own thing so thats cool. sigh melinda melinda, you shoulda won =)

OMG! Jordin no matter what

OMG! Jordin no matter what happens nxt, u'll always b my IDOL. Gurl u rock n sound so natural giving me da feeling of wantin to b a singer too. Hope u win it or else AMERICA will make the biggest mistake eva.

I think Jordin's gonna win

I think Jordin's gonna win this season.

Jordin deserves the whole

Jordin deserves the whole thing....Blake is good but like the judges said on 5/22/07...this is a singing contest....not an act......Jordin has all the singing needed....Jordin sings and Blake joins rap...(not singing).....Jordin is AMAZING and that is all that needs to be said about it....VOTE JORDIN !!!!! 1-866-436-5702 to vote for JORDIN SPARKS THE NEXT AMERICAN IDOL!!!!!!

OMFG!!!! I luv Blake!!! hope

OMFG!!!! I luv Blake!!! hope he wins.

Hi jordan. My name is Jeneva

Hi jordan.
My name is Jeneva Hall.
I live in Hamilton/New Zealand.
You are my best singer ever.You are the coolest singer ever.I hope you win.
LOL Jeneva

I love Jordan's voice..its

I love Jordan's voice..its so hope she wins..and good luck to both of them...

let's get real here...jordin

let's get real here...jordin you're only 17...
can your singing be anymore OLD FASHIONED?
nevertheless your vocal is great...but BLAKE got what it takes to be the next american idol....!!!
BLAKE got the style, he got the voice, and most importantly ---> BLAKE got the talent!!!
sorry jordin, but you don't...maybe you should go back to school and try it again after you've graduated...

BLAKE YOU ROCK and i hope you'll be the next american idol!!!

i'm wid ya...

i'm wid ya...

I picked Jordin as the

I picked Jordin as the winner at about the time of the final 12. She has a certain "spark" that will make her a star. It is unbelievable that she is only 17--I hope she is mature enough and has the family support to protect her during her rise to stardom. It will be fun to sit back and watch her career and talent develop.

I love jordin so much.My

I love jordin so much.My whole fam loves her.She should be the 2007 winner of American Idol.If she doesn't win, I'm going 2 be pissed.Everyone thats reading this,vote 4 her.She has 2 win.She got a great voice.And just cause poeple don't like her,she shouldn't win.

Jordin is a wonderfull fan

Jordin is a wonderfull fan of mine i hv been watchin her since de very first day Americanidols started n men!!!! i love all her performance its kool for me ok .Jordin is surposed to be our idols 4 season 6 cuz she worths it ok.I am a fan 4rm nigeria.

Yes I am a big fan of Jo Jo

Yes I am a big fan of Jo Jo since her audition, till now and be still. I wish I could vote her, anyway she has sweet powerfull voice, no matter that she is 17 years old, she can sing any kind of songs. I declare she is the next American Idol 2007. I love you Jo Jo...

"Sorry Jordin.. but not

"Sorry Jordin.. but not really a big fan of yours.. " I mean don't get me wrong, she has a good singing voice, but it just doesn't cut it.. Her performance and her choice of songs are just so lame.. She sings and performs like an old fart... Boooooring... She needs to be able to keep people up long enough to be able to vote for her.. and I'm not really a huge fan of the HEAVY BREATHING every dam 10 seconds.. Sorry Jordin.. But BLAKE rocks, and I'm behind him all the way whether he may have had a bad night or not. . He's proven that he has the HEART and the TALENT to make it.. YOU ROCK BLAKE LEWIS!!!



She rock the world ohhhh my

She rock the world ohhhh my GOD I don’t know what to say I wish u all the best

we noticed that last night

we noticed that last night when chris was voted off and they showed everyone being emotional, crying the camera cut to JORDIN and she was just watching with this weird look on her face and then she looked over and realized the camera was on her and she suddenly tried to act as if she were crying - if you dont believe me watch the playback

big turn off for us - fake pity and all

no dount she can sing but whats up with the fake crying???

After watching the video

After watching the video over five times I did not see Jordin "trying to act as if she were crying"... sorry Michelle... that comment from you was not true. Bye.

Jordin was fake crying, I

Jordin was fake crying, I could not believe it when I watched it. she was all happy and then when she relized the camera had went to her she all of a sudden started to fake cry....... I watched it over and over to see if I might have misstaken what I had seen ............she is a fake.

Sorry, but Jordin is a

Sorry, but Jordin is a faker! Youtube 'Chris elimination' it's towards the middle of the song, but so obvious! I have noticed her many of times exaggerate her expressions just becuase she notcied the camera focused on her. From just smiling to being surprised, it's like impossible for her to give a true expression. She can sing, but she doesn't seem like a genuine person.

i watched the video on

i watched the video on youtube... jordin didn't look like a fake... don't be too biased... give the girl a break...

