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Jermaine Sellers

Submitted by The Critic on Wed, 2010-01-13 19:38

Audition City: Atlanta, GA
Hometown: Juliet, IL
Age: 26

Voting Information

Audition: Joan Osborne - Relish - One of Us One of Us
Top 24: Oleta Adams - Circle of One - Get Here Get Here
Top 20: Marvin Gaye - What's Going On - What's Going On What's Going On


Jermaine Sellers is a really

Jermaine Sellers is a really good singer, he just has not found his element but I think once he gets to that point, they will not be able to stop him!  I would buy his CD!!

According to Joe's Place

According to Joe's Place Blog, Chris Golightly was under contract to be one of the members of the boy band "Dream 5." Chris says that he told the "American Idol" producers about it and that he had been released from it in June 2009 prior to his auditioning. The "Dream 5" manager though called the "American Idol" producers last week and told them he was still under contract. When pressed by Chris Golightly, the manager did some digging and indeed found a contract release in his files. The manager then notified the "American Idol" producers that it was all just a misunderstanding. By this time, however, the producers had already informed Tim Urban that he would be stepping in for Chris Golightly. The producers have decided to stick with their decision.

Is this fair that Chris is out of AI 9? Doesn't sound like it. How about making it a Top 25? If this is all true, it would be unfair to either Tim Urban or Chris Golightly to exclude them. Start the petitions!

Yes it's unfair for both Chris and Tim though more worse to Chris.. since HE knew that the contract from his former manager is expired (June 2009) so why AI producers stick to their decision of making Tim Urban as #24 contestant.right? they should give Golightly a chance to perform to his best in AI as #24 instead..

Whewwww AI Producesrs Sucks......

By the way it's JOLIET.

By the way it's JOLIET. Jermaine is gonna mop the floor with all of the others! He is soooo good, I love to hear him sing! Go Jermaine!

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