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James Durbin

Submitted by brad on Wed, 2011-01-19 20:05

James Durbin

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Top 13: Maybe I'm Amazed
 Hits and History

Top 12: If You Don't Know Me By Now
If You Don't Know Me By Now - Simply Red 25 - The Greatest Hits

Top 11: Living for the City
 The Definitive Collection

Top 11: Saturday Night's Alright for Fighting
 Greatest Hits

Top 9 While My Guitar Gently Weeps
While My Guitar Gently Weeps - The Beatles (White Album)

Top 8 Heavy Metal
Heavy Metal - The Essential Red Collection

Top 7: Uprising
Uprising - null

Top 6: Will You Love Me Tomorrow
Will You Love Me Tomorrow? - Tapestry  (Legacy Edition)

Something Tells Me
Something Tells Me (Original) - Sam Baker Selected Hits

Top 5: Closer to the Edge
Closer to the Edge - This Is War

Without You
Without You (Live) - null


james you are amazing to

james you are amazing to night  love u voice


hello james your amazing 

hello james your amazing  love to see you win american idols

james durbin you are amazing

james durbin you are amazing i just love your voice. you the best wowwwwwwwwwwwww

Hi James, You've come a long

Hi James,

You've come a long way now and I'm so glad that there's one being that would continue to inspire people and touch their lives through singing....and that's you....I'd like to extend my warmest thanks to you for I have found a true artist in you.....Music is also part of my life and I'm happy that you always inspire me with your songs in american idol.....keep on rockin' and just remember that there's a lot of people believing in you...God always Bless You and your family.....

James Durbin if you read

James Durbin if you read this, I just love you. You have kept my interest from the start. You are absolutely amazing in your voice. A kid at heart and I know you will go along way!!! You and Casey have caught my attention!!!! I can't see America ever voting you 2 off. That would blow my mind!!! Naima, and Thea are amazing also.!!! Naima is so herself, and she I hope in the end is still standing with you and casey, and Thea!!!! I hope they count our votes by these comments!!!! Canadians in the making. Daughter who sings and niece but stuck in our own little towns lol!!!! Take care and our prayers and votes are with you. Don't go with the negative, for some reason I guess their hearing is impaired lol.!!!!!


I needed to post this, I hope

I needed to post this, I hope James Durbin sees this.  James I think you should do the Queen song called "I want to be free" but the White Label Net Remixes version.  It is really great and I think your voice suits it and it would show a bit of a dance version of rock.  There are points in it that you can really show off your amazing voice.  If you can't find it, I found it on, put in the search "I want to break free remix".

Good Luck!


Woot woot your amazing he

Woot woot your amazing he kinda looks like adam lambert and your voice sounds like him to he is a amazing singe \\\\\\\\\\\\<3333

I have aspergers to its a

I have aspergers to its a social disorder its amazing how someone with this disorder has so much courge and can go up in from of millons of peopl and no be afraid to do what he does. hes my idol cus he has what i do and its amazing how he can do what he does in front of millons as i said before. i know we all can do what we set out mind to but for me its a little diffrent and having one of the same thing he does gives me courge and makes me wanna do things i always been scared of. hes amazing singer and hope he wins. ive voted three times so far :)

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