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Idol producer Nigel Lythgoe hits out at the haters

Submitted by brad on Tue, 2011-05-17 18:16

Idol executive producer Nigel Lythgoe has hit out at fans of the show who have accused producers of rigging the show so their favourites win.

Lythgoe, who has fielded many a complaint from fans over the Idol years, calls those who question the legitimacy of the Idol process “morons”.

"Thanks for all the personal abuse from the usual morons out there in Twitterland," he tweeted. "I personally feel Haley is the most improved contestant."

Lythgoe stopped by the MTV studios and had a further dig at the haters.

"The ones that believe we manipulate everything, it drives me crazy sometimes," he said of the Twitter comments he receives. " 'How dare you let James go from "Idol"!' 'We know that you hate Haley!' This is just crazy. I always end up having to go, 'You morons out there ...' or something like that, and realize that I'm arguing with 7- or 8-year-olds from Wisconsin.

"It's annoying, because 'Idol' of all shows, really goes with what the public demands, whether we like it or not," he insisted. "And of course we didn't like to see Casey going. We didn't like to see Pia going. We didn't like to see James going. But someone has to go, by the very nature of it being a competition."



Nigel, You are producing one


You are producing one of the single most amazing "talent" shows the world has seen, and for those people who sit in their cosy armchairs while you are beating your head against brick walls to ensure this show maintains its incredibly high standard and reputation, they are NOT in the hot seat.

If they have the urge to throw dirt on the producing staff, directing staff, judges or whoever, it may pay them to bear in mind: if they COULD do a better job, then you yourself would not be required. The fact they are still in those same armchairs tells we more educated people just how they are, and all they will ever only aspire to!

Well done on another superb season. Well appointed judges have made it a real delight to tune in each week (and I am in Australia!!) Whilst I personally miss the dishy Simon Cowell, Steven Tyler is a more than apt replacement, and as for Jennifer, she is a doll!

You all work so hard, and you must never lose sight of the fact that you are producing one of the best and proven successful talent programs, and there are more people who love it than don't.

My personal best regards to everyone involved,


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