Guys, Jordin is a very young

Guys, Jordin is a very young girl, she cant afford to be an actress or a fake onstage. She's a happy person.. She seems nice, playful yet sincere.. so stop putting her down.... She's a talented sparkling girl who can sing well and deserves to be an idol... thanks.

you are soooo right! Jordin

you are soooo right!
Jordin is a nice "Spark"iling girl!

you are soooo right! Jordin

you are soooo right!
Jordin is a nice "Spark"iling girl!

Jordin really rocks! She's a

Jordin really rocks! She's a great singer and I love her attitude, very charmingly cool! ;-)

This is American Idol. A.I.

This is American Idol. A.I. producers wouldn't have set up a lip syncing performance. They may have had a problem with the audio feed like someone had mentioned before. Does anyone have a link to the video of her singing when this supposidly happened? I think Jordin Sparks has a very good chance of winning. The song she sang today 5/1/07 was indeed a difficult song to perform if you're not a rock singer. She handled it really well, but definitely not her best performance.

Does anyone know where I can

Does anyone know where I can find the dress Jordin wore on Tuesday APril 24th episode. Its beautiful. Thanks!!

I am a big Jordon fan. The

I am a big Jordon fan. The great voice, the perfect attitude - fresh, uplifting, joyful and a great look - smile that radiates. I love that she can sing all styles...I hope to see her sing "new york state of mind" by Billy Joel or some Pat Benetar or Heart songs to show off even more range. I think these types may be able to set her apart from the competition when the time comes to really break from the pack. Carrie did a heart song and that was a break out moment in the competitioin and Kimberly Locke did Billy Joel jazzy song so smooth and grand I believe that was her break out moment too.

Well there are cheaters and

Well there are cheaters and those who dont cheat some who play it by the old school and those who dont know crap about school...but i have no bias opinoin about what happened either way did he lip sing...or was something else...maybe back up singers...maybe a glich in the tv comunication or signaling...or maybe some other cause we dont know...but we do know this...American Idol has had some kind of drama in every singal season...last year two twins stole someone idenity...this year old girl gets injured...last year also Pualla got Drunk and got beat up by here manager(or at least thats what the news said) point is that you can never learn the truth about televison and celebraties only to be a celebraty can you know what goes through ones mind...

If you watched closely, you

If you watched closely, you would see that Blake was looking toward the back-up singers for a moment because he knew that he had to start when they did...he missed it by a milisecond and that is why some of you may think he was lip-synching....but play it AND will hear him start just a second after they do...that is all it lip-synching involved.

Oh..mY..gOsH.....i am

Oh..mY..gOsH.....i am actually writing to the next american idol!!!!!(screaming!!!)....well i just wanted to say that right here....JoRdIN sPaRkS..has a very awesome voice...and that you'll sing more and more songs later in're a talented singer and i also liked the song that you sang on Tuesday April 17, are so cool and awesome!!!!!!!!!!......well that's all i have to say....and...YoU'Re gOnNa wIn!!!!!!!!!

WOW!!......Jordin has

WOW!!......Jordin has incredible voice she's gonna be the next American Idol !!!!!!(screaming!!!!) Jordin does sparkle on stage My wish, for you, is that this life becomes all that you want it, to your dreams stay big
give it all to your heart and soul.

I love Jordin's powerful

I love Jordin's powerful voice. She also has a great variety of songs that she can sing well, unlike Lakisha.

Jordin, you are so FAKE!

Jordin, you are so FAKE! You can SING but you are FAKE

Im so happy for Jordin. I

Im so happy for Jordin. I think she will be the next American idol!!!( : Im sorry i cant make ti up there to see you sing but i still cheer you on at my house. I love you jordin!!!!!

Show Jordan your support and

Show Jordan your support and lead her all the way to the finals. Visit.... and get the support out there.

If Lakisha weren't here this

If Lakisha weren't here this year Jordin would be the next American Idol.

Did anyone else notice that

Did anyone else notice that at the end of her song tonight, Jordin pulled the microphone away from her mouth, and put it down by her side, but you could still hear her voice? Was this lip sync'ing (poorly) to a pre-recorded song? We thought it might have been the voices of the back-up singers, but nope... How did she do that?

yes that is extremely

yes that is extremely weird.......but would a 17 year-old REALLY do that?? i mean, this is JORDIN SPARKS!! hmm....what does everyone else think about this??

yes i noticed it too, but

yes i noticed it too, but think it was a feed problem with the audio.

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